Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Friday, March 31, 2017

Amy Cares for Herself with Delicious Applesauce Walnut Crepes

Since November I have been a pescatarian or a vegetarian who eats fish.  I have discovered the ease of making crepes.  I purchased a cracked cast iron griddle for 5 dollars.(a man was replacing it at the antiques mall so I bargained for his cast off cast iron) It was perfectly seasoned and the crack was very small.  I painted the crack with some enamel paint.  I made some delicious cinnamon applesauce walnut crepes...with a dollop of plain yogurt on the top.  If anybody supposes that I cannot care for myself, nutritionally, they are dead wrong.
My finances are also very orderly at present.

Now, I am an outsider artist soft sculpture poppet maker.  I have many poppets that are potentially worth a lot of money.  If I could be recognized as the insane outsider artist that I am, I could have a nice niche and be financially secure.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Don't Blow Air at Your Neighbors, Nukey Girl

Last May, when I was undergoing the second installment of perceived nuclear attack, I made the mistake of blowing at my neighbors from a distance of 100 to 300 feet.  One neighbor was facing the other direction when I did the act of exhaling in her direction, but she responded by turning around and looking at me.  The other neighbor was farther away.  The police counseled me on this, "Watch who you are blowing at."  Since when is it inadvisable to exhale or blow air or whistle in the direction of one's neighbor?  Was my breath that bad?
This is another concrete example of how and why I believe that I was being nuked.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Good and Bad Vibrations- Pickin' 'em up?

Question:  What evidence did you have which made you, Ms. Brandlin, believe that you were in receipt of strange energies?

Several things occurred.  First of all I had a head ache at the top of my head which was similar to Feb. 2013 when I perceived myself to be nuked.  This time I also had a burning sensation in my solar plexus which did not seem to me to be heart burn.  I also noticed lint, etc. lining up in a two dot arrangement.  The song, "eyes without a face" came into mind.  I also notice my paintings to be crooked, but lined up with each other.  I also had double dot nicks into my dishes and pots.  I thought perhaps it was a mobile drone dremel attacking my home.  All ones objects ring in with a vibration and when they are damaged the vibration is discordant with the human that is in the home.  These are some of the physical manifestations which caused me to feel as though I was being attacked.

I know that I vibrate with my food and objects.  An example is charges adjust, say when I pick up a pickle jar, then I burp, and next thing the sump pump goes on or the furnace turns on.  All charges in the home are interactive with my body's charge.  There were times in certain dim lighting where my eyes could perceive a motion of electrons in the room.  I could also look to the sun with closed eyes and see the electrons jumping from my retina interacting with the solar radiation.

Who are your enemies?  I challenged the local KKK in 5th grade.  (I believe them to have a presence in my family.)   I have read where they have access to nukes.  The KKK is a clandestine mob presence and I believe all my mental episodes could be radio active psychosis precipitated by poisoning.  I am though, as I see myself, already a radioactive being so, their attacks make me unstable, but don't hurt me other than to cause eventual social isolation.  I also believe in the presence of the Fourth Reich here in the Finger lakes.  (There was a German from Germany in my home the night prior to my first "bipolar episode" in 1987. )  The popularity of Riesling wine accompanied by the blood lines of the locals which are of a strong Germanic origin.  Hiltler's last stand on home ground was in Riesling territory in WW II.  The Finger Lakes are a little Germany and I even proposed to rename Keuka Lake Krum See.

All around the area people hang 5 pointed stars on their houses.  I hang a 6 pointed star on mine.  I am a wanna-be Jew.  I don't travel 50 miles to attend any services recently.  I was raised by my mother to value the six pointed star.  It is not satanic.  The satanic star is the five pointed star inverted.  I have lived a life hammered by the forces that hate Jews so I identify with Jews and might even be a Jew by true origin.  I doubt if I am the true child on the Brandlins.  My parents were not very protective of me and did not provide for my future, when they most certainly could have.  (Me having a disability and all.)

