Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Sauteed Parsnips

Sauteed parsnips taste like candy.  My father first made them for our family in the 1980's.  Just pare some parsnips and cut them in strips and heat some olive oil and butter in a pan.  Cover intermittently and in about 15 minutes on medium heat, they will be browned and soft.  They are delicious and not enough people know just how flavorful they are.

Unsolicited Advice from a Pharmacy Tech

I went to the pharmacy to purchase my "Shut Up Shot" today and was waited on by a new clerk, probably the new pharmacy tech.  I had applied for the pharmacy tech position but was not even interviewed.  The day I stopped in and talked to the pharmacist about the position my jaw dropped.  Why did your jaw drop, Amy?  (Jaw dropping is a term used in the English language to express shock or disbelief. )  The pharmacist was wearing a silk or satin camisole.   My shock registered with the pharmacist so that could be part of the reason that she was not interested in hiring me. I was shocked to see someone in a respectable profession dressed in her underwear. Today, the woman who was hired had her make up on just right.  When she gave me my receipt she said "here is a ten per cent off coupon, you could use it."  I had gone to the store, bare, (without any makeup.) The clerk's (pharmacy tech) tone was telling me that I need to wear makeup.
Women are bonders by nature and look for approval from society and each other in their behaviors.  There is a psychological mood of pressure for a woman to color her hair if grey, (or just color it regardless if grey) to wear make-up, and to follow fashion trends.  There are silly mental laws such as "Don't wear white before Memorial day".  I like to cover my head, but not many women do, as it reminds the of cancer patients. (I surmise).
I wish I was strong enough to forgo makeup all the time.  I wear it sometimes, but I think the female face is calm and beautiful without makeup.  We women are pressured by society to define ourselves by our looks.  We must be  pretty objects to behold.  What we think does not matter.  If we are angry and object to such influences, we must be medicated with a "Shut up Shot".
Sadly, I put up with the attitude of the clerk, and actually listened to her and put on my make-up.  This is probably an effect of the shot.

Friday, May 26, 2017

variation on Pesto Lasagna

I purchased baby kale as a substitution for spinach in a Pesto Lasagna creation.  The bechamel is made with hemp milk.  The cheeses are mozzarella and parmesan cheese.  I used a premade purchased in the store pesto, Rana basil pesto.  It is in the oven.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Second Loaf Smiled

As you can see, the second load smiled. The first loaf was a tad bit over done and the second loaf is a slight bit under done.
I am having it with brie cheese..

Gift of Starter

I recently received a gift of sourdough starter from a friend.  I researched how to make sourdough bread and made two loaves over the course of two days.  The first loaf is quite beautiful, the second is in the oven.  My other project is a mental exercise, deciding if I want to return to college to become a acupuncturist and oriental medicine expert.  The new job is exhausting but a good workout.  It is a challenge to learn all the steps of the cottage cleaning dance.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Day of the Pine Tree

Today I planted a white pine in my back yard.  It was thirty nine ninety nine at a local Mennonite greenhouse plant store.  I told the young Mennonite man who waited on me about white pine tea and vitamin c and the native americans. I hav planted sunflowers, giant russian sunflowers in the back of the pine tree and i am certain that they will look gorgeous by August.

My knee has been bothering me.  I thought it was the hammerride I did, but that is only half of the story.  When insane I purchased high heels.  They are really bad for the cartilage in ones knees!  beware!  Toss the heels!

Friday, May 19, 2017

manic mowers

Like I have posted before, the people in my neighborhood and America in general are obsessed with lawn mowing.  I am a person who would not mow at all if I thought I could get away with it.  We are killing the planet with our engines and all we do is mow mow mow as if the planet were not in danger from the fumes and industry behind mowing.  My lawn is long and a flicker bird stopped in today for a visit.  I had never seen a flicker in my yard until today.  They need the life forms that flourish with lax lawn care.

I waved at my mouse today and he waved back.  Mouse sign language.  I am at a loss as to what to do with the mice.  If I take them to the pet store they will be eaten by snakes and they are half wild.  I think that they belong in the wild, except for father mouse.  Father and mother wash each other and truly so signs of affection so I hate to separate them.

