Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Steam Sauteed Cabbage

Here in America say cabbage it usually means coleslaw.  There is another great way to prepare cabbage that is very tasty.  The cruceferous vegetables are very healthy for you.  They fight cancer.

To make steam fried cabbage first fry up an onion in olive oil till tender then add thinly sliced cabbage.  I added sunflower seeds.  You can also add garlic or add it later as powder.  I prefer raw garlic, but if I forget I will use powder.  Add some water to the cabbage to help it cook faster then let it cook off after uncovering and the cabbage is good an limp.  You want it to be browned so play with the heat settings.  My mother made this recipe, that is how I know about it.  It would go really well with Mrs.T's perogies.  Vinegar goes really well with it  too, as vinegar accompanies brussel sprouts nicely.  Sauteed brussel sprouts are good made this way too.  The carmelized onions add to to cabbage sweetness.

I had an discussion with family about cabbage, my family member said that cabbage can go bad.  I have hardly ever found a cabbage head that I could not cut away the grey areas or take off the limp leaves and find a good veggie hidden beneath the outer covering of gray.....I say cabbage does not go bad, you just cut away the gray and it tastes fine.  Of course add some salt and freshly ground pepper when you sprinkle it with vinegar at the end of preparation.  I reread my writing and it is choppy.  Must be my writing skills are being blunted the state of NY  overdosing me on my psych med.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Medical Fascism, Mind Control

In the mental health arena it is not permitted to believe in guardian spirits..  If you are in a mental health situation and admit to hearing a guiding presence you will be considered abnormal and in need of more medication.  THe line, Hearing Voices is used and it is considered abnormal and must be treated to made to go away, even if the person considers them helpful guiding spirits.  There is no proof of angels or demons either way, but humanity has always believed in such.  If you receive communication you must be medicated to obliterate any such guidance that they are giving you.  It is not just the schizos in society that hear voices or guiding presences.  If you listen to Leonard Cohen, he had guiding voices too.  It is a gift of spiritual nature and it has been slammed by those who hear nothing in their minds but their own selves.

I was under the impression that I was receiving a static dose of medication but in actuality is that the plasma concentration increases each month.  If I had not complained, at what point would I be considered to be saturated enough with neuroleptics?  when i no longer lived a life with imagination and faith?  When my personality became totally obliterated?  I have lost much of my creativity and spontaneity. If my imagination is not insulting or badgering any body why on earth is it important change who I am via the medications?

It is medical fascism.....obliteration of individuality for conformity and mind control.  It truly is fascist in my case as my psychiatric providers are the state of NY.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

I Still Refuse to be Boringly Normal

This  might be a repeat food blog but, hey, how many foods or food dishes do you know that have a movie named for it?  This batch of ratatouille is especially nice as it has capers in it.  I believe that my mother used to make hers with capers as well.  I did not fry the capers first.  I was looking through a magazine that was given to me by the natural food store and I saw polenta.  It was then that I had a eureka moment.  ratatouille and polenta would be a great combination! So I made up some polenta.  I love to cook and I have gained a substantial amount of weight while being medicated with abilify maintena.  I have gone from 135 to 160 lbs in 9 months.  I love to cook and I have ceased eating mammals.  I will eat fish so I am actually a pescatarian.  I researched after have a strange convulsion the morning after my last shot and my suspicions were correct, there is a snowball effect with monthly shots.   The upshot is as I am more stable I am being medicated heavier which is wrong.  It should be moving in the opposite direction.  As I recover from being grossly manic I should need less medication.  I want to be on the 300 mg shot, which I believe would be more appropriate for my medium frame body.   My new NP would not yet agree to it.  They subscribe to the delusion that stress makes me become manic.  It does not.  I will not become more apt to be manic during the holidays.  They did agree, to their credit, to allow me to have my next shot five days out further than scheduled.

I will continue to push for the 300 mg shot and I even agreed to take oral in addition, as I titrate downwards. What are the side effects that you are experiencing that are intolerable, you might ask?  Well, I started to get hot flashes right after they gave me the first injection and my bowels are messed up.  I have difficulty swallowing.  I have a supplement which I believe helps with the symptoms of my being overdosed.  I take soy lecithin.  With in days of taking lecithin my swallow reflex improved.

