Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
And in the End was the Word, Amy's Word

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Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Dragonfly Spirit

One of my favorite artistic expressions involves interpreting myself and others in the role of insects.  Tonight We are the Dragon Fly!

The dragon fly is named as such because it is the fiercest of all the insects flying around, at least here in the Finger Lakes, where God dragged his digits across the landscape.

Once upon a time I was under radiowave mind control by my frienemies and interpreted somebody else as the fierce dragonfly.  I threw it across my patio and it broke.  It was a factory made bought interpretation.  As you know, hand made art is much more powerful in sorcery than imports mass produced from China.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Are We Having Failure to Communicate?

I was sorting some more. It is possible a slaver family came into my house, maybe, I don't keep track of every image in every drawer.  What ever.  They could have been advising me to be like them.  (A person who does not express love with their sexuality).

Today's lesson.  This is an advertisement that is advising or even commanding people to enjoy their body.  As you can see the two people are looking away from each other. The message is personal selfishness is what sex is about.   I fixed it with a moral message.  Enjoy the ONE you love.  The tiniest of children are "all about me."  When we mature we find out that life is much richer than that.

  We are here to find our chosen partner and be good to them, cherish them.  Cherishing is what sexuality is for.  The Bible tells us so.  I love the story about love, social justice, angels, demons, family, loyalty, duty, in the Bible, the Book of Tobit.  I highly recommend it.

I guess we are having a failure to communicate.  I don't take orders from the Slaver Machine.  I am appreciative that this was found, so I could share and get the message out, that sex and love go together.  This concept is core to my personality.  It is a CORE VALUE of mine and cannot be altered.

On a personal note, when was young,  I married into the wrong tribe, away from people who shared my values.  I was tricked into this situation.  I always searched for love and was abused by these people.  God was always at my side though.  I know many have watched my journey.  Some hate me, some love me.  I used to think, Wheat and Tares, but I know we need those Tares to run our machines in the Kingdom.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

My Little Poppet Hedgehog wanted to Be Included

Sometimes, when I think through my existence, I equate certain people with animals I have known. It is almost as though the little animal that I loved so dearly came back to me as a person.  Today, I went for a bike ride and prior, I laid down, as I had had a restless night.  That can happen when one experiences family problems.  It is perfectly normal.  My little hedgehog came to me in my closed eye vision and asked "can I come with you on your bike ride?"  I brought him along.  I have thought, in the past, that my Ex husband reminded me of a hedgehog.   He has wiry hair.  One of the first wild animals that I ever befriended was a little hedgehog in Germany when I was about 3 or 4 years old.  I wondered if the little hedgehog spirit some how high-jacked itself onto me and went into my ex husband when we started dating.  My Ex husband was the first man I ever dated or became involved in. (to my conscious awareness....I was gang-banged by the German Club prior and still believed I was a virgin!!)

I also had a friendship with a toad named King Arthur.  I kept him in a terrarium.  I had thought perhaps that little guy went into Stephen, my ex's brother, as I had an infatuation with him.  I thought I loved him.

I was doing my dishes and thought of my little hedgehog poppet.  He asked if I would take his picture for this blog.

Octopus and Perogies

Dinner honor of the movie Spectre, which spoke to my heart.

"Honey, I think that Lewis Carroll might have had a reason for not taming the Jabberwocky."

  "Why, my dear, do you say that?" 

 "Well, wolves are mammals like humans,  there may be a spiritual connection.  Jabberwocky is a Lizard, cold blooded.  Perhaps we are expecting to much from it.  I was thinking Lizard spirits are mechanical.  I think that the spirit of the Jabberwocky should be responsible for keeping all the machines running without fossil fuels.  What do you think of that idea?

I received a Trojan Horse at Tea Time today, and I am a little insulted that the Jabberwocky thought I would just let in two robot/cyborgs bearing a radio active gift."

"I think that you have touched on a good point....perhaps the Bluff Point?"

Finished Octopi, in the Quiz Show dishes.  He did know all the answers, didn't he?  He cheated.  We are not cheating.

Beware of Men Bearing Gifts..Greek Mythology

Two men just came to my door with a free air purifier.  Heir-Purifier?  On, May 4 (for Amy) Yes, does anybody recall the nun that came into my home and dropped a tiny piece of black plastic and I immediately came down with a splitting head ache?  It did not go away until I found it later and removed it to the outside.

