Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

On Plants

 If you can care for plants then you can progress to caring for people and animals.  I believe he is right.  As an eleven year old girl, I had a plant collection on my window sill.  They only partially obscured the view from the neighbor boy's window, but they tried, anyway.  I had spider plants, a huge avocado that I had started from seed, little orange trees I had started, baby tears, and a few others that I cannot recall.  This is the blue coffee pot my mother gave me as a child for me to water my plants with.  My son asked for it, and I told him, yes you can have it, after I am dead.

My mother opened "The Plant Store" and that is where I had my first working experience at age 16 and 17 on Crane Street, Clifton Springs.  This store was not really a florist, it was more like a houseplant and accessory store.  It had hanging  baskets, and an assortment of greenery like ferns, norfolk island pines, etc.  When I went off to Ithaca College I brought a norfolk Island pine with me.

My father was an organic gardener when I was a teenager and his favorite herb was comfrey.  We would feed it to our chickens.  My children have cuttings from those very same plants.  Dad made a poultice for my arm when I injured it in a bicycle accident in 1975.
This plant, maybe called a lipstick plant was one of my fathers.

I have and old antique table which held my plants at the farmhouse on 3023 Taylor road.  My mother would come and scold me that I was not taking good enough care of them. I had a theory that a sign of my good mental state was when my plants looked healthy.

My mothers mother, Bessy was known for her lovely African violets.  My mother related that her secret was feeding them her leftover Tea.  I have grown African Violets as well, with varying levels of success.

This is a donkey's tail that was my mothers, she passed away in 2001.

My daughter is a plant person and so is my son.  They both have lovely gardens.  My son is known for his great garlic and my daughter even grows her own leeks.

My son has a burn plant which I offered to put into intensive care for him.  It came with  his purchase of his home.  This Aloe was in sad shape.  I had noticed that one I neglected was able to resurrect itself with proper care, so I offered to help him with his in exchange for some of the cuttings.    These photos are in reverse time order.  The top photo is more recent.  As you can see, they are greening up.

When one is caring for children, babies, it is easy to let plant care slide. 
This christmas cactus is a fragment of one that was given to me by my son for my birthday in 2002.  My mother made the ceramic head planter and I made her eye open and gave her color.  The cactus needs fertilizer, which I gave it this morning..
 Many believe plants have a level of consciousness and that you must talk to your plants to share vibrations with them.

One time a gal pal brought me her croton to resurrect, but I figured it was past saving and I insulted her and tossed it.  I have my plant sins, to ya know.

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