I have practiced Christianity but at this time in my life, I see that religion as emphasizing and validating the domination/ submission meme which I do not agree with.  I continue to pray the Rosary for the Jewish mother, the Virgin Mary.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Monday's Rambling Thoughts

My psychiatrist, who is part of the Elmira State system does not discount my perceptions of my reality and MK Ultra.  This is a sort of validation of my reality which I appreciate immensely.  I have noticed that people do not generally have as many moles as I had, especially at such a young age.  Tis as though my face had been splattered with brown.. Transmitters hidden in flesh?

 I have decided that it is in my own best interest to be agreeable to the psychiatric medication as I want to successfully interact with people in my world.  I call it my "SHUT UP shot".  This shot makes it so that  I don't talk to strangers so freely.  My family pushed me away.  When a being is shut out from the people close to them, a being might naturally attempt conversations with strangers.  Tis the human brain seeking interaction.  I had ceased blogging as well, so my need to communicate with others was met via talking with strangers.  I have never shunned any of my friends or loved ones or judged harshly any patients and their peculiarities that I interacted with as a nurse.  Somehow, though, I received that karmic equation.  I have been analyzing myself and my situation.  I spoke of cannibalism, which is in fairy tales, such as Hansel and Gretel and in the movies.  It is taboo to talk of such in a personal letter or in conversations.  I did not realize this at the time, but do now.  Why is this so?  I would imagine that it is such a horror, that people do not speak of it often to each other.  It horrifies me as well.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

My Pet Mouse...and Family

I purchased a pet mouse around November of last year.  He is very intelligent and I am able to communicate with him.  He nods to me in thanks when I give him food.  He escaped and was able to fulfill his reproductive destiny.  He met a country mouse in my attic.  At first when he had his freedom he would still come to me.  I was incarcerated in a mental hospital for a week and a half and  he had to eat my potted parsley to survive.  When I came out he was less trusting .  At first it was endearing to see his little mixed children.  He is black with white markings. He looks like he is wearing a waistcoat and mask.  I named him Gus and perceived him to be an incarnation of my grandfather.  His wife invited her relation in and before too long my attic was overrun with mice and they wanted to expand their presence into the rest of the house.  This could not be, so I set a have -a- heart trap and released about 15 into the garage.  They continued to multiple and I could not keep up.  Sadly, I had to poison them.  They were in my bed, on my curtains and everywhere. When I asked
Gus to show me his children with his similar markings, he pushed one out of the hole in the wallboard in my presence.  They pissed in an old duffle bag and he would let me know when It needed freshening by going to the bag. We are telepathic of sorts.

He did get to keep with him a companion daughter, which might be female.  I picked up two aquariums at the local second hand shop and plan to separate them.  The squeaking in the walls of the attic I believe were romantic sounds as his little companion squeaks when he ravishes her.  I don't know what I will do when and if she conceives and bears children.  I guess I will have girls in one tank and boys in the other.

In my closed I vision with phosphenic images I watches blobs of white mouse spirits departing.  Because I set some free to take their chances against cats and owls and did not kill all, I don't believe that I am in a bad pet -Karma situation.  Once again, though, pet ownership, even of a tiny little rodent proved to be quite the challenge for me.

Friday, March 24, 2017

The Past Six Months in Amy Brandlin's Life

Someone might ask, what was your life like these past six months?  I became somewhat of a techniphobe and got rid of my electronics.  I gave away my tv, dvd player and lived without refrigeration of my food.   I never became ill, I used the porch and heated water on the stove for laundry, dishes and bathing as my hot water heater broke.  The house was very quiet.  I began receiving bizarre stories into my mind.  I also have a bunch of different accents I speak with.  These could be the channeling of spirits.  I wrote a lot of letters which scared people.  I did not threaten anybody, of course.  I had ideas that there is a mind control regime in place.

