Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Tetrachlorovinphas vs Selamectin

My roommate is out of town and I am responsible for her cat.  We have different approaches to flea control.  She uses a hartz flea collar because it has worked for her in her home years ago as a child and it is cheaper.  I use revolution as i have had bad experiences with flea collars.  I lost a dog due to toxicity from a collar, he died right after I put it on him.  I dont like the idea of cancer causing chemicals entering my body everytime I  touch her cat.  These collars either emit toxic gases or they penetrate the animals fur and oils.  The revolution method has a chemical as well, which enters the pets bloodstream and kills the flea after it injests the blood of the host.  Her cat needs attention while she is away and I am not going to pet her if she wears the collar.  I will have to ban her from my bedroom as well, as I dont like the idea of toxic chemicals on my bed.  I received two free months worth of revolution and am willing to share.

She believes revolution to be ineffective as Leo continued to scratch, when her child did not.  I was lax on putting it on in time.  I wish we could approach this problem from the same angle.  Her cat wearing a toxic collar in my house defeats the purpose of me dosing my Leo with an expensive product as her toxins are in my environment.  It is my home and it is laced with tetrachlorovinphas.  I am in the middle of a cancer health scare and I don't appreciate the fact that she is adamant her cat wear pesticides.  We dutifully rinse our produce before we eat yet we bring in chemicals on a pet to lace our hands with and injest tetrachlorovinphas?  It does not make sense.

I believe that topicals from the veterinarian are a more enviromentally sound and less cancer causing option .  She believes that the toxic collars of the past are good enough.  I am sad for her Caliopee as I will no longer touch her or let her on my bed if she wears the collar.  That is a sad situation for her as she already is in trauma from abandoment issues.

I have purchased a flea trap to set around an assess the extent of our infestation.  Daily vaccumming is also a very good strategy.

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