Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Popular Quest For Magic

As mentioned in The Vampire Cat entry/post there are qi/prana radiators and those at a deficit or I as I called them Qi suckers.  There are those who attempt to increase their life force energy via predatory behaviors.  Qi acquired in this way is temporary.  These methods to steal another's power only leave an entity hungrier as the vibration is not their own.  This information is from my own mystical revelations.

The way that I have become a radiator of qi is via prayer, meditation, good works and artistic expression.  The bible or other books, like the Torah, also increase grace due to the vibration of the reverence towards these works through the generations.  The Catholics call this good force with in someone grace, without of someone, the Holy Spirit.  The nonbelievers call it magic.  This societal conflict of the war over power is kept hidden.  It is occult knowledge.  I used to think abusers abused for power to control someone, this is partly true.  The also abuse to increase their magic powers.  The mental health system rounds up the chi radiators and dopes them, protecting the chi suckers.  I have found out that this is also true of the legal system.

A few people have told me you are such a good friend because you are not judgmental.  I have also been told that I am too judgmental.  I have a fuller deck of knowledge and I am now certain of my absolutes.  I have 6 at present, and they are based on the do not steal qi principle.

1)  No child abuse sexual or mental.  This is how a chi sucker comes about, the child's inner light is dimmed or extinguished.

2)No vampirism or cannibalization.

3)No cutting of women or girls. (Infib)

4)No killing of people at all/ or killing of animals for fun.

5)No feces ingestion (fecephillia)

6) No magic rock powder or drugging of others

This is my current absolute list.  Prana thieves get their powers from others and the abuse of others.  Grace or magic must be attained in positive non predatory ways.  The ways mentioned above.  There is a spirit war going on like In the movie Harry Potter, with the two forces colliding like the last scene.  Like in Harry Potter, people can enter each other (via trances and rock powders)....future blog entry.

Note, I also believe in the ten commandments, these are in addition.

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