Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
And in the End was the Word, Amy's Word

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Friday, July 15, 2016

The Fire Ant's Revenge

This Fire Ant event so inspired me.

"I try to HELP you and you kill me!!"  I curse you, Mr. Chemical Man!

We, here on the planet Earth are all interdependent.  Have you ever heard of Bee stings as treatment for maybe arthritis, I forget.  The little buddies you deem as undesirable might in actuality be trying to help you.  It is all about exchange of electrons, not who is good for man and who is not.  Man cannot play God to selectively choose what he believes is right for him.  This is especially true if you are not understanding of chemistry.

Man/Woman Against Machine

Did you know that cars can drive themselves these days? Did you watch the movie "Westworld?"  I would bet that fifty years after Westworld a real look alike human would be made.  Just feel the soft reality of fake leather.  Did you know that there are phony sound effect machines?

In 2013 when hospitalized at Soldiers and Sailors I looked out the window and watched a truck with gates on the back of it and thought to myself, this could be a fake reality.  It just comes across too perfect.  Periodic sirens, yeah right.

No human would feel safe around a Nuclear Reactor being, so an entire phony fakality reality would easily be made with Artificial Intelligence.

'Tis a very real possibility.

My squirrels and the crows and other birds are real.  I have a new chipmunk, now there are two.  They are getting friendlier all the time.

What was that Theme in Literature.  Man/Woman against Machine?  I think I recall the word, automaton.  I am glad I am not an automaton.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Bat Party

I am Pope Frances with an E for the feminine form.

Some folks, who are evil, like to characterize themselves as animal lovers.  Animals can be ruthless so they liken themselves to animals.  They do this in the spirit of competition, Darwin Style.  May the strongest, sneakiest, liar win.

I don't believe that animals lie.  Humans lie.  Humans are not animals.  Animals and humans each interdependent but not the same.

I love all animals.  Just because an artist characterized Dracula with bats does not mean I associate bats with evil.  I don't fall for propaganda as I know how to think for myself.  This could be because I was given the radioactivity for all those years.  My brain can think with out mindless following of idiotic savage ideas.

So, this morning I laid out in the grass.  We did have some dew.  I let the mosquitoes feed on me and before long I had a bat party.  The little brown bats came over to give me company and advice.  Eat pumpkin seeds was the topic of conversation.

I did not have chlorine pool party and discuss a "sad part of a movie".  When I analyze movies I notice more than an emotion elicited, I look for meaning and messages.  Its because, as above, I am able to see and think.  Others can't because of mind control from their electronic devices and because nobody ever taught them to think.  Jesus knew this about people and characterized them as sheep.

I don't have a chlorine pool and mindless friends, I have the company of my spirit friends and my animal friends.  Looking out the window at my neighbors does not shape how I think about myself.  My identity cannot be manipulated so easily.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Where Have all the Ants Gone?

Mission Control we have a problem.

This is planet earth North American continent, United States of America, State of New York, Yates county.  I have been to the Keuka Lake State park several times this summer and I have noticed a lack of the insect population.  No grasshoppers and no ants have been spotted.  I recall plenty of ants running across the beach as a child at our cottage.  I did not see any of the miniature variety in my kitchen this spring.

I recall a book, Silent Spring by Rachel Carson which documented a similar problem with birds.  I have a few ants in my home, thank goodness, they have not been all exterminated.

Ants are fast moving black creatures who are helper bees with the radio active world we live in.  What is causing their demise?  Are they hiding under ground?  Is it the lack of rain and snow this past year?  What can we do to help these industrious creatures?

I think that a strong possibility causing the problem is the vibrations from cellular and smart phones.

We all recall the food chain from high school biology.  We are all integrated, all species.  If anyone has any suggestions let me know.  If you are seeing plenty of ants, let me know as well, reassure me.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Today's Curse to the Dude I Passed While Leaving the Park

I went to the park today to discharge ions.  I often have good and evil presented to me.  I saw a girl who was about 20, and she and her boyfriend smiled friendly like. They even said,  "How are you?"  She looked like I did at 20, she could be my child.  GOOD.

I drove out of the park and passed a dude in a big tuck with motorcycle sunglasses. EVIL.   Immediately my eyes felt an itch.  You know who you are.  Within three months you will die from a painful slow death.  After death you will get what you deserve.  INFINITE NOTHINGNESS for Eternity.

I warned that if I continued to receive aggression I would retaliate.  The Blessed Virgin Mary has given me the okay to dole out curses.

DIE SOLDIER BOY, DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Horror Movies and Dolls

The horror genre of film likes to use dolls for terrorism.  Factory dolls are nothing compared to the chill factor of a home made poppet.  I had demons come to me in my closed eye vision. When they did, I would paint their portrait.  Then I realized that I must make poppets of them as well, to bring them to a  new dimension.  They all have names.  Demons are not all bad, they are little terrorists to route out the bad guys.  Bad guys are not a relative term in my drama.  I don't believe in moral relativism unless it suits me to understand my Lords purpose.

This little gal I bought and gave more expression to.

He has something going on that happened when I took his pic- not planned!

Voldee or Bust!!

Big Bad Wolf is my little buddie!!

Canandaigua's Indian Burial StoneHenge- Chosen Spot

Canandaigua's Stonehenge.

I have a Lady bug bracelet of seven lady bugs.  The red enamel paint popped off one.  We took a nuke hit here.  The perp is behind the  leaves on the bench with her cell phone.  That is how some attacks come about, through the phone.

56 pick up ssticks/Styx (silver and gold ingots- TRUST me) 78 lay them straight.  Then right side up as we love the young braves who died and a interred here.  This is a Holy Indian burial ground and I come here to meditate often.  

Remember man....You are Dust

Last night my angels awake me and sent me outside to stargaze and stargaze I did.  Some stars are really satellites.  I have the ability to give the zing with my Medusa Eyes.   "ZING!"

Some enemy poppets were thrown into the fiery furnace.  That was to fulfill scripture.  Tares into the fiery furnace.  Diablo led them in, and suffered a torching, but he is a good sport.  He asked to posed with his head in the hot box bowl of cherries.

The blue bottle has poppet ashes, Remember are dust.

Thank-you Jesus for your guidance in this Resurrrection Day Project