I have to work, so I had to relent and get yet another cell phone.  I purchased a small refrigerator and keep it in the cellar, next to the big one, which is unused.

I perceived a barrage of energies directed at me and coped with them via vibration responses.  The responses were in the manner of purchasing clothing and such.  I am more normal now but have a reasonable appreciation that I am a different sort of character.  I don't have many friends due to my unusual behavior.   The friends I do have are very sincere.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Peace and Love to Rule

I am hopeful for peace and love to rule my family.  My daughter is agreeable to changing the order of protection so that I can see my grandchildren.  I am so very thankful.  I understand that when I am mental I appear unpredictable and thus frightening.  I am not a danger to anyone ever, though.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Bio-Tech Mystical Revelation

I will share that while my mind was roving I became aware of skin lesion/bowel diverticula body invaders similar to the movie Alien or Invasion of the Body Snatchers.  People take magic  rock powders and mix it with stool and tattoo it onto the skin or feed it to someone sneaky like into the persons food.  This double signal entry then links the person to suggestive subliminal thought messages.  Biological mind control.  I have read about some of this sort of thing on the internet and with nanotechnologies, tiny transmitters or receptors, and radio active magic rock powders anything is possible.  I believe that this was going on with the MK Ultra program targeted against me.  I have removed many of my own moles via heat treatment and have become a vege/pecsca(fish -tarian).  I believe that I have pooped out my enemies as well, but one never knows.

My reality is different than most, but that does not make it less valid of a reality.  If I watch a movie, I try to think "What are the artists telling us about our culture that main stream media does not share?"

Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Popular Quest For Magic

As mentioned in The Vampire Cat entry/post there are qi/prana radiators and those at a deficit or I as I called them Qi suckers.  There are those who attempt to increase their life force energy via predatory behaviors.  Qi acquired in this way is temporary.  These methods to steal another's power only leave an entity hungrier as the vibration is not their own.  This information is from my own mystical revelations.

The way that I have become a radiator of qi is via prayer, meditation, good works and artistic expression.  The bible or other books, like the Torah, also increase grace due to the vibration of the reverence towards these works through the generations.  The Catholics call this good force with in someone grace, without of someone, the Holy Spirit.  The nonbelievers call it magic.  This societal conflict of the war over power is kept hidden.  It is occult knowledge.  I used to think abusers abused for power to control someone, this is partly true.  The also abuse to increase their magic powers.  The mental health system rounds up the chi radiators and dopes them, protecting the chi suckers.  I have found out that this is also true of the legal system.

A few people have told me you are such a good friend because you are not judgmental.  I have also been told that I am too judgmental.  I have a fuller deck of knowledge and I am now certain of my absolutes.  I have 6 at present, and they are based on the do not steal qi principle.

1)  No child abuse sexual or mental.  This is how a chi sucker comes about, the child's inner light is dimmed or extinguished.

2)No vampirism or cannibalization.

3)No cutting of women or girls. (Infib)

4)No killing of people at all/ or killing of animals for fun.

5)No feces ingestion (fecephillia)

6) No magic rock powder or drugging of others

This is my current absolute list.  Prana thieves get their powers from others and the abuse of others.  Grace or magic must be attained in positive non predatory ways.  The ways mentioned above.  There is a spirit war going on like In the movie Harry Potter, with the two forces colliding like the last scene.  Like in Harry Potter, people can enter each other (via trances and rock powders)....future blog entry.

Note, I also believe in the ten commandments, these are in addition.

Friday, March 17, 2017

I Have No Rights, Hear the Details of my Legal Troubles

I would like to share my perspective of my legal troubles a bit more.  Early in 2016, I found a stray Librium, a narcotic in my bedstand, never ordered for me.  I spoke out to my family.  "If anybody tries to trance me in the night, I am sleeping with a  knife near my bed a will cut their throat." I told my therapist and she said regarding sex slavery, "Oh, you don't like it?"  I am an MK Ultra government victim and I don't like it at all.  Nobody is going to touch my body with out my baseline personality knowing about it. Things cooled with my daughter after I told her my warning and I reported my therapist to the state of NY.  My daughter is close with my ex in-laws and I believe them to be white slavers, me their mameluke.  (I am reading the Tales of the Arabian Nights, that is where I got that term.)