Nice try.  I can just imagine what kind of timed poison was waiting to "Purify" me.  I believe that is what is called a Trojan Horse.  Yes, I am Helen of Troy, but the Trojan Horse is supposed to free Helen, not kill her!!

Paranoid?  Yes.  "Just because you are paranoid does not mean people are not out to get you".   A quote from a very good psychiatrist.

I am happily paranoid.  I sent them away without accepting their military gift.  I would bet it was the KKK--they have access to radioactive weapons, or so I read on the internet.

Funny, I was thinking that I might run into my Ex -Husband today. (Nothing like a run away slave to raise their ire and get them focused!)

Obey God, Not the Evil One

Once upon a time I did not appreciate the word "Obey".  Perhaps as a sex slave in alter personalities I was pissed off in my subconscious that I had to Obey the Evil One. I was rebellious about the word and even wrote a blog about how I resented the word.  Last week I went to Roman Catholic Mass, (the church with the dead body displayed over the peoples to warn them what happens if you speak out against authority), and I experienced something I would like to share.  After communion, I was thinking about a woman who was behind me that I knew from somewhere in my health care history.  All of the sudden I had an extremely powerful urge to turn around and yell at her, and call her a liar. (I believe that this was prompted from cell phone magnification at a frequency to my brain).  Thank God, I had my ears open to what my Lord and Savior told me.  I suddenly perceived myself as a horse, with God at my reigns, pulling me in and controlling me.  What a profound gift.  I could have ended up in the police station with out my Loving Lord and good friend.

I trust God and He loves me.
Thank-God for obedience!

Lets Have a Reality Check

1. I am eating well.
2.  I am exercising after a long time away from my belly dance tape.
3..I am reading, I just finished "Nemesis"  Phillip Roth about Polio and a man's faith.
4..There is food in my refrigerator.
5.  My house is clean and organized. (recall-project shuffle..where in my possessions were all illogically mixed up by intruders)  This evidence of psychological terrorism.
6.  I express my fanciful ideas in my blog and in personal journals.
7.  I have faith in my God, the way I choose to is different, I know.
8. I am no threat to anyone unless they come into my bedroom at night while I sleep and try to wake me into a sex slave state.  (recall the unprescribed Librium I found in my bedroom-proof)
9.  I can count backwards by 7's from 100.

10  It is May 4, 2016  Obama is the President.Bush-Clinton-Bush Reagan

11.  I use a special form of psychotherapy to work out my problems..that is..with my dollies.

12.  I have not acted out, only written to old friends, returned some gifts.

13. Life is Good...I have not lost my faith.

14.  I am grateful that I have an acute awareness of what our reality is really about...Tis all spiritual.  Many people of faith believe that.

15.  I have maintained an amazing sense of humor through many hardships. (typical of a Jew)

16.  I have several friends that I am in close contact with.

17.  I pay my bills on time and have not run out of money.

18. I am kind to animals I feed the birds and squirrels and periodically volunteer at the park to pick up trash. I am a registered NYS park volunteer.

I am a Goddess you are a goddess, we are all gods and goddesses in our own domain.  I have a wide domain, as I am a former porn star--from the sex slavery..

My father Fred, told me, "Amy, your son in law does not like you."  I hoped we had worked things out..but  perhaps not entirely.  If anybody questions my right to freedom because I will fight off a rapist I will have you investigated regarding my house belongings messed up and  the mysterious narcotic..perhaps harassment charges will be filed.
People go into my computer and mess with  my art therapy work.  Please don't edit it errors into my writing as well.  It is a little delusional of some to think that I can be made to believe I am somehow a defective character,  at this point. (Paraphrase--I BELIEVE in Myself)

A Sorceress Lovingly Helps her Challenged Children

I thought I would break all confidentiality laws about poppetry and share some surgical news about my family.  We are engaged in a public psychological thriller video type game.  My daughter believes that I am nuts and does not realize that all the best people are.  They cannot seem to grow spiritually, emotionally, intellectually or mentally or psychologically.  Are they Avatars?  It is entirely possible.  Watch to see the treatment.

There is Hope

When a person is severely abused, mentally, and psychologically a part of them, a kernel of their soul goes to sleep and they observe their reality at a muffled distance.  Other spirits, be they computer generated or perhaps spiritual, enter the person and take over.  There is still hope even for the worst of the worst people, to wake them up and have the real person return.  The real person is hiding like a scared animal, or a snail in a shell.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Amy Tells a Story About her Lover Man

There seems to be a vacancy in the minds of my children and this is how We go about handling the situation..