Another side effect is lack of creativity and spontaneity.  If you recall, I could belt out improvised ballads last February.  Luckily,  I still refuse to become a normal person or a bore.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

What is new and interesting in Amy's life

I haven't written much lately as I have returned to my profession as a registered nurse and have a new job that I have been learning.  What is new in my field is that there is a vigilance about pain medication that was not as intense when I was working in rehab in 2010.  There are also new medications that I need to become familiar with.  I was nervous at first to call the nurse practitioners, but I am getting better at it.  I am allowed to use my phone to research medications and call my superiors.  I upgraded to an Iphone again.

I also have rented a room to a younger woman who is very nice.  I have lived alone for seven years so it is a little bit of an adjustment.  She is very intelligent and is very supportive.   She brought with her her cat so my little kitten has a new kitty friend as well  as his new home with me.  They are slowly being exposed to each other and are interesting to watch together.  His kitty friend is named Caliaope; Leo is falling in love.

He is growing fast and will be neutered next week. I thought the two mice that I put together were both males, but, oh no, we have another batch of babies. So far the cats have not eaten any mice.

With the new job comes money so I have been able to get a washing machine and am thinking about a smart tv so I can watch  movies again.   I have new glasses.

I sewed a shirt for the folk art guild and it sold!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Stewed Home Grown Tomatoes

When I was a farm wife many years ago, I grew my own Roma tomatoes and canned my own sauce.  I did this for 23 years or so.  I would put up fifty quarts of spaghetti sauce or at least 4 or 5 batches, some in pints.  I would put the tomatoes raw through a food mill and then add cooked peppers and onions, spices and paste.  I did a batch of sauce with my daughter in law two  years ago.  I am not that keen on tomato sauce these days, since I read that the nightshade family of veggies can stir up arthritic inflammation.  I have arthritis in my fingers which has flared up the past few months.  Now, this year I did put in a few tomato plants but I don't  participate in a big sauce making adventure.  I just blanch them in boiling water and peel them and stew them with some herbs and onions.  This method of eating my own home grown tomatoes is just as fun and satisfying as doing a whole batch of sauce. As a child I hated stewed tomatoes but I like them now.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Parallels with Annabelle

I just returned from watching the blockbuster horror movie Annebelle:creation.  Spoiler alert.  I have a few criticisms.  One is that a nun is depicted forgiving sins.  Nuns do not have the power to forgive sins and I doubt if they would behave as the nun did in the movie, even if it was just practice.    I like the way they tell the story.  The couple missed their daughter so much that they went to the dark side to be able to see her again and what they got was a dose of very evil darkness.

When I was in full blown mania, last year, I thought I was being watched.  I have to laugh at the string of coincidences used in the story of Annebelle: Creation and my life.  The father of the deceased is a doll maker.  I make dolls.  I made eyeballs out of clay and the movie starts out with eyeballs.  I had other delusions about eyeball collections of dead famous people.  Eyeballs are creepy.  I pasted and decoupaged my doors with scripture from an old beat-up bible.  I have an old doll house like in the movie.  The devil is depicted as a black dragon, similar to the toy dragon I had used in my art and photo doll essays.  The song that is a theme song in the movie was a theme song in my life, (You Are My Sunshine.)  My grand daughter played it over the phone to me while I was in the looney bin.

I don't know where the parallels come from.  Are  my brainwaves subconsciously tapped into via the collective consciousness by the movie makers?  (without their knowledge).   I don't believe that I am spied on anymore, but the parallels are very odd.  Perhaps I tap into their energies while they are planning the movie.