Because I was angry with the system, (you know, the system in kahootz with the German, Hans Werner, that poisoned me in 1987 giving me the dx of bipolar and a perennial medication regime which has hurt my brain chemistry ever since)  I went off my medicines and started having visions.   These I communicated with my daughter via hand written letters and one mentioned a cannibal threat, warning her of it.  How warning someone of a danger be construed as aggravated harassment is beyond my understanding. She had given me her word that she would never include the legal system in our problems again.

I contend, due to her poor judgment that she is under the influence of my sister and cannot rationally think.  My sister the paralegal, working for the government, who sexually abused me as a child.  I believe that they give me these long periods of isolation with the sole purpose of hoping that I will commit suicide.  I believe that there is a cash pay out at my death.  Money is usually the motivation behind slavers and family troubles.  I have a specific recollection of the bee and flower game played by my sister with me.  She has apologized.  As a person who dissociates, what other games were played with me that I have not recalled?

My daughter is mentally unstable and responded with a fear knee jerk reaction, to my letters, so I believe.  I drove on  October 7, by their house to pray the rosary at the cemetery.  My sister stated "You were arrested because the police thought you were going to go to the house."  Excuse me, but how does one get arrested for not even doing a crime?
That is what they do here in Ontario county.  They arrest you if they think you might do something wrong, which is a violation of human rights.

The legal system then bargains you with fear of jail time unless you admit guilt.  This is a very evil system that protects evil doers, like white slavers.  They are all ready, in my story, totally protected, doing crimes under the protection of the MK Ultra/project Monarch system.  I am probably not even a true American citizen, so I have no rights anyway.

I recall, as I child, my sister talking about the tales of the Arabian Nights.   They are ripe with allusions to cannibalism and are very anti-African and misogynist.  The German folk and the Arabs are tight as they have a common loathing of the Jew.  I perceive myself as the Jew in my family, KKK and Fourth Reichers all around me, and me as their secret sex slave.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

A New Enemy of Mine, the Goddess Caffeina

Ritual is a human need.  Here in the USA  coffee is a ritual.  It is a morning ritual, an after a meal ritual, a dating ritual, a socializing ritual, a shopping ritual.  Coffee is everywhere, and its consumption encouraged.  I propose that it is a social mind control engineering product.

Here in the Finger Lakes, the God of wine, Bacchus in in control of the agricultural market.  In all the Western world the Goddess Caffeina is in control of the human consciousness.  People clutch their morning coffee mug as in prayer and awake into a quasi state of obedient arousal.  Bacchus puts people to sleep, Caffeina wakes people up, or so we believe.  Gods and rituals go together.

I first started drinking coffee in the summer of 1987 when I had my first mental episode.  My sister's friend visiting from Germany entered my home and poisoned me.  That week I received the stigmatic diagnosis of bipolar which has stuck with me ever since.  I started drinking coffee regularly that summer and did not stop until this past November.  Last fall I did not leave my home for six weeks and in that time I kicked the coffee habit.  Coffee is an irritant to the intestine.  (there is another blog entry awaiting to explain the six weeks and it has to do with intestines and mole skin lesions).

When one withdraws from caffeine coffee in a mental hospitalization there is no headache.  There must be another chemical causing the headache withdrawal symptom.  I don't know all the chemistry of the coffee product, but I don't trust it.  So many people addicted to a product is a prime example of something that could be used against the masses to keep them stupid and complacent.

