Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Rachael Ray Promotes Eating Dead Animals

I was at the car mechanics today and I watched the Rachael Ray show.  I am disappointed with the latest trend in society.  Meat.  Big chunks of meat.  At restaurants these days there are fewer and fewer vegan and vegetarian options.  HELLO?  Is anybody listening?  There is a planetary crisis and the human race needs to lessen its carbon foot print.  Eating lots of meat is bad for global warming.  It is also fatty and unhealthy for people.  Most of all industrial agriculture is cruel.  Many people believe that it is immoral to support the industry and have gone vegan.  On the TV show Rachael featured a man who had written a book about open fire cooking and smoking.  He had his big fat hands all over huge sausages and chops.  It was revolting to watch.  The show should have then featured a expose about the life of a pig.  Showing the animal suffering would have been a good juxtaposition to this carnivore's propaganda.

How is meat agriculture bad for the environment?  The growing of grains for cattle and pigs and chickens uses fossil fuels.  There are more efficient ways to get your protein.  Even if people decreased their consumption to a few meat meals a week, there would be a positive impact on the planet.  The push in the media for more meat consumption probably has something to do with the republicans in political power and their denial of the climate crisis.

I have a personal opinion.  It is based on my white old man theory about who controls the media etc.  Big business agriculture run by the white old men want to promote meat eating.  They want to increase consumption of animals as a rebuttal to the vegan movement.  Rachael Ray might be interested to know that eating dead animals is on the way out.  It is a bore.  I found that when I ceased eating animals my cooking imagination went wild.  It is very challenging and rewarding to switch away from animal flesh. Discovering new spices and flavors of plant based foods is an adventure.

 I am still evolving myself personally, so this might be a little hypocritical.  I still eat cheese and eggs and fish.  I admire those in my family who have moved entirely away from all animal products.  I have been a pescatarian for a year and a half.  When I look at a chicken cooked I now see a dead chicken.  I wonder," am I eating its left or right leg?"  I will eat meat for social occasions, but I do not enjoy it.  I am sensitive and do not want to insult the hostess, but personally I prefer plant meals.  I do feel enormous compassion for the animals in cages and am angered with the way that they are raised.

My grandparents would eat a roast chicken on Sunday and eat leftovers from that chicken for the whole week.  People ate less and were not such devouring carnivores as they are now.  Even if people saved eating animals for special occasions like in the ancient times, it would be an improvement.  "Killing the fatted calf" was only done for holidays and special events.

Remove yourself from your individual identity, imagine yourself up on a cloud watching the human race.  See all the bustling activity below....tiny little chickens in farm yards pecking at the grass, barns with hidden animal nightmares inside.  Little trucks transporting pigs, chickens and cows to slaughter so that the little humans can munch them down on their plates.    See all the tiny refrigerators that need to run to keep the killed flesh from stinking. This is a pattern of behavior that is totally unnecessary for the little human creature's survival.

Shame on you Rachael for your lack of imagination, and for your promotion of habits that need to change.  I call carnivores carnibores.

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