When I came home, I found that the cat had upturned my turtle night light.  When I went to pick it up it blinked out, prior to my touching it.  After I went to the movie I stopped at mc donalds for a fish sandwich.  I used the bathroom and on the bathroom wall, in the irregular tile pattern, I saw a little demon face scowling at me.  Strange.   I have seen such before.  There are evil spirits in the world.  I don't worship the devil of course, nor have I ever tried to conjure any evil spirits.  One thing that the nun says is opposite to what the church says.  She says that the devil preys on the weak.  I have always been taught that the devil preys on the people of strong faith.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Truth about America

Wake up America!  The truth is out!  The American culture is very racist.  I read the media coverage regarding Trumplestilskin and his waffling position and am amazed.  There is a prevailing myth that America is a nice place for minorities.  It is not.  Racism was noted by Einstein in the 1950's and it has not changed much, it is just sneakier, less blatant and encoded.  When I was ill last year, this aspect of the American culture really bothered me.  If you are a minority or a person with a stigma, like myself, the mainstream populace wants to shut you up or shut you away.  You have to know your place.  This President of ours is like the big racist boil on the Body of America and it is coming to a head.  As a person with a stigma I can relate to racism.  A black man heard my story and even told me that I was as they are.

Some in our country subscribe to the idea that we are a land of equal opportunity.  We are certainly not.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Natural Garden Beauty

My garden, while not carefully tended, has some natural beauty.  Here is what is going on.
The comfrey survived transplantation and is sending up new leaves.
Up close shot of the comfrey.

Zinnia, lone survivor and poke weed, which is great for dying material.

A mysterious wildflower reminiscent of a forget-me -not.

A dragon fly stopped in for a photo op.

Basil ready for pesto.

Mr. White Pine sending out new shoots, getting well established.

Giant Russian Sunflowers.

Zinnia up close.


Pink Rose.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Time To Meditate

When I was seventeen my mother arranged for me to take transcendental meditation classes.  I will admit that I have never put it into regular practice.  Mostly, I meditate occasionally.  I have attended yoga classes and done shivasana several times a week, but not on my own.  I think now would be a good time to try to meditate regularly.    I recall how our consciousness is similar to an onion, with layers.  One starts out with two cleansing breaths and finishes with the same.  You repeat a mantra over and over and this helps to quiet your mind.  Thoughts come in and you just let them pass through.  You don't want to battle in your mind, so you do not fight the brain's tendency to want to think.  You want to sit up straight.  Some meditators keep their eyes slightly open and this is something I have not ever done.  I close my eyes.  I suppose I could work on that.  As you descend into a meditative state, your arms might feel funny, as if they are upside down or disconnected.

Meditation can help you to be a calmer and more centered person.  Ones brainwaves enter a deep sleep state.  I know this as I had an EEg while meditating due to my visions and the people doing the eeg thought I had slept, while I was just meditating for the entire study.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

On Moving Forward

I took all my controversial posts about my private history down.  I am moving forward and I do not want to ruminate about old negative energies.  Thanks for all the readers who sent positive mental energies to me.  I have work to do.  I started at new job and I want to make more of my little dolls.  I have plenty to focus on that is positive, including many friendships and family life.  Yesterday I planted some comfrey I got from some friends.  I planted it in the dead zone in my back yard.

I am coming free from my past.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Sumac Tea

I am so excited.  For years I have wanted to make sumac tea and this morning I am actually doing it.  For those whoo believe that I am trapped by my memories of abuse, you can see that I am breaking out of my mental illness cage.  I am doing it by fulfilling a life long dream to drink sumac tea.  It is not poison after all!

I awoke little dizzy this morning.  I hope my new kitten did not give me any earmites!  The earmites are out to get me!!!!!!  I don't really believe that I have earmites.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Baking Soda

Green River. Wyoming gives us trona which is the ore that produces baking soda.  My grandparents had very good teeth and they brushed them with baking soda.  I highly recommend using baking soda for your teeth rather than all those expensive sweetened products.  My dental hygienist says baking soda actually kills the bacteria that causes tooth decay.  Baking soda is manufactured by chemical means or mined as trona, a natural soda ash deposit.  Your teeth will feel very clean.  I just dampen my tooth brush and then dip it into some baking soda in the palm of my hand.    Don't forget to floss regularly as well.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Cherry Crepes

I love international cuisine.  Here is my breakfast.  It tasted so delicious that I wanted to share in case others are bored with everyday fare of American culture.

It would have been better if I had farmer cheese to fill them with.  I topped them with plain yogurt and filled them with bought cherry pie filling.  I will be able to use my own canned cherries if I thickened and sweeten them.  I halved the recipe and still have some for lunch ideas.  Perhaps creamed tuna will be my next crepe adventure.  

