Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Crazy is a Relative Term

When I was crazy, I perceived myself to be under attack from nuclear devices.  I had read that some organizations such as the KKK had nukes and I thought that they were being used against me.  I was also responding, in my psyche, to the industrialization of all aspects of humanity.  Our bread, our relationships (facebook), everything about our world is industrialized and I revolted by withdrawing from such aspects of our culture.  Time is an illusion, so I must be an old spirit who is simultaneously living in another dimension, a dimension in which the earth is not threatened by all this industrialization.  This dimension in this culture, is dominated by the white male.  It is also a racist and misogynist domination pattern, neither of which is something I agree with.  So, this reality does in a way, suck.  I revolted and ran for president, nobody voted for me and here we are with a rich white old man messing things up even worse than it already was.

Was I nuked? I don't know the answer, anything is possible.  I was by definition, crazy, but crazy is a relative term.  Relative as in relatives.  I have had problems with the people closest to me, believing that they drugged me over the years to look like I had a mental illness.  If they had done such, they would be behaving exactly as they are.   My parents are deceased, but talk to me in my dreams.   The other morning my father told me, "there is a transmitter in your thumb."  I recall cutting my thumb as a little child of eight or so with a knife while cutting up an apple.  I don't know how or if substances could be put on a knife to enter with a cut.  Perhaps my father is teasing me from beyond or it is just my mind wandering in a meaningless dream.  The media when it deals with Satanism is clear that one of their goals, is to make people crazy and make them kill themselves.  Mk ultra might be experimenting on the whole community of Clifton Springs and the Finger Lakes, for all I know.  I am not rich and famous, to my knowledge and I do not belong to a secret organization which has information.  I only know what my subconscious mind tells me.....and that is considered crazy by some.

P.S. I read where a George White was a leader in MK Ultra Project, a George White was also the name of my German Teacher.  Coincidence or not?

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