Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Monday, April 25, 2016

I Cogitated About Yesterday's Mass

Since I have declared myself the Antipope I feel free to criticize the priest who I listened to and also the rewrite of one of the readings, perhaps it was the gospel.  The gospel read, "every thing was better once Judas was gone."  That is a veiled reference to getting rid of the Jews, as even my son joked with me, that the Jews crucified Christ.  If I recall, a kinder way to describe the demise of Judas, is to say that his remorse was such that he killed himself.  I recall in the past "the leaders of the city" were responsible, in our readings.  We Christians fail to realize that Jesus brought Judaism to the masses, opened the doors to choseness.  Antisemitic Christians want to steal the faith from its origin, and then murder the gift giver.  My point is mute as I am arguing with a computer program which is programmed to hate.  Interesting to note, if you are a person who looks for codes in mind control memes, Judas/ das Jew?  get it?  Das = the in German.

Next, Father Jack explained about education that memorization is the core of learning.  I have to explain that their are different types of learning.  Rote memorization is a lower form of learning.  Facts memorized is necessary as a building block, true, but real learning is about synthesizing ideas. Nobody ever created a Master's thesis from rote learning.  The important education is what your mind comes up with when it knows the facts.  I think it is called the ability to think.  I learned about this at Hobart William Smith College when I took classes in Education.

Rote learning and the amplifying of its importance is very central to brain washing, cult indoctrination and fascism.  Quite to the contrary to Father Jack's declaration that all are individuals, people who are part of a rote learning machine are not prone to individualism.  They dare not speak ideas of love about a programmed enemy, like the Jews in relation to the Germans.

I love the prayers I rely on which I have incorporated through rote learning.  Being able to hear the real message behind the rewritten gospel mentioned above accusing Judas is not an ability I acquired through rote learning, though.

Pope John XXIII rewrote the Liturgy to be less antisemitic.  I would bet Pope Benedict and his German compatriots got write busy to change it back to being more hateful.  The Fourth Reich still has an agenda against the Jews.  I call it Jew Envy.

I want to thank a Lady I was acquainted with, Dorothy Liss.  She taught her family when they came home from Mass to think about and criticize what was taught in church.  I would actually be willing to bet money that in Dorothy's ancestry there was a conversion from Judaism to Roman Catholicism.  Someone might ask, "How does she know what Dorothy Liss said to her family. "  I was only at her home once, I believe, it must have been a Sunday.  I went sledding with her niece, Dawn..  I was in love with her son, Joseph.  Love heightens the senses.  I recall the way she spoke about the Sunday Mass with her children.

I would bet that there was a little competition between my mother the agnostic, and Dorothy the participant in religion, but with a critical eye.   My captor mother was proud that she abstained from the Christianity. AEB by the fact that when they moved to Clifton Springs, my mother told her neighbor Mary Griswold that she partook of none the the Christian churches.  My parents bragged that they would let their children decide about faith when they were adults.  (they would participate in no indoctrination--with the exception of hyper-sexualization of their children with Playboy magazines)---an aside.  Dorothy Liss was a writer, a journalist, reporter, for the Daily Messenger.  I am sure that my captor mother was green with envy.

I have another critique, at the Kiss of  Peace, the priest says, "Peace be with you", and we respond to him Peace be with your spirit."  The message is that the people in the pews do not have a spirit, only the priest does.  This is to magnify layers of order, or "giftedness"  Some have a spirit, some do not, the ones preaching  are more in authority as they have a spirit.   Sickening.

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