Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Pay Attention to Your Daily Activities and Look for Memes or Patterns

If you could not spell intelligent with out a few tries on the computer, would you start to believe that perhaps you were not intelligent?  I have been spelling intelligent for many years, but I would always forget when on the computer.  I have been a victim of mind control.  I have been instilled with a command that I forget how to spell intelligent in the hopes that I would believe that if I have to take several attempts at spelling it, I must not be intelligent.  I encourage you to examine your own realities and see if you have any other similar patterns.  To correct this prompt I am practicing writing intelligent over and over and over.  Another word is existence.  I always spell "existance."  Did the program think if I failed to spell it right that I might cease to exist?  I believe that a machine might have such stupid logic.

I experience radiowave/mind control Heart Burn.  It must be called "Project Burn Her Heart."  The program believes that it can cause me the psychological state of heart ache by giving me the physical complaint of heart burn.  Excess stomach secretions are a result of a frequency stimulation.  My heartburn feels real, but it is the program's attempt at manipulating my mind which has failed.  I know that I am loved and I feel no heart ache.  I do feel sadness at the men who played the game to try to break my heart and are now not in the state of grace.

I sometimes satisfy myself sexually, with no shame, although it is against Catholic rules.  If anyone reads the passage against Onanism, it is clear that the man was struck down by lightening for mistreating his woman.  (Last I read, a few words prior to the event he was cruel to a woman)  anyway in the past year I noticed that when I started this relaxation-love-myself activity I would pass gas.  This is another instance of neurological brain programming that I have been a victim of.  Like I said, I have incorporated The Program and since it is a subset, I or should I say we have the power to dismantle it.  I gave the command to cease the fart.  I realize that the meme is "with farts comes shame".  I don't shame easily, and certainly not about farts unless I have ingested seafood with the exception of squid.  (Ultra-stinky).  The Program was trying to shame a woman out of taking care of her own needs.  I would suppose that The Program thought I might go out and pick up a man who I did not know or care about to satisfy my sexual needs if I associated shame with taking care of myself.  I have no such intent.  Besides, he would most certainly be an avatar with the intent to abuse me.

I am reading Portnoy's Complaint.  Thanks Phillip Roth, a Jew for assisting with normalizing masturbation.

 I wait for my Prince, and you all know who that is.

The true purpose of this blog entry is to help you to examine your own existence for instances of strange parallels or patterns which would be from a computer program.  I want you to pay attention to your buying habits ...compulsions to shop at house sales, second hand shops, compulsion to buy products just 'cuz you have a coupon.  Look into your personalities and lives and BE AWARE!

This is a cute conclusion.  I am intelligent and I know I exist because if feels so good when I ....

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