Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Americans are Hooked on Toast

I have returned to an old hobby that I had years ago, that is, making bread.  The type that I like to make is whole grain rye.  It is a firm bread and does not need toasting.  When  I visited my Goan friends in London in 2006 they presented me with morning toast.  I would have been happy with what ever they served me.  They knew, though, that morning bread with Americans must be toasted.  Who started this amazing trend in our culture that has lasted over one hundred years? I will have to research who invented the toaster.  When factories started making bread that was mushy it had to be firmed up to go along with eggs in the morning.  Stale bread happens more with mushy bread, or it goes moldy.  I prefer whole grain European style bread that does not need to be firmed up by toasting.  Every cottage I clean had toast crumbs in the bottom of the toaster.  Americans are addicted to toast.  When I crazed out last fall, I gave my appliances away.  I wanted to live simpler.  If I absolutely need toasted bread I put it over the gas flame.  I have not repurchased a toaster.  Fried egg sandwhiches are served on untoasted bread, I learned from my exfather in law, Charlie.  Fried egg sandwiches are a Sunday evening meal.    I wonder how much energy could be saved if Americans ate firmer whole grain bread that did not need toasting or tried fried egg sandwiches for breakfast.  All the energy used in the manufacturing of toasters, steel industry, plastics, etc. as well could be measured.  I would bet all those little toaster levers being pushed down would really add up.  This is another habit like lawn obsession, that if altered could help stave off global warming.  Toast is a product of industrialization.  We think we cannot live without it....but we may be toast before the next century.
    Post script: I was thinking how tragic it is that we modern humans have to have something as integral to life as "Our daily Bread" warmed up in a special modern machine.  We are all about our machines and it most certainly is to our detriment.  As I communicate this to you on my machine.

Can you see this little spirit of the bread who showed his face and upturned nose? He is posing on "the bakers table".  This table was my mothers and we got it in the nineteen sixties as and antique in Europe.
The table appears to have a little sprite in it as well, see the face to the right of the bread spirit?

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