Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
And in the End was the Word, Amy's Word

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Lets Have a Reality Check

1. I am eating well.
2.  I am exercising after a long time away from my belly dance tape.
3..I am reading, I just finished "Nemesis"  Phillip Roth about Polio and a man's faith.
4..There is food in my refrigerator.
5.  My house is clean and organized. (recall-project shuffle..where in my possessions were all illogically mixed up by intruders)  This evidence of psychological terrorism.
6.  I express my fanciful ideas in my blog and in personal journals.
7.  I have faith in my God, the way I choose to is different, I know.
8. I am no threat to anyone unless they come into my bedroom at night while I sleep and try to wake me into a sex slave state.  (recall the unprescribed Librium I found in my bedroom-proof)
9.  I can count backwards by 7's from 100.

10  It is May 4, 2016  Obama is the President.Bush-Clinton-Bush Reagan

11.  I use a special form of psychotherapy to work out my problems..that is..with my dollies.

12.  I have not acted out, only written to old friends, returned some gifts.

13. Life is Good...I have not lost my faith.

14.  I am grateful that I have an acute awareness of what our reality is really about...Tis all spiritual.  Many people of faith believe that.

15.  I have maintained an amazing sense of humor through many hardships. (typical of a Jew)

16.  I have several friends that I am in close contact with.

17.  I pay my bills on time and have not run out of money.

18. I am kind to animals I feed the birds and squirrels and periodically volunteer at the park to pick up trash. I am a registered NYS park volunteer.

I am a Goddess you are a goddess, we are all gods and goddesses in our own domain.  I have a wide domain, as I am a former porn star--from the sex slavery..

My father Fred, told me, "Amy, your son in law does not like you."  I hoped we had worked things out..but  perhaps not entirely.  If anybody questions my right to freedom because I will fight off a rapist I will have you investigated regarding my house belongings messed up and  the mysterious narcotic..perhaps harassment charges will be filed.
People go into my computer and mess with  my art therapy work.  Please don't edit it errors into my writing as well.  It is a little delusional of some to think that I can be made to believe I am somehow a defective character,  at this point. (Paraphrase--I BELIEVE in Myself)

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