I have a job as a cottage cleaner at the local property maintenance company.  It will be fun yet challenging.  More individuals in the training class misbehaved than I would have expected, so I don't believe that I stood out as an odd ball ill person at all.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

life at the coffee bar

Today, I decided to get some exercise by walking.  I have a cracky poppy knee and had to let up on bicycling for a week.  I stressed it with a hammer ride.  I forgot that my body is 56 years old.  I walked to the library and received a blessing from heaven, (a euphanism for rain shower)/which was a curse.  We have had plenty of rain so it is a bit of a curse and I was out with my tablet which is not water proof.  A mother's day curse.  This prompted me to stop and enter a building, buy some stationary and stop in at the new, very classy coffee wine bar.  It is very sophisticated in decor and offerings.  I am an unpretentious sophisticate.  I don't really know how to act in a sophisticated way, but I make my own hummus, quiche, basil pesto, etc.  I know good movies, like The Third Man and High Noon.  I am not that adept at understanding Shakespeare, though.  Perhaps I am a semi-sophisticated woman.  Spell check is bothering me about euphamism/euphanism and the word semi-sophisticat.  The bistro is sophisticated so I initially felt timid about entering it.  The norm is Penn Yan is more homestyle diner. I ordered ginger non-caf-non mind control tea.  I wear my dad's magnifying glasses.  I miss my dad.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

life at the laundry mat

THis morning I am up early and at the laundry mat.  I got rid of my nice laundry machines when I went retro last year when I was manic.  Manic is a state of accelerated mood, it does not mean the same as maniac.  The two words have the same root, though.  I was not a raving maniac.  I did rave while manic, but I was never dangerous to anybody.

There is a wifi connection here, so I thought I would think about something to blog about, like laundry.  I mixed all colors and used the big five dollar machine.  I will hang to dry at home.  I closed on my loan so I am cash poor.  I am as cash poor as I have ever been in years.  I have applied to a nice nursing home in another county, about a 35 minute drive away.  I am interested in getting back into nursing gradually, starting at the lpn level.  I have new aspirations, though.  I want to apply to acupuncture and oriental medicine school.  It is about a 45 minute drive away.  (NYCC).   My cousin visited from Denmark, and that is his profession.  He inspired me. 

I down loaded some mind strengthening games to help keep my brain sharp.  I would not enter the program at the college until 2018.  That would give me plenty of time to work as an lpn/nurse as well.  I could save up and eventually get off of the disability.  I would be able to increase my retirement funds.

Friday, May 12, 2017

The Mice were given a Choice

I had six little baby mice and they were behaving as if they wanted to be free.  I took the aquarium outside, put it on its side and let them choose freedom in the wild.  Four chose freedom, two chose to stay in the aquarium.  Mother mouse was so aggressive I impulsively decided to free her, but noticed her nine babies were too young and so I retrieved her as she hunkered in a paper towel tube from the backyard lawn.(nature preserve).

When her children are big enough she will have to leave as I will not tolerate her attacks on my fingers.  She is too little to draw blood, but it is extremely rude behavior.  It is not mousy behavior, it is more like kamicaze strike.

eggplant and other news

i wrote a nice blog entry about eggplant a babganush variation the other day, but my connections to my photos in my android would not allow the blog entry to by published.  My pal who owns the local liquor store advised me to bake an eggplant and scoop out the center.  I poked garlic into it prior to roasting and added some lemon juice, just roast till soft.  He had a moraccan term for it, which I cannot recall. Sometimes the simplest recipes are the best.
As for my lawn, I have created a let it be wild zone in the back yard.  I will borrow my sons mower and keep up the front, but the back is going to revert to nature, my protest against the incessant mowing of the american people.  i am not a golfer, the golf course look does not appeal to me.  I must conform to the cultural norm, so I will in the front yard.  I am going to plant a lot of flowers.  a lot of flowers..that is a pun....a lot, lot as in lot,like a building lot, it will be a nature lot. Please excuse the form in this blog entry, as I am still unfamiliar as to how to quote, etc, on this android mini key board.
speaking of mini, my 2008 minicooper needs 89 octane, which I have not been doing, but I did get myself a second key.  I had to drive twice to the city of rochester to order it and pick it up, but the weather was good and I enjoyed learning how to use the cruise control.  I bought it after a car accident I had in august, in which I was rear ended.  the angels were watching over me that day.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Health Report, Thursday News

Bicycling is very healthy.  My blood pressure was 110/64, pulse 64.  I highly recommend it as well as a pescatarian diet.  All my labs were perfect.  I celebrated my perfect liver enzymes with a shot of vodka.  I was lectured on having smoked a cigarette with an old friend yesterday by the nurse. (I am not addicted to cigarettes)  It was the second time I had smoked a cigarette with someone.  The other time was when I was hospitalized in Italy on a state psych ward in 2004.  I smoke for the spiritual effect.  You raise your thoughts to the great spirit when you smoke.  Smoking is not for casual use.  The after taste discourages me from addiction.

mouse family news

Father and Mother mouse are the proud parents of nine more pinkies.  I noticed that mother mouse had a bump and separated her to another aquarium, in the nick of time.  Father mouse goes between the toddlers and the newborns.  He is very paternal.  He had a time on the counter top in the kitchen but did not want to be caught. I tricked him with a paper bag hideout. I believe he probably thought he could free the whole family, somehow, if he were free.  I have seventeen mice.  I erroneously thought angora yarn would make a good nest.  The pinkies got stuck to the fibers and I had to rescue them.  I researched how and what to feed mice.  Walnuts and raisins are forbidden fruit. 

