Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
And in the End was the Word, Amy's Word

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Saturday, June 18, 2016

What Color do you Say that I Am?

I am very vain about my Eye color.  I say it is green.  I get frustrated when people tell me that I have blue eyes.  I just don't see the blue, unless it is a teal blue.  I have hardly any eye lashes.  That could be because of the radiation level of my body.

Different light shows different shades, which vary as I can interpret, from Olive to teal.  I don't give people the Evil Eye, I give people the Olive eye, for peace.
Just a vain woman, passing the time on a her little cottage in the Village of Penn Yan, NY.

New Curtains:

I could not afford them.

I went to the park today.  Me and the wind have a groovy thing going on due to my radioactivity.  I stir up breezes.  I don't think that I make anybody sick.

There was a woman a M.R. who came to my house on or about the 25 th of May, when I was going through the radio activity attack.  She came to my door, I said "Leave me alone -I am going through a radiation thing.. I slammed the door in her face.  After she left my hands and wrists felt all furry.  She and I visited a monastery in the 1990's she was early in her pregnancy and had a child die from cardiac birth defects.  I believe, now that she blamed me for the death of her baby.  (I had not a clue as to my radioactivity then)  I think she was paid to "hit" me.  I survived, as you can see.  I wonder how her health faired?  The dead at the Rose Bedoe Cemetery told me about the connection to me and her baby.   I meditated on the Rosary there today.  I recall that that family was antisemitic.  My mother told me about their KKK alliance when I was a youth. Karmic Lesson.  Intention is a necessary part of a Karmic Equation.  I had no intention to hurt her baby, thus she(M.R.) had no power over my life.  I apologized to her husband for being rude at the door.  She is therefore in Karmic debt to me.  Triple.  I believe myself to be a Jew, and she espouses antisemitism, she made an intentional attack on my life and I apologized for rudeness.  Therefore, she is three times over in debt to me, her perceived enemy.  Then, there is the porn, as my ex husband's friend, have they been marketing porn of me?  Quadruple Karmic debt.

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