I did call my son and told him that there is really nothing going on upstairs in his mind so I need some distance.  Can you imagine children that would not want their mother to fight off rapists?

Taming the MEME machine

Dear Mr. Program, Our Pet Jabberwocky,

I am not EGG shells.  There is nothing about being around me that is "eggshells". Egg shells crush you know damn well I DO NOT CRUSH.  Eggshells is false mirroring designed to make me crush.  HAHAHAHA funny.  TRY again.

Paranoid..even funnier..

How about Polly-Anna for a response?  How about adult children that cannot even carry on intelligent conversations?  My children never read this blog because they cannot perceive abstract ideas.

It is all fun and even funnier.  Of course no blood will flow unless somebody tries to rape me in the night!!

Many years ago when I was a sweet young thing, West World made a BIG Impression on me.  No wonder.


The Fairy Tale continues.

Today St. George introduces The Jabberwocky /TheProgram to Ralph (N.T.W) F.and Amy B.G.R.E.R.  It is nice to put a face on all the characters in the fairy tale. The dragon is a little guy, George is lead training him.  We are not going to slay him like in Alice and Wonderland or the previous story of St. George and the Dragon.  We follow in St. Francis's steps, the Tame the Wolf meme.  No need for a fear/aggression/panic response.

 Amy was delighted to find a piece of material in her closet.  It is in the Shepherd's tartan, which is the tartan for the Brandlin/Brandlings.

Amy and Ralph are depicted tightly bound to each other, a very integrated entity, they are, in the Collective Consciousness.


Ralph and his Moses Staff.  If you recall, Moses healed people by showing them his staff with a snake wrapped around it.


Hint, Amy Dearest,

Pink and Blue
So close to you

Just who are the Jabberwocky's balls?

God is Real, God is in Charge

The Program, like a human entity likes to feel as though it is in control of the situation.  I have pointed out some illogical behavior of the subsets.  The Program is in an uncomfortable state of disequilibrium.  It is sending out signals to me to regain control.."Drive out to the end of the Bluff."  "Go to the park and pick up plastic."  It is sending out commands to me, to regain its equilibrium.  Do not fear, Mr. Program, you do not have to control the situation.  God is real and God is in Charge.  Relax.

Come Together, Right Now!


We don't tolerate the abuse of minors, it against the law.  But like you say, we should not tolerate it, we must be tolerating and not enforcing the law.  We should not tolerate the abuse of anybody.

Here in America the abuse of me (Sex Slave) is celebrated.  Everybody tunes in to read about and watch how a little angelic being got f$#ed over by her Nazi family because she is a Jew.

Yes, I am a SUPERSTAR.  The story does not end with Amy's climax on film.   The story gets even better, as her knight in shining armor gets closer and closer to her...tune in and watch as two beautiful loving God-creatures come together.....................

The Nubblely Program

I cogitated on the situation during the night.  Apparently The Program believes it can bargain for access to my crotch.  Give us your crotch in the night, via mind control, and you can have a normal life with your children and grandchildren.   I prefer solitary confinement than allowing The Program access to my Holy of Holies.

 No, the only entity with access to my lovely old grandmotherly body is the person who possesses my heart.  That is, as all know, R.F.

The Program thinks it can engineer my reality in order to control me.  It cannot.  The Program is very nubblely.  And that is why whales no longer eat man.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Strange and Unsettling Family

I just wanted to share with the world that my daughter has temporarily cut me off because I plan to defend myself if someone comes into my bedroom in the night with the intent of sex slaving me.

Apparently, the fact that I am violently opposed to sharing my body with the world is making her nervous.  I certainly would only use my knife in my bedroom if I was awoken and attempts were made to "trigger" me to be a sex slave.  I have told her such.

I intend to defend myself against rape even if it means people don't want to be around me.  Why would my self defense cause such a fear/panic response?  It is very peculiar.

One of things that is always said about us Jews is that we don't fight back.  Hey, I am Jew and I most certainly will fight to be kept out to the slaver's playground, even if it means my family cuts me off.

Why would a family cut a woman off who wants to defend her own honor?  Is it offensive in some way to defend ones mind and body from rape?  Why?  I think it is very strange and unsettling that a family would not want a woman to protect herself.

