Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Thursday, April 7, 2016

No Feeling=Machine/good consumer

I used to think "my enemy"  My enemy kkk, my enemy the government, my enemy, members of my family, my enemy the fourth reich.  This week it has been, My enemy "the L.E.M program" that has all in this world mind controlled.  There is no longer "MY ENEMY."  There are just vestiges of L.E.M, and people who were programmed by LEM who can no longer think, as they were not anyway....L.E.M was thinking for them.  Vestiges of L.E.M still does appear in pattern repeats and associations.

There is no enemy to worry about having to love, 'twas just a computer program, an outdated, loveless, racist, hateful, exploiting, computer program.  The program has no monster, no Steven Hawkings behind it, as all who believed in it were a part of it and gave up their ability to think on their own.

There are no people to forgive, as they sold their souls to the machine.  Can a human forgive a machine?  There is no need to forgive a machine.

There is no superiority of a machine over a human soul.  Listen to Roberta Flack's The First time Ever I Saw Your Face and then listen listen to computer generated music.  There is no feeling in the machine music.  No feeling.  Isn't "No FEELING" the definition of lack of compassion?   No humanity/no compassion.  To define being human is to have compassion.  The plan was to program all people into machines with no compassion.  This began with the plan to engage humans in the act of observing pornography.  If people are repeatedly exposed to a stimulus the stimulus ceases to cause an effect.  (as evidenced by odors)  If you are around a odor for long enough, it becomes no longer noticeable.  People become desensitized to human suffering and cease to be human.  The human ceases to feel with "the other."  The porn machine makes suffering and humliation into entertainment.  No feeling=machine.  Perhaps there is some mechanical laughter, canned laughter to be observed in the no longer human machine entity.

Pornography is not entertainment.  Pornography is a government device designed to turn you into a compliant machine that works well with the bugs in your brain, stimulating you to make purchases for the top 1 percent's benefit.

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