Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

tips on beans and rice

Today I purchased a laptop, refurbished.  I will be able to blog more with ease with a wider keyboard.  Now all I need is my imagination and drive to return to sharing all the exciting things going on in my life.  I probably share too much.

I learned something about rice and beans.  There is a bacteria that can cause left over rice to be toxic, even when reheated.  At the same time I discovered this I found rice precooked in plastic containers ready made to eat.  I finally made black beans the correct way.  The correct way is to cook them with baking soda.    One can cook black beans for four hours and they still are crunchy, add baking soda and they cook in much less time, perhaps an hour and fifteen minutes.  I added a teaspoon of baking soda to about a cup of beans and two and a half cups of water.  I drained the water, part way through the cooking process and refreshed with non baking soda infused water.  I mixed them with some cumin and precooked brown rice out of the plastic package.  The brown rice had traveled back and forth to work with me for about a week.  I finally heated it up with the black beans.  

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