Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Saturday, October 7, 2017

do you qualify for their healing touch?

In Apriil of this year- or there abouts I stopped into the establishment of Cindy Lane Newcombs to connect with her.  I wanted to share my experience of communicating with my poppets and my general life story.  My father had died in 2014 but I did not have the money for a reading.  I was interested to see if she and I could connect on a different level.  I get messages from another dimension and I wanted to see if she would validate my experience.  Sadly, she would not.  She ignored my email and phone call.  Apparently, she is not interested in communicating with a medium who is not for hire and had a diagnosis of the tag mentally ill.  Her establishment does not interact with less than narcissists.  Her administrative assistant commented on my original panning of her establishment to let me know that with non narcissitic people she is smoozes and is a god sent intervention to their unhappiness.  I do not merit contact with her because I am a narcissist.

In the South, there are plenty of blogging women, I have read their blogs.  In the North, if you share your life in the blog format, you are a narcissist.  I did not merit Cindy's healing intervention because I was mentally ill and my energies were more than she cared to interact with, even though my illness had subsided sufficiently by the time I wanted to share my poppets with her.  She did not and would not take the time to interact with me because she perceived me as less than any kind of person worthy of  her attention with bad energies.

She did not care to try to help me with my energies that were dark or bad, as I was concerned about sex slavery and other dark subjects that may or may not exist in our culture.

Behind semi-closed doors she and her assistant laughed at me and my condition and she would not respond to me.  Now they want me to be sufficiently medicated so that I withdraw or take down my original complaint of their discrimination.  That I refuse to do.

I am very much in my right mind at this point in my life and more medication will not take down my complaint. If you turn away clients because of your misperceptions, you will have to pay.  It is not evil energy, it is just desserts.

Now, the fact that Mark took it upon himself to share how nice she was to a normal client is more salt into my rejection wound.

I even had a dream of a raven landing on a branch and was still sent away.  I, a former secretary, was then berated for not realizing that secretary is now a bad word.   What the heck.  I even can tell a raven from a crow and I was rejected and then again berated for complaining how they would not tend to my spiritual inquiry.  I was even accused of not being a compassionate person.  I am a person who has worked with prisoners, the mentally disabled, the hospice patient and the normal aged patient as well.  I have done the most challenging nursing work, and still do.  So much is my dedication that I went into my place of work at 3 am to pass meds.  I normally do not pass meds but since there is such a nursing shortage, I took it upon myself to be a good servant to humanity.

Cindy and Mark employed discrimination when they rejected me.  I am a different sort of person, be it at my baseline normal or my revolutionary outspoken deluded persona.  I am not evil or filled with darkness or dangerous at any point in time in my life.  They messed up and they owe me an apology.  With a free reading and an apology then and only then will I remove my truthful posts.


  1. I believe I read a past post concerning this topic. In order for you to go on in life, let go of the many disappointments you have encountered. It is like an open wound, it will only fester if you continue on. As a business owner myself, I have a right to choose my clients. You need to realize this and move on.

  2. I was referring to a recent comment on my former post, oct 4. I had moved on then mark reposted his criticisms, saying that because they disappointed me I needed to take down my comments which I refused to do. discrimination will have a cost.... my critique.

  3. So civil rights laws do not apply here?

  4. You are keeping this flame burning. You are entitled to your opinion but when you keep bashing a business owner, enough is enough. It sounds to me like you were hurt so in return you wanted to hurt Cindy and now Mark. If you are free to speak what you want then you need to allow people to say what they want. You went for Cindy's throat and while you were at it bashed Mark at the same time. Also, I recall you combining you experience with her son's business. Professionally, if you have an issue about the way you were treated you ask to speak with the Manager, resolve your issues within the business. You may have heard them laughing, but you have no idea what they were laughing about. Could have been you, could not have been. Cindy has true gifts and she does help those in need. She and her staff need to be very careful who crosses her path because there are MANY people who want something for nothing. So in closing, it is clear to me now that you wanted something for nothing, and because you dident get it, you decided to exercise you freedom of speech. Now the truth is out, so lets just leave it be. You had a bad experience and expected a free service. You dident get what you wanted so you decided to slander a reputable business.

  5. I don't really want a reading. I was ill and looking to connect ....I was obviously too ill for their tastes.

  6. It's all about the bejamins for Cindy and Mark that is well communicated.

  7. If you read all that wrote you would know that I mostly faulted Cindy for the status factor and her son for greed but that they were only human. I am the victim of discrimination...they are not victims ...I just shared what happened to me as someone seeking a healing connection and to share what we have in common.