Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Why I Don't Attend Mass

I was just watching Madame Bovary, a book I read last year when a telepathic message came.  Stop Movie go for a walk.....listen....

I recall in 2004 when I first was a recipient of telepathic messages, that the name Bovary came up.  I was a Madame Bovary, not happy with a boring husband.

While walking a certain P.R. Spoke to me.  "you need to write a blog as to why you do not attend Mass anymore."

I once attended daily, and have attended daily  Masses occasionally.  As a Madame Bovary type, some might say I was infatuated with Father Dillon.   That is only partially true.  I don't recall that the infatuation was romantic or sexual, it was more intellectual and cultural.  Father Dillon is a skilled theologian, had studied in Rome when Angelo Roncalli was Pope.  I might have been mind controlled to think of him, as part of MK Ultra.

Why I don't attend Mass.

1.  In the confessional Father Jack discounted my perceptions of my Sexual enslavement by family and instructed I put it out of my mind.   That is unconscionable advice to a multi-personality sex slave and encourages the sick situation to continue.  Take your medicine and let the Evil One be your Over-Lord is the message I got.

2.  I am cellular sensitive.  All those cell phones can be put onto a frequency and cause me have a mind-controlled out of control experience.  I almost yelled at a woman behind me, wanting to call her a liar.  I cannot risk being locked up.

3.  Cheesy shallow homilies with jokes and stories do not hold my interest.  After Father Dillon, I need a intellectual heavy weight to keep me from disappointment.

4.  The group of Mass attendees are all White and makes me believe that the community is not welcoming to people of different ethnicities.....I feel sad about that.

5.  In my poppet magic, I made myself the Antipope.  My poppets are powerful kismet.  Part of the Mass celebration has to do with allegiance to the pope,  (the little wafer into the cup).

Ralph Fiennes Poppet holds the Keys to the Kingdom and wears the Brandling Shepherds tartan.  I am the Anti pope.  My Poppet of saint Peter gave me the keys and I gave them to Ralph.  If you are familiar with Ralph's body of work you would agree it is an ARCHETYPICAL bonanza.

I continue to pray the Rosary daily.

I love God, I love Jesus as God and as my Bro.  I love the Virgin Mary.  I believe purity is a good thing.   Purity is not always easy to attain, but it is worth striving for.  I love God as Adonai and am interested in Judaism as well as Christianity.( as that is our origin).  I talk to and listen to my Saint Friends, canonized and uncanonized.  I have hardships but I do not blame God.  I see myself in my alterpersonalities as the Whore in Revelation.  I see myself in my real personality as a Madonna.  I identify with the matriarchs and patriarchs, as I am living an Epic tale..........  

Madonna and children.

I am archetype of Warrior Maiden as well. Gang Warfare.  You  might want to break into song....MARIA ..I just met a girl named Maria!!!!!

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