Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Americans Love Sweets not Sardines

Some one in the medical profession recently asked me, "Sardines? How can you eat them?"  I am an adult with a wide ranging palate.  I appreciate all kinds of flavors, not just sweet.  I also explained, that being of Danish origen, it is good for me to eat canned fish.  I also like kippered snacks and picked herring. (The fish oils are very good for you.) I like the flavor of bitter, that is why I like elderberries.  I believe that it is important to eat what ones ancestors ate as we become genetically programmed to need certain nutrients over the generations.

Here in America, people are overly sugared.  They guzzle down sodas and their palates become conditioned to only appreciate sweetness.  It starts at a young age when children are given sweetened cereals for breakfast.  Parents cater to little ones who are afraid of new or different cuisines.  Little children are given sweetened mac and cheese and some of them never grow out of the thirst for sweetness.  I like sweets too.  I like jam made with enough sugar so it is pretty and sets.  I like chocolate covered almonds and nutty pastries.  Flavors are like a rainbow and if you are stuck on one color, it is kinda sad in a way.

My son believes that it is because babies are given formula and that they never get over liking sweetness.  I was given formula as a baby and I like more than one flavor.  All the obese adults hooked on sweets remind me of big babies walking around, masking as adults.  Babies are often chubby.  I dread being overweight.  I have to battle weight due to the shut up shot.  Having made the choice to forgo meat, I have noticed that spiced grains are especially tasty.  Too much meat is bad for the planet and bad for you as well.


  1. I stumbled upon your blog earlier today after a random google search. I've enjoyed reading over your blog posts and wanted to thank you for being so generous and sharing so much.

  2. You are very welcome, thank-you for the comment!