Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Thursday, March 16, 2017

A New Enemy of Mine, the Goddess Caffeina

Ritual is a human need.  Here in the USA  coffee is a ritual.  It is a morning ritual, an after a meal ritual, a dating ritual, a socializing ritual, a shopping ritual.  Coffee is everywhere, and its consumption encouraged.  I propose that it is a social mind control engineering product.

Here in the Finger Lakes, the God of wine, Bacchus in in control of the agricultural market.  In all the Western world the Goddess Caffeina is in control of the human consciousness.  People clutch their morning coffee mug as in prayer and awake into a quasi state of obedient arousal.  Bacchus puts people to sleep, Caffeina wakes people up, or so we believe.  Gods and rituals go together.

I first started drinking coffee in the summer of 1987 when I had my first mental episode.  My sister's friend visiting from Germany entered my home and poisoned me.  That week I received the stigmatic diagnosis of bipolar which has stuck with me ever since.  I started drinking coffee regularly that summer and did not stop until this past November.  Last fall I did not leave my home for six weeks and in that time I kicked the coffee habit.  Coffee is an irritant to the intestine.  (there is another blog entry awaiting to explain the six weeks and it has to do with intestines and mole skin lesions).

When one withdraws from caffeine coffee in a mental hospitalization there is no headache.  There must be another chemical causing the headache withdrawal symptom.  I don't know all the chemistry of the coffee product, but I don't trust it.  So many people addicted to a product is a prime example of something that could be used against the masses to keep them stupid and complacent.

Coffee just might be the anti-thinking cap helmet of the populace.  I know of one person who does not drink it, he was the ham radio regional disaster manager of the area.  He was in China at the time of the Tianamen square.  I would imagine he would know the purpose of caffeine dosing and control of the masses.  The Mormons, who always plan for the nuclear disaster that will be Armageddon also don't drink coffee.  I would bet that they also have some inside information about coffee as well.

Next time you reach for coffee remember that you are over-riding your adrenals.  The adrenal gland react to stress and warn you of dangers.  You are drinking some thing which is against your survival instinct.

I drink Piney Tea, from tree locally
The rocks the trees grow on sing with me
The energies from the coffee plants are not local, you see

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