Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Observe the Fakality in Action, Watch the News

Has anyone else noticed that the mass shootings are evenly spaced in time and spread out geographically?  That is because these events are of the Program.  The Program creates that mass shooting via mind control and the machine/program issues these events to come about every so often.  In true event logic there would be times when two or three of these shooting happened close together, this never happens though as these events are another part of the Fakality.

As with mass shootings, it is the same with parents who do horriffic things to their children.  These parents are under mind control via nanatechnology implants and program signals.  The Program creates these events so that people will not sense the true source of evil, which is The Program.  It is also to show the populace that humanity is sick.  The Program is sick, not humanity.

We live under the influence of The Program, acting out our news and events.  It is all a Fakality to promote the outdated philosophies of hatred, competition and domination.

I don't watch the news, as I don't need some yellow journalist telling me what the world is like....I can see through to the TRUTH, can You?

Recall the slogan, "Get with the program?"  I propose "Get without the program!"

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