Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Monday, April 24, 2017

Where is the Evil?

I blogged at home into an audio taping device to gather my thoughts prior but instead it seems that my thoughts are more exhausted than organized!
A person, a neighbor kindly suggested that I was "dark" when ill with my psychiatric disorder.  I perceive the world to be dark when I am disordered which brings me to the point that most people believe "the other" to be evil not themselves.  My mother used to say to me hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil,  that could have been programming.  I have mentioned in my blog that initially I was poisoned to become irrational, that I was given some sort of hallucinogen prior to my first episode of "Bipolar Mania."  If a person has enemies, that is someone does not like you, or a group of people, what would prevent them from slipping you something to ruin your respectability?  It is an entirely possible scenario.  This is especially true in light of the existence of MK Ultra, government controlled mind experiments, etc.  I believe that it is entirely in the realm of possibility that I am an MK Ultra person.  (Once one starts on neuroleptics, when they withdraw, the mind goes crazy.)

It is not evil for me to suspect evil from enemies.  The meaning of Satan, though, is "accuser."  We must always recall that when we accuse we become the essence of Satan.  That does not mean though, that there is no evil in the world.  People do horrible things to others.  I have suspected others aggression towards me but I have never poisoned anybody.  I am not an aggressive type of person.

When I became crazy, I imagined myself to be immortal and that others had tried to kill me many times.  I imagined others to be killers.  I have never imagined myself as a killer.  I don't even want to eat dead animals anymore.  I don't think killing is morally right under any circumstances.  I did use my dollies, my poppets, to work out any aggression I had towards perceived enemies.  I did not intend any harm to come to anyone.  I imagined myself as the Anti-Pope, but that is not really an evil thing, 'tis kinda funny.  When a person is very alone, it is possible for them to become violently antisocial.  I have never thought of myself going that route.  Apparently, others have.  Anti social violence is a pattern in society, but I do not believe myself to be that way.

It is easy for someone to point the finger at a "crazy" and call them evil, but it is not always true.

The evils that are not personal to me that I am acutely aware of when I am crazy are the environmental evils.  Loud mowing machines polluting the air and killing the planet are evil, as are all these needless pick up trucks roaming the roads.  The electronic grid heating up the environment, perhaps hurting honeybees are an evil that I see.  There is good and bad to everything, they say, so we cannot hate humanity for its so called Progress.  There is definitely an evil component to humanity's greed which is killing life on the planet earth.  ( such as the dying coral reefs near Australia).

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