Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Widdle Bitty Wion Cwub Weo

When I was a little girl I considered myself a cat person and even subscribed to the Cat Fancy magazine.  Then Jenny, my spirit jin dog came into my life and I became more dog oriented.  Dogs are much more of a commitment than cats, with the walking and all.  A few weeks ago a cat hung around in the dark on rainy nights meowing plaintively alternating with a commanding yeowl.  I did not trust this tricolor cat and decided I would shoo her away with a water bottle squirt attack.  I did not have to, it was as though she got the telepathic message and stayed away.  I imagine she had a family somewhere close or was ferrel, but after the tale of the Vampire cat I was not up for taking in a stray.....until...this morning.

I came into the laundry mat and a young black guy told me he had just let in this kitten (I termed it a widdle bitty wion cwub.)  He saved it from being hit on main street.

When my encounter occurred with Kali-cat the vampire, a sage old cat advised me not to react with violence towards her, which I did not.  This cat was named Leo and lived in a flower shop.  Widdle bitty wion cwub has similar coloring and markings as Leo had.  I did not rush into deciding to rescue this little lost orphan, I thought it through, did a coin toss (which I disobeyed) and talked it over with a young girl in the laundry matt.  A generous middle aged gentleman from Israel paid for my drying time as I had no remaining quarters and Tops gave me a dollar off Purina Kitten Chow with an immediate coupon.  My economics improved markedly yesterday with a new job and I guess the spirit of cat is stalking me, wanting me to be with a kitten.  I named him Leo after the sage  cat Leo.  I also noticed a cob web on his head that looked like a halo around his ears.  I have a theory that some pets are really angels in disguise.

He chose the guest bunk bed for his nap.  I then went to the Post office and who is parked next to me when I came out?  The animal control officer.  I  went and knocked on his window and asked if he comes out on late rainy nights for ferrel cats which he did not answer.  Instead he told me about his barn cats and the kittens the wandering Tom has sired.  That is the meaning of irony.  He was a very sweet old man character.  I told him about the kitten in the laundry mat.   I counselled with a friend and we agreed a poster of CAT FOUND should be put up, just in case somebody is missing da widdle bitty wion cwub weo.

I refuse to claim the title Cat Thief into my criminal dossier.

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