Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Good and Bad Vibrations- Pickin' 'em up?

Question:  What evidence did you have which made you, Ms. Brandlin, believe that you were in receipt of strange energies?

Several things occurred.  First of all I had a head ache at the top of my head which was similar to Feb. 2013 when I perceived myself to be nuked.  This time I also had a burning sensation in my solar plexus which did not seem to me to be heart burn.  I also noticed lint, etc. lining up in a two dot arrangement.  The song, "eyes without a face" came into mind.  I also notice my paintings to be crooked, but lined up with each other.  I also had double dot nicks into my dishes and pots.  I thought perhaps it was a mobile drone dremel attacking my home.  All ones objects ring in with a vibration and when they are damaged the vibration is discordant with the human that is in the home.  These are some of the physical manifestations which caused me to feel as though I was being attacked.

I know that I vibrate with my food and objects.  An example is charges adjust, say when I pick up a pickle jar, then I burp, and next thing the sump pump goes on or the furnace turns on.  All charges in the home are interactive with my body's charge.  There were times in certain dim lighting where my eyes could perceive a motion of electrons in the room.  I could also look to the sun with closed eyes and see the electrons jumping from my retina interacting with the solar radiation.

Who are your enemies?  I challenged the local KKK in 5th grade.  (I believe them to have a presence in my family.)   I have read where they have access to nukes.  The KKK is a clandestine mob presence and I believe all my mental episodes could be radio active psychosis precipitated by poisoning.  I am though, as I see myself, already a radioactive being so, their attacks make me unstable, but don't hurt me other than to cause eventual social isolation.  I also believe in the presence of the Fourth Reich here in the Finger lakes.  (There was a German from Germany in my home the night prior to my first "bipolar episode" in 1987. )  The popularity of Riesling wine accompanied by the blood lines of the locals which are of a strong Germanic origin.  Hiltler's last stand on home ground was in Riesling territory in WW II.  The Finger Lakes are a little Germany and I even proposed to rename Keuka Lake Krum See.

All around the area people hang 5 pointed stars on their houses.  I hang a 6 pointed star on mine.  I am a wanna-be Jew.  I don't travel 50 miles to attend any services recently.  I was raised by my mother to value the six pointed star.  It is not satanic.  The satanic star is the five pointed star inverted.  I have lived a life hammered by the forces that hate Jews so I identify with Jews and might even be a Jew by true origin.  I doubt if I am the true child on the Brandlins.  My parents were not very protective of me and did not provide for my future, when they most certainly could have.  (Me having a disability and all.)

I have practiced Christianity but at this time in my life, I see that religion as emphasizing and validating the domination/ submission meme which I do not agree with.  I continue to pray the Rosary for the Jewish mother, the Virgin Mary.

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