Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Monday, June 27, 2016

What to do if Someone Nukes you

Try not to panic.  Your tongue will feel funny (recall Einstien's mimicked famous iconic photo with his tongue out)  You might feel like doing it.  Your tongue is a nerve.  Electrons like nerves.  Exercise your tongue.  Round and round under your lips over your teeth.  Take a long hot bath before bed.  Count back from 300 while in the tub.  Your brain is neurologic too.  Use mint toothpaste,  mint is a bond breaker.  Sometimes your teeth will fill clean even though you have not brushed.....tis all about bonding..Put Eucalyptus on the soles of your feet.(Vic's vapo rub.)  You might have a top of the head head ache.  Wear a yamuckle or a headband.  I use metallic brick-a-brack.  I wear a turban.  Electrons like to move, but like a reactor they prefer a  slow cool down.  The covering slows them.
Eat cabbage and potatoes.  Tater tots will with sour cream....onions (Latkeee)
EAt Fish, even Octopus.  If you imagine the movements of an octopus you can visualize how their electron flow is, slow and gentle.  The meat has that electron memory.  Eat dairy and vinegar water solution.  Wine vinegar, 1 tsp glass of water and 1 tsp honey. Eat almonds and pumpkin seeds.

Go out at night and gaze at the stars.  You will set up a relationship with them.  Do the waterfall yoga position.

Gag yourself.  The reflex expels ions.   Do it about 3 or 4 times.  Not too much.

Keep lights in the house off unless needed.  Minimize amount of motors..fridge is okay.

Suck on beeswax candle nubbins.  (end piece)  Lick burnt matchsticks.  Don't watch tv, dvds are  okay.

Wear rings on your fingers and bracelets.  gold and silver, not too much gold.  Take off most at night.  Words and symbols have power to heal.  Look at the sun with eyelids closed or at the blue sky, you will see the jumping electrons.

Don't over eat..."Nibble nibble like a mouse."  Sniff and snort saline.  1/2 tsp iodized sea salt to a cup of water.  dissolve, sniff out of your hand.  You might feel tingling in your limbs, can be from rapid release, no worry.

Don't ignor the call of nature.  Pay attention to when you hear bowel sounds or fart....means that the charge is shifting. (good).
Bicycle on a bike and also in bed, towards the window.  Belly dance. Neena and Veena have a great dvd.  Don't shave armpits, legs or groin.  Hair is necessary for healthy flow out of charges.

This is silly, sleep with a head of  cabbage against your yoni, women, I don't know about the guys.  The cabbage draws out the charges.

Wear lace, don't wear red.  Magic teal is a good color.  Silk is best to wear, or cotton.  Browns and greys are good colors.  Flower patterns will attract more rads so avoid flower patterns.

Drink vodka follow with a pickle.  Pickles are a must.  Put vinegar in your bath, a splash or two.  Sandle wood oil on your body and burn incense.  If you are really in a bad way hold some carved amber in your left (intake) hand.  Wear amber necklaces and rings.  Also, If you are in a crisis you need to do huffy puffy breaths into a pillow.  You won't need as much O 2 in a crisis and the breathing helps expel the charges.

I might think of more tips, but this is what comes to my mind.  Pray or meditate....20 minutes Rosary is really a good practice.  Remember, ALL THINGS WORK FOR THE GOOD FOR THOSE WHO LOVE GOD.

Women and girls--Wear skirts...better for the flow of charges.

If you are hospitalized for radiation psychosis insist on Lithium and Geodon.

If you happen to like me, you may be a target for my enemies...God and Goodness will triumph.  Fight the Good Fight with me!  You all will be in my prayers.  This advice is for chi/qi radiators.  If you are a chi sucker, an abusive person, this advice won't help you.   I am not familiar with how to help a chi sucker.

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