Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tell Us What They Have Told You

I just went out and started mowing the lawn.  While yoga headstands are easy, mowing is a little more.  The sound waves are irritating.  While mowing, I thought about sharing the radioactive delusion I had while in the hospital.  I recall visiting France, but what came to me in a delusion is a little bit much.   I was in France with my family and we met with Adolf Hitler. He had a different mustache, long and waxed. Seems he did not die in the bunker.  He lived in Argentina but came to France to meet Lisa.  In my delusion, Lisa was Hitler's daughter by his niece.  My mother was telling me about it in the bathroom and the maid over heard and reported it.  Next thing, French Intelligence offed Hitler, later that night. { I just returned from mowing- My adoptive mother June wants me to clarify that she spoke out loud in English on purpose- she deserves credit}.

I was told that Adolf Hilter was a second cousin to my captor father Fred.
I was then seeing how it could be that my sister would have animosity towards me.  My mother told me once, "Your father was a very religious man."  She was not talking about Fred(he was a doubter), the captor father, she was referring to Angelo Roncalli.  Angelo Roncalli has a huge list of Jews that he saved from the concentration camps.  As sisters, we would be totally in opposition to each other.

Is the hand position an accident or coincidence?  Look at her expression.

Famous site where Hitler was photographed after invading France.

Soldier pose, tight lips....secrecy.

The Fourth Reich and the CIA would have an interest in Sisters of such dramatically different backgrounds

There is no need for slavery in the modern world, but with these parents a drama might be created for entertainment purposes. 

Who is your mother, Amy?  My mind has been informed by telepathy that my grandmother was the Anna of the Romanovs, which wiki says died in 1918, (July 17).  My mind says that this is false information, paid for by people who don't want me to get my true identity and wealth.  The information came out in 2007, after I knew about Roncalli.  Anna had a baby with Eduard Einstein which was adopted out to a Jewish family.  (Eduard suffered from radioactive psychosis)  My true mother went to the concentration camps and worked on extracting gold from dead Jew's teeth.  Gold is radioactive, so she got really radioactive too.  She worked with Angello and they had an affair while he was Pope.  She was working with him on the perceptions people have from their religious doctrines and prayers.  Pope John 23 changed the liturgy to make it less antisemitic. ( This was called, as many know Vatican II.) 

The "They" in my title refers to the mostly men who give me telepathic guidance.  

When I was in Lourdes in 2006 a very nice Italian family paid attention to me.  I am thinking that they were the cousins of Angelo from Lake Como area.  I visited there with Oscar and Melba friends from UK.  Einsteins were visitors to Lake Como.
Lake Como is Y shaped like Keuka Lake.

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