Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Meaning of Jewelry

Miss Amy Maria is wearing two rings today.  One ring is on her left hand middle finger.  If you know anything about palmistry you would know that the middle finger represents knowledge.  Many characters in movies wore rings on their left hand middle fingers in the eighties.  It was code for "married to the Devil".  I was told by a girlfriend in high school that rings on the left hand middle finger meant just that.

I wear a ring on my Left hand (knowledge- supposedly of evil)  I am not wedded to the devil.  My ring is one I bought from the James Avery collection which specializes in religious jewelry.  My ring as you can see, has scrolls which represent scripture and four gold dots which represent the gospels.  I protect my left hand middle finger with knowledge of God.

My left hand ring finger sports a onyx which I was guided to purchase at Christmas time of 2013.  Onyx is protection as well.  My Angel guide/lover picked it out.  It was all of twenty dollars.  Sometimes I wear a synthetic black opal on that finger which is also from him.  We love each other.  I wait.

You might take note that I do not wear nail varnish and my nails are cut short.  I try to minimize defining myself with products, especially with plastic and chemicals.  I do like to signal my beliefs and my unavailability with religious jewelry which is an age old tradition.

I decided to sort my jewelry box and I came across a few more rings.  Let me explain.  In about 1998, when I was working regularly in Wayne county, I took some silver spoons and I had spoon rings made for all the women in my family, my sisters, mother and daughter.  The spoon rings were made from some demitasse silver my mother had given me.  The motif is a art Nouveau rose.  The rose, which I did not know meant women's sex parts and in silver, of course, which means betrayal.  I spread the roses to all the other women in my family.

I should make one for Maria, as I have more spoons.  The only disadvantage of the ring is that one tends to sweat under the wide metal.

The other ring which has meaning to me is the little gold pinky finger ring which was my captor father's mother's ring.  When I was about eight she tried to tell me something when we were alone.  I recall that she stood on the staircase.  Her words sounded garbled to me and try as I might I could not understand her.  I know now, that she was trying to tell me that I was a captive Jew in a German household.  The angels garbled her words as they knew I was not ready for the truth.  This was in about 1969, so no radio wave mind control would have been possible.  I thank Elsie for attempting to relay truth to me.  She was labeled as crazy, due to sorrow when she lost her beloved child many years prior to this episode.

I always appreciate truth, even if the motives behind sharing it are not always in my best interest.

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