Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
And in the End was the Word, Amy's Word

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Monday, June 27, 2016

A New Kind of Road Rage..all Sneaky like...

Sometimes when I drove around and even now, I perceive that the traffic is "Jimmied".  That is there is sneaky secret road rage against me with nukey weapons.   Yesterday after seeing a great movie, Jones county, I passed three cars in the opposite lane.  I involuntarily screamed,  "Nuke me if you want, Bastards!!!"   I am fine today, but I am melting popcorn in my mouth.   When I look at the blue sky I see electrons jumping.  Are people still trying to GET RID of the road-kill porn star?  Neil Gaiman in his book, American Gods, with his character Bilquith explores how in America, a sex worker or porn star is considered spiritual road kill.

I am not ROAD Kill, regardless of what provincial, mentally challenged American men and women think.  I am a Immortal Goddess and I cannot be killed.  There is no secret formula or frequency of nucleotide that will eliminate me.  I guess I should start imagining what these troll characters look like in my Fairy tale God's Kingdom on Earth.  I am a gentle merciful creature, but I am being pushed to my limit.

I do know that when you shoot your frequencies as me it ricochets back at-cha!

My mother once said that I had night terrors.  That was in response to the hot  paperclip up my ass.

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