Mice sing to each other in tones inaudible to the human ear.  I might still have a wild mouse or half wild mouse in the attic as I heard rustling noises when father was on the kitchen counter.

The toddlers are a bit timid when father is away.
It is very difficult to get a good picture as they move so fast.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Circle Movie Review

movie review...spoiler alert

I watched the Circle. This movie explores the reality and morality of the all seeing eye.  Supposedly, it is futuristic, but I would imagine that there could already be multitudes of spy cameras in our realities. Would we all surrender our privacy for a safer world?  Safer for who and whose agenda? The movie makes an unclear statement, but could be forecasting a future where secrecy is no longer permitted for the sake of the wellbeing of all citizens.  It is unclear because this world without privacy is creepy, but the movie sort of supports that stand.  It supports it because the protagonist does not rebel against the loss of privacy.  She eventually exposes her superiors, uncloaking their lives, as hers is.

This is probably where the world is headed or already clandestinely there, in part.

Emma  Watson does a good job with her role, but she still strikes me to be an adolescent.  Her character comes across as more of a highschool girl than an adult.
It is her features that are perhaps perennially young, which will serve her better in years to come.

The movie raises a good point though, perhaps to prepare us for a world to come, when privacy no longer exists.  Funny, the cameras are eye size.  In reality, with nanotechnology, cameras can be much smaller.  Recall the the Paul Simon line from the nineteen sixties song, (his bowtie is really a camera). That was fifty years ago.

When I was mentally ill I perceived myself to be spied on and be the inspiration for the movie Secret Window.  What connections does my sick mind make to the Circle?  I looked like Emma when I was her age.  I have a lot of paintings on my walls like her bedroom depicts.  As a possible secret cinema star, the eye has been on me for a long time.  That is my psycho take on how the movie relates to me personally.  Since I identify that perspective as psycho makes me not psycho.
Project bluebird/Mk Ultra is the circle of my psycho reality, celebrated in needle point.


I celebrated Mayday the traditional way for the first time this Mayday.  I actually danced around the maypole and helped weave the ribbons around the pole.  I also jumped over a fire after putting my intentions into the fire via some sticks. I met a group of like-minded people.  Over the years most of my friends have had differing political views, most were conservatives.  My journey to find people with shared interests has been long and arduous, mentally.

There are things that I did appreciate about Roman Catholicism, but now I see most of the symbolism to be an attack on the Jewish faith.  The Romans took the newly formed christian faith and manipulated the imagery and words to control the masses and attack the Jews.  This attitude reached a high point with the holocaust.  So I no longer have respect for the christian faith.  There are many good people who are christians, though.

The message of Christ could be interpreted as this,  If a magical, miraculous person comes into your midst, such as an angel, you are to kill him or her and eat him or her.  Yuck.  I prefer to forgo cannibalism and take up dancing and fire jumping.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


I believe that tater tots are a take off on the traditional Jewish potatoe entity, the Latke. I made some latkes for my supper tonight.  They are easy to make.  Grate a potatoe or two, add an egg a bit of cornmeal, some pepper and fry them in olive oil mixed with butter.  Cover, check intermittently.   Serve with plain yogurt, sour cream, mascapone, creme fraiche, or applesauce. I did put some melted cheddar on one. It is nice to cook for a blog but more preferable for a man-friend.  This might be a repeat blog topic, if so, sorry.

Piney Tea

How to make White Pine Tea

Take a handfull of pine needles and strip them off their branch.  Fill a kettle with cold water. Add the needles, you can chop them or bruise them first. Bring to a simmering boil, turn down the heat and continue to simmer for 20 minutes.  Do not simmer for more than that or you will lose all the vitamin C.  Strain through a wire mesh colander.  You can add honey if you like a sweat tea.  I put in a few allspice seeds for a variation.

Mobius Headdress

A few days ago a very kind woman insisted I take some of her cash and go get some craft items for myself at the once again shop in Penn Yan.  I make poppets and she thought I could get some supplies.  I also weave and have learned to knit years ago.  I got a ball of yarn and some knitting needles and knitted myself a headband.
She was very kind and generous and the gift has helped me immensely, as my spirits have improved. I really like the colors and I think it is angora.