Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Safety Seal Trick- Mind control Meme

Define trick...a special act that deceives...something a prostitute turns.
Safety seals on the United States products are a trick.  This is a meme designed to fit with the program that goes as follows:  "the government rules protect me.  I am protected from psychos that would poison the product by the Loving Caring Government."  reasoning as follows...the government protects me it would not hurt me.  [LIE]   The government wants most of all....a thriving or seeming to thrive economy.  The government will do ANYTHING to protect the economy.  That includes implanting devices into your brain without your knowledge, radioing devices in order to facilitate the "MINDLESS CONSUMER" MEME (pattern)  The government would turn you into a radio powered machine to keep the economy stable.  The might say, "we are in a recession"  while all the fat cats are filling their bank accounts.

You, probably, have been turned into a mindless consumer, robbed of your humanity to keep the elitist 1 percent rich.  Robbed of your ability to think for order for that some rich person can go on their yacht.  All the while we sing about how free we are.  We  (YOU) are not free, you are a programmed cyborg....or, actually you were that...up until a few hours ago.  A few hours ago the program was ripped from you mind and you now have the mental capacity of a seven year old.  You can rebuild yourself and regain your spirit if you BELIEVE in angels and ANGELO.

I thought that today I would treat myself to a typical American lunch and celebrate America.  I bought beef bologna, (we know the other meaning of balonni), Typical American Mustard, "Frenches"  and "Finlandia" American cheese....Iceberg lettuce(where are the icebergs in America?  Alaska, I suppose)  .I forgot the chips....typical american mustard...frenches and finlandia american cheese.  Sales is persuasion, persuasion by any means....including falsehoods, lies and deception.  Capitalism does not stand for truth it stands for trickery, trickery to the point of secret mind implants.  Please research chips in the mind and you find that this mind control technology is nothing new and you are the victim, so long as you believe the mind control mantra.."LAND OF THE FREE AND THE BRAVE!!!"  Land of the captive and stupid.  Land of the captive and scared.

All it takes is a needle in your arm, as in routine blood work and the micro nanoscience is in your body/brain and you no longer think for yourself.  As eviddenced by the movie COMA the medical community is easily corrupted.  Art mirrors reality reality mirrors art.

The 6 month old child gets a lead test---the metal?  yes of course  but also the child is following the lead.  The leader.  The capitalist leader by having chips implanted in its brain.  Next the child is exposed to mechanical music instead of human singing.  The child learns to respond to the mechanical commands in advertising and entertainment, including memes which define the child's sexual and personal identity.  This is not a definition of freedom by any means.  LEAD test.  Yeah..I get it.

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