Coffee just might be the anti-thinking cap helmet of the populace.  I know of one person who does not drink it, he was the ham radio regional disaster manager of the area.  He was in China at the time of the Tianamen square.  I would imagine he would know the purpose of caffeine dosing and control of the masses.  The Mormons, who always plan for the nuclear disaster that will be Armageddon also don't drink coffee.  I would bet that they also have some inside information about coffee as well.

Next time you reach for coffee remember that you are over-riding your adrenals.  The adrenal gland react to stress and warn you of dangers.  You are drinking some thing which is against your survival instinct.

I drink Piney Tea, from tree locally
The rocks the trees grow on sing with me
The energies from the coffee plants are not local, you see

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Vampire Cat- A True Story

Last September, a scruffy calico cat came to my home and befriended me.  Little did I know at the time, it was a very evil cat.  Yes, it is true cats can be very evil, listen to this true story.

I thought that this cat could have been a long lost friend at first.  I had a pet calico as a child, and being a radioactive entity I thought perhaps that this was an immortal radio active pet from my past.  That month,  I spoke something to my neighbors which caused alarm and the police arrived and with them a man holding the calico cat.  He warned me that it was a cat he took care of.  I liked the cat at this point in time and thought, if he is not containing it, why should I not befriend it.  We talked about her preference for "chicken".  The man was dressed in tan khakis and gave me the creeps.  He returned later to my back door and complimented me.  "you have nice eyes".  I went to the police and reported that I did not welcome him to my home and desired protection.  He returned again regarding the cat and told me he had worked for the police in the past.  The cat was on thyroid medicine.  "She needs her medicine!"

I purchased a rotisserie chicken, and was putting away my groceries, when the chicken fell to the floor.  The cat lunged at it and started devouring it.  It's breathing while sucking, made a yin yang sound.  I had noticed her interest in my pet mouse.  She behaved as if she expected me to feed her the  mouse alive.  She went back and forth like the in the movie, with the Siamese cats which dance to the "we are Siamese if you please song."  The cat immediately lost interest in the chicken when it realized that there was no blood flow.

 The man came looking for the cat.  His irises glowed red when he spoke to me.  I told him I was not interested in his cat.  I perceive the eye glow as a reaction to my life force energy, He was a qi or Prana sucker, me a radiator.  His cat mirrored him.  One night when she was visiting she attempted to eat me alive, starting with my nose.  She bit my nose, a qi hot spot and drew blood.  I did not get a case of rabies.

How did I cope with the realization that I had befriended a Vampire Cat?  I chased it away with a roar,  the lioness that I am. The following day, it responded with a glare from a distance,  The glare reminded me of a Stephen King characterization.

I was thinking that the cat was created with leech dna, but perhaps it was just trained to suck on a half dead creature from kitten-hood. Maybe it is a CIA cat, with remote controls.

When I visited Salem Mass. in 2013 I was told that vampire humans are a real entity in our culture, and I believe him.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Update on Amiable's not so Amiable Life

I have been away from the computer for many months.  I am alive and more well each day.  I perceived myself to be a nukey human under nukey attack at some times more than others.  I have survived all attacks and remain faithful to my mantra that Poison Makes Me Stronger.  This would sound a bit paranoid to most but I have lived a strange life with many challenges.  My bubble reality is intact.  I have been classified by society as having a mental illness.  I receive a monthly injection of Abilify to calm my nerves and help me to behave appropriately.  Most recently I received a criminal record for warning my daughter of a possible cannibal and then violating a order of protection.  I stopped in traffic behind a school bus en route to pray the Rosary on October 7 at the graveyard of my ex in-laws in Clifton Springs.  I was on my way  to pray for my enemies and was criminalized for it.  I had the option of going to trial for obeying traffic laws, but chose not to risk jail time.  In response to this absurdity I have decided to change the pronunciation of my name to Brandl-in, no longer Brand-lin.

I now live an interesting life away from television, home computers, telephone and extraneous motors.  I am being deprived of the grandchildren of one offspring and that is quite painful.  I intend to ask the Judge in family court for supervised visitation.