Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Friday, April 15, 2016

I am Insanely Sane.

One of the measures of sanity is how well you take care of yourself.  Is the subject bathing?  Is the patient eating?  Is the patient/subject grandiose and if so, is she a secret government project?  Is she keeping her faith away from the rest of her experience of reality, so that she is not clouded by the judgement of many who have gone before her?  I have been quite productive with organizing my home and just want to do a reality check as I am so amazingly tidy.  I have done some memory boards (Prayer cards) and some journal entries today as well as a few blog entries....Also, of course, is the questionably crazy person interacting with people appropriately?  I waved to a policeman on his beat, while on a walk in the beautiful April weather and I shared a lunch half hour with my son.  All went well.

I chose to cook Calamari tonight.  I like squid as it reminds me of the octopus in the opening filming of the movie Spectre.  My life is similar to Spectre as I have had the tentacles of various entities wrapped around my experience of my body and my reality.  I eat you, Squid, Octopus!

Tonight I fried some squid in some olive oil.  I does not have to be that deep in the pot.  They only say "deep fry" because they want to sell oil.

In the flour I put some Herbs De Provence. ( I long to visit France, again.)  I also threw in some salt.  I fried them for a few minutes.  With calamari it is either 3-4 minutes or over an hour, otherwise they are tough. I did the same with some brined artichokes, and I added some garlic to the oil to quick cook it.  I tossed this together with some cooked spinach, a few shakes of hot sauce and lemon.  Delicious!

As a beverage I added a few drops of Rose Water to some watered down cran-raspberry juice.

I used a table runner that I wove last summer at my boutique/gallery job to put the plate on.  It is the first time I used it as such.  FUN!


Is this amount of creativity divinely inspired or irrational, I don't know but my meal sure was great!

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