Monday, July 31, 2017

How Do You Perceive Status?

As a young girl I developed a discomfort with status.  This was after I had lived in a foreign country during my formative years 2-5.  Arriving in USA at age six was like coming to a whole new world.  I must of realized that doctors (my father was a doctor) have high status and I became uncomfortable with status.  I wanted to be like everybody else, not special or exalted.  As an RN I deal with status in my role in society.  As a labeled bipolar entity I am threatened with a "less than" status which I am equally uncomfortable with.  When I get a mean comment, like last week, where my reviews are treated as aberrant behavior from a "less than" in society, rather than a critical review from an educated woman I become agitated.  I do not become agitated enough to lose my compassionate stance in life, though.  I can see where others are more comfortable with their status and see that as a means to look down on others.  My review of Cindy Lane Newcomb's treatment of me was not attention seeking, like she implied.  I am not an attention seeking little less than entity.  I am an educated professional person, anyone's equal.  Others might not have my intuition or compassion.

 I have worked as a nurse for years and years, as a hospice nurse in fact.  I have a special connection with the dead.  I have lessened the suffering of many in their final hours.  I might have been the last connection some have had to a caring individual in their final hours.  People when they are transitioning to the other side are in a very special place and I am honored to be a part of their journey as a nurse.  I also have connections with other types of people in society treated as less than, like the mentally retarded. (pc developmentally disabled)  These people, with their sufferings are very angelic.  I have been honored to work with them.  I see each person as a special individual....all people.  I have worked in the jail system as well.  I have compassion for all and do not desire myself to be elevated above anybody.  My role as a nurse necessitates some sort of elevation but I see it as a service role.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Leo Debuts in His First Cat Video

Little brown fancy knows she has the advantage.  She looks a little plump.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Care of Plants, Animals, and Coincidence

The greening of the aloe plants is happening before our eyes.

The plant vibe I get is one of relief and expectation.....

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Widdle Bitty Wion Cwub Weo

When I was a little girl I considered myself a cat person and even subscribed to the Cat Fancy magazine.  Then Jenny, my spirit jin dog came into my life and I became more dog oriented.  Dogs are much more of a commitment than cats, with the walking and all.  A few weeks ago a cat hung around in the dark on rainy nights meowing plaintively alternating with a commanding yeowl.  I did not trust this tricolor cat and decided I would shoo her away with a water bottle squirt attack.  I did not have to, it was as though she got the telepathic message and stayed away.  I imagine she had a family somewhere close or was ferrel, but after the tale of the Vampire cat I was not up for taking in a stray.....until...this morning.

I came into the laundry mat and a young black guy told me he had just let in this kitten (I termed it a widdle bitty wion cwub.)  He saved it from being hit on main street.

When my encounter occurred with Kali-cat the vampire, a sage old cat advised me not to react with violence towards her, which I did not.  This cat was named Leo and lived in a flower shop.  Widdle bitty wion cwub has similar coloring and markings as Leo had.  I did not rush into deciding to rescue this little lost orphan, I thought it through, did a coin toss (which I disobeyed) and talked it over with a young girl in the laundry matt.  A generous middle aged gentleman from Israel paid for my drying time as I had no remaining quarters and Tops gave me a dollar off Purina Kitten Chow with an immediate coupon.  My economics improved markedly yesterday with a new job and I guess the spirit of cat is stalking me, wanting me to be with a kitten.  I named him Leo after the sage  cat Leo.  I also noticed a cob web on his head that looked like a halo around his ears.  I have a theory that some pets are really angels in disguise.

He chose the guest bunk bed for his nap.  I then went to the Post office and who is parked next to me when I came out?  The animal control officer.  I  went and knocked on his window and asked if he comes out on late rainy nights for ferrel cats which he did not answer.  Instead he told me about his barn cats and the kittens the wandering Tom has sired.  That is the meaning of irony.  He was a very sweet old man character.  I told him about the kitten in the laundry mat.   I counselled with a friend and we agreed a poster of CAT FOUND should be put up, just in case somebody is missing da widdle bitty wion cwub weo.

I refuse to claim the title Cat Thief into my criminal dossier.

