Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Thursday, September 14, 2017

I Still Refuse to be Boringly Normal

This  might be a repeat food blog but, hey, how many foods or food dishes do you know that have a movie named for it?  This batch of ratatouille is especially nice as it has capers in it.  I believe that my mother used to make hers with capers as well.  I did not fry the capers first.  I was looking through a magazine that was given to me by the natural food store and I saw polenta.  It was then that I had a eureka moment.  ratatouille and polenta would be a great combination! So I made up some polenta.  I love to cook and I have gained a substantial amount of weight while being medicated with abilify maintena.  I have gone from 135 to 160 lbs in 9 months.  I love to cook and I have ceased eating mammals.  I will eat fish so I am actually a pescatarian.  I researched after have a strange convulsion the morning after my last shot and my suspicions were correct, there is a snowball effect with monthly shots.   The upshot is as I am more stable I am being medicated heavier which is wrong.  It should be moving in the opposite direction.  As I recover from being grossly manic I should need less medication.  I want to be on the 300 mg shot, which I believe would be more appropriate for my medium frame body.   My new NP would not yet agree to it.  They subscribe to the delusion that stress makes me become manic.  It does not.  I will not become more apt to be manic during the holidays.  They did agree, to their credit, to allow me to have my next shot five days out further than scheduled.

I will continue to push for the 300 mg shot and I even agreed to take oral in addition, as I titrate downwards. What are the side effects that you are experiencing that are intolerable, you might ask?  Well, I started to get hot flashes right after they gave me the first injection and my bowels are messed up.  I have difficulty swallowing.  I have a supplement which I believe helps with the symptoms of my being overdosed.  I take soy lecithin.  With in days of taking lecithin my swallow reflex improved.

Another side effect is lack of creativity and spontaneity.  If you recall, I could belt out improvised ballads last February.  Luckily,  I still refuse to become a normal person or a bore.

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