Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Friday, October 6, 2017

Is There a Way to Reconcile Old and New Thought?

The history of mental health is biblical.  The mentally ill were thought to be infested with demons.  Mr. Mark the administrative assistant implies that I am a selfish narcissistic person with bad energy and that is why I was not assisted at their healing establishment.  He believes my medication is still not adjussted right.  What does he believe exactly, that mental health is brain chemistry needing the right tweeking or does he believe in demonic energies?  Cindy Lane Newcomb is a godly necromancer, if I take their letter of recommendation correctly.

The question is, how to reconcile believing in demonics but also ascribing to modern medicine.  Do the modern medicines exorcise us peoples with demonic infestations?  I have been to the snake pit and I believe in the demonics and ghosts.  Does Cindy think I needed or still need to be exorcised of dark energies?   I have exorcised people in my past, just by validating the presence of a demon.  That happened in Elmira.  I perceived sex slavery when I was in a medical term mania or a religious term possession.   Cindy and Mark laughed at me behind closed doors when I visited their establishment.  Is laughing at someone a way to exorcise a demon?  Was my dark energy condition at the time, amusing to them?  Was it nervous laughter?  Where they afraid to interact with darkly energized  person?  I fear no evil.  I learned that when I studied religions.  I don't believe that perceiving that there is a sex slavery ring going on is evil.  Partaking in such is evil, knowing about it and talking about it is not evil to me any way.

Cindy talks to the dead, but when I was channelling she wanted nothing to do with me.  Or did she believe I was just unstable due to dark energies and she thought she could not help me (but it was funny non the less.)  What is so funny about dark energies to a godly necromancer?

Mark and you believe in channeling and possession?  Is it totally separate in your minds to what mentally ill people experience?  Where is the line between spirits, energies and the mentally deranged?

If someone came to you complaining of a spirit hounding them could you help them or not?  Do psych drugs just shut up demonics?  You speak to the dead, some must have negative energies, do you avoid them or try to help them heal on the other side?

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