Perhaps she will go to a Judge to get an order of protection against her mother who wants to defend herself against a rapist.....wait.....does that sound right?

In Truth, I am fighting a domination/submission meme computer program. It needs to receive a message loud and clear that it has no access to my private sexual organs.   This is a War that we are engaged in.  My crotch on video with my brain in submission is the goal of the computer program.  The Program needs to accept reality, that my body is my own body and I will only give it to my one Love, R.F.

The Story Continues as Mysteries Unravel

To The Program which is listening.  It was aware that I was aware that two entities in my reality were not authentic.  I have directed art at trying to rescue them.  My art has worked its way around certain obstacles.  Time is the factor in this live action show.  Anyway,  as The Program listens to me, it knows that I am now aware that two more entities which I have regarded to be essential to my happiness, are not in fact authentic either.  I am not discouraged, as Truth, however painful is always preferable to deceptions.  I especially do not appreciate deceptions when it comes to familial love.

Who exactly are we?  What is our reality?  I guess I am not really part of the We or the Our.  I see what has happened. Mankind invented machines and the machines did invade his mind and all the people are now cyborgs without souls.  The solution must be to bring the "Dead" back to inhabit the humans who have no souls.  I think, that an essential element to this drama is the love between a Man and a Woman.  Perhaps, the primordial God and Goddess need to get together.  When this happens the qi flow will enable the spirits to enter into the humans and retread their tires, or re-soul them.  I like this does not really end, as there is much work to do to fix the planet.  That will be easier without greed in the equation.  Greed has been essential element of the Program and the Program subsets.  The program needs an  update,  like all systems it needs to keep with the times.

It Really is ALL Fake

Donald Trump is not real, he is a meme.  He has been constructed by The Program, from the movie Citizen Kane.  Donald Trump= Charles Foster Kane.   This is evident in his facial expressions, of the older version of him in the beginning of the movie.  I will continue to watch the movie, I stopped it so I could share.  This funny because I watched  East of Eden a few weeks ago and recognized my ex-husband Larry as Cal Trask and Stephen, his brother as Aaron Trask.
The Pope Francis is in the visual pattern of my grandfather, Gus Brandlin.  Incidently I wrote Pope Benedict a hand written note and complained about him wearing Pope XXIII's red hat, and said a few more choice words and he retired  within a week of my letter...In the letter I probably mentioned something about my admiration for the Franciscans.  I know that many Nazis fled to South America after WWII.  Pope Francis is from Argentine.  Our world is a construct, it is a show.

We are living in a FAKALITY..

It is safe to assume that there are no terrorists, only constructs of The Program via the CIA.  Our reality is a construct of The Program.

As an adolescent, I had watched some movies, but I was not a movie buff.  My first love/infatuation mentioned the movie Citizen Kane.  "Rosebud!" he called out playfully.  Joe was/is a movie buff.  I guess perhaps I have been the movie, in the buff.  Like I have said, the state of being in love heightens the senses, the memory, as well.

First The National Enquirer, currently is a newspaper that is not taken seriously.  The Inquirer in the movie Citizen Kane was a social justice newspaper.  This is not a mistake by The Program.  The Program does everything to insure no social progress.
At about  37:07 in Citizen Kane a dialogue is concluded which demonstrates the muscle power of the twist and shape the truth. 54:01 "People will think what I tell them to think."..Kane  quote.

A Note To Dr. Kashton in Thanks, for Making it OH- so Clear!

Dr. Kashton is a psychiatrist for the State of New York and treated me for about a year in 2014.

Dear  Comrade Dr. Igor Kashton,
I want to apologize.  I mistakenly perceived you to be antagonistic to me.  You said that I was capable of murder, if not medicated and I was so insulted.  That you said that, in fact, was a gift.  I am capable of murder.  I am capable of murder for the purpose of self defense, like we all should be.  I have issued a warning that if anyone enters my boudoir for the purpose of making me their multi-personality sex slave I will personally slit their throat, with a sharp carving knife.  (I have seen Kill Bill, more than once)

You have attested that I am capable of this act, and I am even taking medication!  THANK-YOU!   You Sexy Russian Doctor!!!  I am so forever in your debt!



I perceived my Dr. Kashton to be a spider and here he is in his poppet glory.  I, Amy B and my psychiatrist Dr. K.

