Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Cannibalism and Resurrection, Some Thoughts on Esoteric Knowledge

The secret knowledge of secret societies can be summed up as follows.  "Death is not as final as one would think."  If you note, Jesus's legs were not broken at the crucifixion.  He was able to resurrect,  because his left leg was not broken.  The left side absorbs qi or radiation.  That was why the soldiers broke peoples legs, to keep them from resurrecting.  It was common practice to hang bells with a string to the coffin, in case the dead awoke, they could call for help.  (That was here in the states in the 1800's).

Another secret of the secret societies has to do with cannibalism.  People eat dead humans to get their qi or strength.  I have been told by my spirit people that cannibalism is a lot more common than one would think.  It is sickening to me. (I have explored this topic regarding movies about the erudite Hannibal Lecter and the low class Texas Chainsaw Massacre characters).  . This information was told to me by my spirit helpers.  Sometimes people would eat a baby and the next morning the baby would re-manifest itself in the crib.  Babies are very qi powerful as they grow so fast. Bubble reality theories confirm this possibility.  If a human baby is destined to live, in its own bubble it will come back, regardless if its yesterday's form is is someones digestive tract.  

When in Italy, at Santuario Del Laverna, I was struck by the agony in St Francis's expression in a sculpting.  My spirit people told me that St. Francis, by instituting the Manger Scene Nativity inadvertently gave people the notion to eat the baby of the family.  St. Clare is depicted with a round belly, similar to what cannibals experience.  Perhaps when people eat people it causes a longing for more human flesh that is similar to a morphine addiction.  Perhaps that is why there is a morphine addiction in the population, now, as people suffer while longing to eat more people.  I have always thought that the Eucharist is a way that Jesus solved this problem, Hey, eat me, in bread and wine, then you won't be cannibals of your neighbor.  I read about "blood libel."  I believe that Christians have been eating their own and blaming Jews for centuries.  Jews don't eat blood, unlike some cultures, like the Swedes, who eat blood sausage.  The Germans have a long history, as evidenced by fairy tales, of people eating people.  This is also evidenced by the story of St Nicholas and the two boys in the pickle barrel.  My father Fred used to wear the Christmas Pickle.

I think that cannibalism is a sure way to lose your human soul.  When you looked at people one would think of eating them for lunch.  How sick is that?  I cannot fathom a worse condition for a human to be in.  So--you don't have to go through three tiers of a secret society to find out what is really going on in the world.  I told you right here.  Instead of eating people, pray and meditate.  Go to the lake and breath in the wind and walk in the water.  Appreciate the beauty of creation.

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