Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Friday, June 17, 2016

I Wait, Expecting Resolution

If people are curious and think, "this is just a kook, none of what she experiences could be real."  I want to report that the very first time I experienced "mental Illness"  July 16, 1987 that there was a man from Germany, a German named Hans Werner in my home the night before.  I distinctly recall him being there the night prior to my first manic episode.  I recall his beautiful green eyes.  Somebody, perhaps my husband or him left three little wooden cows in the pattern of a radio active symbol on my kitchen counter.  I believe that I was poisoned, or that an attempt was made on my life.

The day of the event, (July 16, 1987)  is the anniversary of the first test of the A-bomb.  I was sitting at the picnic table with  my sister Lisa on one side of my and my ex husband, Larry on the other.  I lifted my head and saw a flash in the sky through the maple leaves at about 2 pm.  The bomb exploded at 5:29 am New Mexico time, but in a radio active time warp I would imagine that a few hours over 42 years could be expected.  In the past I thought perhaps it was a divine light, but now I think perhaps it was time warp.  The first A bomb flash.

I believe myself to be the primary subject of MK Ultra or what originated as Project Bluebird/ Project Paperclip.  I don't think that my family is biologically related to me.  I do believe that I have been porned and prostituted in "alter" personalities.  I believe that much money has been made related to the porning and prostitution of me.

I am not angry.  I am a peaceful spirit.  I would like resolution to this issue.  I would like to know my true identity.  (I believe myself to be a Russian name Maria Katerina.  I believe that I was kidnapped shortly after my birth.)  I would like a share in the proceeds procured from my body in the other personalities.  I am waiting patiently for the United States Government to be forthright with me.  I wait.

I wrote to Raul Castro and explained to him that the USA stand on Human Rights is a sham, as evidenced by my situation.  I am willing to continue with an International Letter Writing Campaign if necessary.  I like to think that I influenced Raul in his recent decision re: commerce with the US.  The next letter will be to Hassan Rouhani and the issue of using nukes against unsuspecting government female sex slaves in multiple personalities in the great USA.

The beads and the emf headband, silk scarf...all tactics to deal with high  level qi.

Many people, people that I considered to be friends, were in fact paid informants.  I have rarely known true friendship.  My reality is not a picnic. I believe that it is only fair that I get my true fortune, my true identity and some true friends in  my life.

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