Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hooks into Mental Circuitry

I have spoken about my former boyfriend George E.  George EEE. of the proverbial jungle.  He is in the Jungle alright.
George is a Meme in my mind.  I saw George Washington's head in place of my own when I was eleven, in the mirror after a bath.  I was wrapped in towels, (my first vision).  I got my menarche on George Washington's birthday.  I lived on Washington street for eight years.

My friend George believes himself to be human and believes his thoughts to be his own.  They aren't.  He is a big consumer of porn, so the Program harnessed his frequency very easily.  Most of his interactions with me were a psychological challenge by the The Program which runs in a competitive mode constructed around Fourth Reich Neo-Nazi values and KKK input as well. (He was programmed to break me)I don't believe that the real true George espouses these values.  He is an Avatar for the program, with the goal to try to dominate me.  This is impossible.  I no longer love George romantically, especially now that I know what TRUTH is.  I do care for him, though, and I would like to disengage him from the program.  I would like to give him a new set of eyes and a chance to think for himself again.

A person who is a recipient of the program finds it nearly impossible to have self realization about the program's presence.

I will say, when my angel started talking to me in February 2013, they used his voice, as he was familiar to me.  I believe I with the help of  my spirit friends and my Angel can rescue George and mentally resuscitate him.  I made a poppet of him which was in the form of a Centaur, and I also made a rendition of George as St. George.

George is wearing a mental-unchastity belt that prevents him from understanding me and what our reality is really about.  The belt makes him a soulless program avatar, an un-human being.

The hooks(into his subconsciousness) that The Program uses on George involve the mangling of his "Jewels".

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