On Plants

 If you can care for plants then you can progress to caring for people and animals.  I believe he is right.  As an eleven year old girl, I had a plant collection on my window sill.  They only partially obscured the view from the neighbor boy's window, but they tried, anyway.  I had spider plants, a huge avocado that I had started from seed, little orange trees I had started, baby tears, and a few others that I cannot recall.  This is the blue coffee pot my mother gave me as a child for me to water my plants with.  My son asked for it, and I told him, yes you can have it, after I am dead.

My mother opened "The Plant Store" and that is where I had my first working experience at age 16 and 17 on Crane Street, Clifton Springs.  This store was not really a florist, it was more like a houseplant and accessory store.  It had hanging  baskets, and an assortment of greenery like ferns, norfolk island pines, etc.  When I went off to Ithaca College I brought a norfolk Island pine with me.

My father was an organic gardener when I was a teenager and his favorite herb was comfrey.  We would feed it to our chickens.  My children have cuttings from those very same plants.  Dad made a poultice for my arm when I injured it in a bicycle accident in 1975.
This plant, maybe called a lipstick plant was one of my fathers.

I have and old antique table which held my plants at the farmhouse on 3023 Taylor road.  My mother would come and scold me that I was not taking good enough care of them. I had a theory that a sign of my good mental state was when my plants looked healthy.

My mothers mother, Bessy was known for her lovely African violets.  My mother related that her secret was feeding them her leftover Tea.  I have grown African Violets as well, with varying levels of success.

This is a donkey's tail that was my mothers, she passed away in 2001.

My daughter is a plant person and so is my son.  They both have lovely gardens.  My son is known for his great garlic and my daughter even grows her own leeks.

My son has a burn plant which I offered to put into intensive care for him.  It came with  his purchase of his home.  This Aloe was in sad shape.  I had noticed that one I neglected was able to resurrect itself with proper care, so I offered to help him with his in exchange for some of the cuttings.    These photos are in reverse time order.  The top photo is more recent.  As you can see, they are greening up.

When one is caring for children, babies, it is easy to let plant care slide. 
This christmas cactus is a fragment of one that was given to me by my son for my birthday in 2002.  My mother made the ceramic head planter and I made her eye open and gave her color.  The cactus needs fertilizer, which I gave it this morning..
 Many believe plants have a level of consciousness and that you must talk to your plants to share vibrations with them.

One time a gal pal brought me her croton to resurrect, but I figured it was past saving and I insulted her and tossed it.  I have my plant sins, to ya know.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Some Spirit Poppets Speak

John the Baptist has a message for all caught up in Amy's
review of Cindy and Chris.  He says all will be right if they repent of their sins toward Amy.  They don't perceive of any of the parties as being evil, only human.  Humans can get caught up in status and money.

John is posing with his mother and father, Elizabeth and Zachariah. In time and space the parents of John were not alive when John was an adult.  In heavenly time they are all together.  Just like you are when you speak to a world renown medium like Cindy.
Rasputin, another misunderstood maligned mystic agrees.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Evil Entrepreneurs ?

People liked to characterize me as being evil when I was manic.  I don't believe that I was evil, but I saw much evil in the world.  I had conspiracy theories and theories that people were cannibals.  I wrote scary letters to former friends and acquaintances explaining my theories about our society.  I would stop in and chat at shops and places of business.  One such spot was Cindy Lane -Newcomb's "healing" establishment.  I went in a few times and blabbed about my theories.  They nodded and I went on my way.  I stopped in when I was transitioning from ill to well.  She called her secretary into her office in front of me and I heard them laughing behind semiclosed doors.  The secretary said, "Cindy will call you" and he asked for my number.  Cindy has a talent for speaking with the dead.  I was interested to talk with her regarding my poppets, which I believed were spirit poppets.  She never called me and she never answered my email. Her actions or lack of proved to me that she is not very talented at healing or even a very caring individual.

As you can see she has an alphabet soup after her name.

She might just give you a big old iron shaft.  There are two warning iron shafts in her door stoop. Her establishment is called Raven's landing.  I was not given a landing spot.