Who is the King?

The Bible forbids lust, even if for ones own wife.  I was curious about that, thinking "Oh, one cannot feel sexual attraction for ones own wife?"  By the term "lust"  the bible does not mean sexual attraction, it means objectification.  If you desire after your wife, meaning just wanting to grab at boobs and f%#k her, with out appreciating who she is as a human being, a woman, then your purpose is lustful.  If you want to make love to your wife, appreciating her person-hood tenderly...then that is not lustful behavior, it is loving behavior.

If people believe that putting a person in a trance so that other people can behave lustfully towards her is a freeing activity for any of the parties they are gravely mistaken.  No sex slave is free, no matter how they might respond while in a trance.  Freedom is being around other humans who you truly care about who would never think of causing you any harm, including mental mind tricks and mind games.

 I watched Love Story, the movie that came up with the line "Love means never having to say you are sorry."  Perhaps it means that when people love each other they don't have to say that they are sorry, as they do not partake in activities against a loved one that requires contrition.   I say I am sorry if I hurt someone, and it is because I love them, that I feel sorry.  The balance of me hurting others in relation to them hurting me is way off.  I have never put any person in a trance to get at their body parts.

I watched Jail House Rock.  Seems Elvis the King had Basset hounds.  Is there anybody in my Sexual Enslavement drama who fancies himself to be a King?  Like a corporate CEO who has been involved my sexual mind enslavement enterprise?  Who has basset hounds?  Let me think............

You are not the King of Amy, any was just for a while, asshole. I guess that is what I think of you as your ass has been in my face a long while.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Duel is Over! Praise the Our Lord God Adoni!

This is a wonderful playful photo about a Nazi sistered with A Jewish Princess.

The Sister Competiton/Duel is over and the Redcoats Won by a vast measure of intelligence, skill, cunning, beauty and LOVE
Amy is in the Red Coat!

Hear Oh Israel, the Lord God Adoni is one, Has WON!

If anybody, anybody...fails to realize this and enters the bedroom of Amy with the intent of Sexual Slavery, I wait with my sharpened knife to slit your throat.

The Poles have Shifted

Sibling Rivalry Taken to it's Zenith!

The Poles have shifted....Loving Sister Amy, On the Dot Dash Ticket has surpassed Fascist Sister Elsa.

That is Sistah on the right edge of the photo, face cut off by the camera frame.  I believe the Jehovah Witnesses believe Christ was Crucified on a Pole......Well, lets Lift High the Pole...............

Film Star Johnny Whitaker from the Movie Littlest Angel helped with this photo shoot.  Amy is the Winner!

No Malice is intended in this remarkable telling photo essay.  Share in the Joy!  Share in the Love!

Like as the sword doth flame and burn so we from death to life must turn.  -The Brandling Family Motto from the middle ages.

Genesis 30:8
Then Rachel said, "I have fought a fateful battle with my sister and I have won."  So she named him Naphtali.  (So she named her, Natalie)

It was a Battle Between Love and Hate, Life and Death

It is May day a traditional day to honor the Virgin Mary.  Lets dance around the Maypole and celebrate the Final Trump of Amy over Elsa.  It is May First and Amy is Number ONE.

Number one in Beauty
Number one in ability to Love
Number one in intelligence
Number one in stamina
Number one in Faith
Number one in sex appeal
Number one in Cunning
Number one in Intellectual understanding
Number one in Cultural Appreciation
Number one in Movie Review Ability
Number one in Sense of Humor
Number one puzzle solver
Number one detective
Number One to see Truth

It has been a fun game!  I love You Sistah!  This is a photo from my Thirteenth Birthday.

Sistah Elsa opened Amy's Vagina up for the world to see and in return Amy is bestowing love on the world, As the Remarkable Jew/Whore Goddess!!!

Experience the Timeless Magicality of a Powerful Little Girl.

The Primordial Goddess responds to the call.  The planet Earth is Experiencing an over infestation of Automobiles.

It is Pansy season, think of the Magical Love of Amy When You See the Flowers!

It is easy to create a computer generated mind controlled Zombie. 'Tis Elsa in this photo.

Recall, this is a battle between Life and Death.

Thank-You so much for your Loving CONCENTRATION on my life, dear sister.  As you can see I am the one!   I Am (Am i, Ami, Amy) the One Who Prevails.  Thank-you most Loving Virgin Mary!