Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Friday, April 13, 2018

Review of the Invitation Spoiler Alert

Read the plot here of The Invitation

This movie is a creepy thriller.  I found it interesting to my personal life as part of my delusions are that there are cults in the area.  Murderous cults.

The cult members in the movie see death as a positive thing, that they are murdering to help people.  They see themselves in such pain that the way to peace and happiness is to cross over to death. They want to die and to take all their friends with them, with a grand poisoned toast. (Sorry if I ruined it for you!)

 I am not a murderer nor have I any plans to ever be one, as murder is wrong and I would never presume to feel the right to take another's life.  As a person with mental issues, and the stigma that goes with it, people have feared that I am capable of such.

With any of my personal relationships and delusions about people, I have always taken the position that they must be mind controlled cult victims, so I am rarely angry.  I don't appreciate people thinking that I am violent, because I am not, even when I am mentally unstable.  Even when angry, I am not violent or vindictive.

It is creepy to see the murderers perspective. It is disturbing to me that people are so relativistic about murder.  It reminded me of my break up with a former bf.  He said if a little girl was told how special she was as a sacrifice victim(and she believed it), that he did not see anything wrong with her murder.  That is moral relativism to the extreme.  I am always glad that I broke up with him when I recall that conversation.  It was just a philosophical discussion, of course.

The protagonist mercy kills a coyote en route to the party ....foreshadowing.  The protagonist is gas lighted by the host and hostess.

I would imagine that this movie would be a favorite for people involved in cults such as a Satanic cult.  Gaslighting is their special maneuver.(as seen in many movies)

The end of the movie shows multiple homes on the hillside with red signal lanterns lit...message could be that relativist death cults are all around us interspersed in society.

Why did I watch The Invitation?  I had seen it on a family members fb page.

Years ago, when I was unstable I thought that I had been murdered multiple times and time looped out of it.  My family found a list of all the people who had tried to  murder me and by what means.  I left it open around my house, because it was not a secret.  Yet it was perceived as a hit list rather than a "hit by" list.  So,  I was put away for a few months.  My sister to this day probably does not believe me as she asked "why did you leave it around?"  It was a HIT BY list.  I  thought I was immortal.

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