Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Stranger Things Personal Review

I am watching Stranger Things on Netflix.  It is about mk ultra and different dimensions.  I enjoy watching it as I believe and have believed since 2014 that I am a part of the MK ULTra studies.

What about the series did I find correlated with my real experience?  One of the main characters, Mike has the physical facial features of my gal pal Amelia had as a child. same nose, eyes and mouth and mannerisms.

When I was out there in my mind in 2016, experiencing another dimension, my garage was slimed.  Not a huge area, just a few siding tiles had this strange goop on them.

  I see things in my closed eye vision, phosphenes, they are called.  Last night I wore my emf silver band around my head and had many more dreams than usual and I experienced phosphenic visions while awaking.  I had not experienced them in a while.

Unlike the story, I don't see monsters in the other dimension.  I see angles and demons and the demons are not evil, they are spirit manifestations that are good to me.  I see another dimension as being good and the shadow dimension is more what are reality is.  After all, all our human inventions are killing the planet, what is more shadow than that?

But,  will say that the monsters in the series were similar to my vampire cat episode in my life.  The vampire cat wanted to suck blood from a half dead chicken and was disappointed when it was cooked. The vampire cat story is another blog entry.
Steiff animals played a role in my early life as they did in Amelia's life as in the movie, especially the lion and the spotted leopard.  They are German and the Germans are a part of mk ultra.

The white cat was  used in the series, the little girl is supposed to be taught to hurt the cat with mind energy.  The white cat was a lure to the little girls murders in the alphabet murder event which occured here in the Rochester and Finger Lakes.

I enjoy seeing the products used in the early eighties and the actors are somewhat annoying.  Wynona Ryder over acts but that must be the effect the directors wanted as in the series twin peaks. (other directors).

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