Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Friday, March 17, 2017

I Have No Rights, Hear the Details of my Legal Troubles

I would like to share my perspective of my legal troubles a bit more.  Early in 2016, I found a stray Librium, a narcotic in my bedstand, never ordered for me.  I spoke out to my family.  "If anybody tries to trance me in the night, I am sleeping with a  knife near my bed a will cut their throat." I told my therapist and she said regarding sex slavery, "Oh, you don't like it?"  I am an MK Ultra government victim and I don't like it at all.  Nobody is going to touch my body with out my baseline personality knowing about it. Things cooled with my daughter after I told her my warning and I reported my therapist to the state of NY.  My daughter is close with my ex in-laws and I believe them to be white slavers, me their mameluke.  (I am reading the Tales of the Arabian Nights, that is where I got that term.)

Because I was angry with the system, (you know, the system in kahootz with the German, Hans Werner, that poisoned me in 1987 giving me the dx of bipolar and a perennial medication regime which has hurt my brain chemistry ever since)  I went off my medicines and started having visions.   These I communicated with my daughter via hand written letters and one mentioned a cannibal threat, warning her of it.  How warning someone of a danger be construed as aggravated harassment is beyond my understanding. She had given me her word that she would never include the legal system in our problems again.

I contend, due to her poor judgment that she is under the influence of my sister and cannot rationally think.  My sister the paralegal, working for the government, who sexually abused me as a child.  I believe that they give me these long periods of isolation with the sole purpose of hoping that I will commit suicide.  I believe that there is a cash pay out at my death.  Money is usually the motivation behind slavers and family troubles.  I have a specific recollection of the bee and flower game played by my sister with me.  She has apologized.  As a person who dissociates, what other games were played with me that I have not recalled?

My daughter is mentally unstable and responded with a fear knee jerk reaction, to my letters, so I believe.  I drove on  October 7, by their house to pray the rosary at the cemetery.  My sister stated "You were arrested because the police thought you were going to go to the house."  Excuse me, but how does one get arrested for not even doing a crime?
That is what they do here in Ontario county.  They arrest you if they think you might do something wrong, which is a violation of human rights.

The legal system then bargains you with fear of jail time unless you admit guilt.  This is a very evil system that protects evil doers, like white slavers.  They are all ready, in my story, totally protected, doing crimes under the protection of the MK Ultra/project Monarch system.  I am probably not even a true American citizen, so I have no rights anyway.

I recall, as I child, my sister talking about the tales of the Arabian Nights.   They are ripe with allusions to cannibalism and are very anti-African and misogynist.  The German folk and the Arabs are tight as they have a common loathing of the Jew.  I perceive myself as the Jew in my family, KKK and Fourth Reichers all around me, and me as their secret sex slave.

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