Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

This Is War

During War time it is noted that there are different factions.  One may win over a few enemies, but then there are other infantry divisions that won't yet be convinced that their cause is  feudal.  I had a great talk with telepathy with my older sister, a Fourth Reich leader  last night prior to falling asleep.  Today, though, when I dined out in Victor a group came in announcing "party of seven".  KKK code for grim reaper, trying to get a kill.  I was drowsy after the lunch.  I stopped at the lake, had a crotch cool off and a double espresso and recovered from the attack.  I am all about love and would like to teach people.  Here is a lesson.

Women wear heavy black eye liner all around their eyes.  This is a mistake.  It is to ward off the evil eye.  That is only true for chi radiators.  The Evil eye is the Eye of Desire.  The one giving out the evil eye wants to draw in your chi.  If you are a chi sucker, it really cannot hurt you as you are not shedding chi you are drawing it.  Black  absorbs so by wearing that ugly black liner you are reducing what chi you need to draw into your body through your retina, it stops with the liner.  You are  making your spirit more chi deprived.  Thus you are more grumpy and more wicked.  You  might think of stealing somebody's baby and think that it is a fine plan, which would make you a devil.  I have never stolen anybodies baby nor do I have that intention.  People have stolen my eggs.   Black eye liner comes across looking evil, to me.   My eye for beauty is chi directed.

Back to the Germans.  I had a gal pal in high school named Anne.   She and I bicycled and I fell off the bike and cut my elbow.  I believe that an implant was put in it later as I could feel a little stone and my parents made me have strange reconstructive surgery.  I think the whole bicycle accident was a scheme by mK Ultra.  That family is probably a Bad Ass enemy of mine.  I think I was had by the men in the German club as the Jew whore.  They must have major chi issues..................

In 2013 I left off some German stuff, a gnome and a pocket hankin from my childhood.  It was when I first started talking to RF via telepathy.  I drew a picture of us connected via wire.  They had me arrested because in the note I dared refer to them as Nazis.  I did not know that the correct term is Fourth Reich.  Nazi brings forth images of dead bodies.  No matter that people want me the Eleven millionth and one Holocaust victim.  FOURTH ReICH.  I like the number four, it is the number of wholeness according to Carl Jung.  It is a Marian Number.  I don't like the Fourth Reich as they are trying to kill me.  This family is into growing vineyard stock. They have been the vine, me the branches, all spread eagle with no clothes...hahahah not funny that business of porn.

Let's Pray for the ___be--g family.

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