I have and equally interesting story to share about her son.  He operates a pawn style shop a few blocks away.  His signs says "We Buy Gold".  He practically steals gold especially from dim witted mental patients.  I went to him with some rings and he took advantage of my compromised mental state.  I sold him ring that I paid a couple thousand dollars for three hundred and I traded a fourteen karate princess cut quarter karate diamond ring for some ten karate hollow gold earrings.  He would not make the deal right after I came to my senses.

There are good people in the world but this mother and son are not to be trusted.  This is a fair review of two people who showed their true colors to a person they thought was less than them and not mentally with it.

By the way, they are not allied with each other.  The son will come right out and say his mother is a fake.

I told him he was going to get a bad review in return for not making the deals we made more fair.  He said "a Deal is a deal."  I was going there when I was in the process of remortgaging my home.  He wanted to buy it from me for way less than it was worth.  He saw a person in need and in desperation and was trying to take all he could.  His name is Chris.  This little red barn is where he conducts his evil schemes to rob the desperate.  His mother robs the emotionally desperate, I would conclude, as she has no healing gift (in my experience) and he robs the financially desperate.
Chris is especially proud of his blue eyes, and Aryan ancestry.  I know this as he told me so.  He and his mother look very much alike.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

High Functioning and Logical

I have been getting a lot of blog reads.  The writings of late 2015 and 2016 were quite imaginative.  I cannot say that I hold the same eccentric beliefs that I held during those times when I was unmedicated.  I have taken psych drugs for years and when I went off my medications my brain went into a withdrawal state and I had many bizarre thoughts which I shared on my blog.  I still believe that I was given drugs initially that made it appear that I had bipolar.  Now that I have taken toxic drugs for years, (30) my brain is injured and cannot function without the medications.  It can function, correction, but not in a way compatible with society's expectations.

I am currently on what I call, my "shut up shot" and I am very high functioning.  I have been cleaning cottages for two months and do a fine job.  I am going back to my nursing career.  I have mended several friendships and am interacting appropriately with most people, most of the time.  My family relationships are also stable and congenial.  If there are any other people who have known me in the past and I have estranged, I would welcome any outreaches.  

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Tuesday Night Self Portraits

I have not sketched in months!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

I Touched a Bunny

I was in my garden removing the poke weed and other poisonous plants when I came upon a baby rabbit.  I was unsure if it was in good health as it had not fled upon hearing my footsteps.  I reached out and touched it and said, "Are you okay?" where upon it darted  under the rose bushes.

Mother rabbit must be quite appreciative that I risked jail time to give her and her litter a home.  In college I was taught that in addition to the horrors of racism that there is also a societal affliction called "species -ism".  The rabbits in the neighborhood must gather together and share that "our lives matter as well."  They must be distraught about these humans and there self centered views..  I am especially interested if humans are reincarnated to animals to be taught a lesson about self importance.

I am not a criminal, so I will have to follow the human's directive to mow down the grass, even though doing so will destroy a haven for the little rabbits.  Interestingly the rabbits have not eaten my tomatoes, basil, parsley or sunflowers.  The have enough grass I suppose.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Beaten into Lawn Submission

The conformists have beaten me with their desire for my lawn to match theirs.  Someone called the code officer after the party with all the wild animals and birds in my yard.  I got a letter today which was quite dishonest.  It claimed my front lawn as well as the back was out of conformance to code.  I have mowed the front within the last three weeks and it is not over ten inches.  I was saddened to see that code officers exaggerate claims.  The law is to be honored and respected but when they lie, they lose my respect.  I have tomatoes and parsley, basil, sunflowers and some wildflowers in my attempt at a garden in the back yard.  These lawn enforcers
cannot just march in here and plow down my garden with a mower.  I called and emailed pictures to prove that my lawn was not over ten inches and I mowed the front and the back where I could.   The back will need a weed wacking.  My son has promised to do such tomorrow.  The code officer threatened me with fines and jail time.  JAIL TIME.

I wrote in my email that the planet is dying because of all these motors and that the survivors will most certainly have a greater respect for a more naturalized look.  There will be a day of reconning for people who fail to love and respect the natural world.  Weeds are often healing herbs and can be quite beautiful.  I will share a photo of Queen Annes Lace in the morning when it is light out .....on their dying day.