Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
And in the End was the Word, Amy's Word

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Saturday, April 30, 2016

For You Who Believe in the Dominance Submission meme Read this

Pattern Repeat
Amy Brandlin vs Stephen  Lewandowski...."we are done."  Amy dominates/ Stephen Submissive
Amy Brandlin vs E. Bergemann  "I am not your Beauty."  Amy dominates/ E. B. Submissive

Amy Brandlin vs Larry Galens, Amy ends marriage  Amy dominates /Larry Submission

Amy Brandlin vs Ned Nicolai   Letter to wife. Amy dominates/ ol' Nick summission

Amy Brandlin vs George E.  "Immoral values noted " Amy stops seeing him  Amy dominates/G. Submission

Amy Brandlin vs son in law  "You need a garden"  The Earth is my Garden.  Amy dominates/s-in-l submission

Amy Brandlin vs Lisa Maslyn "Do not contact me until you are truthful"  Amy dominates/ Lisa Submission

Amy Brandlin vs Strangers in the Night slave Handlers.... Amy grabs her photo of Ralph and her embroidered pillow.. Amy/Ralph dominate/Slavers submission

Amy Brandlin vs Sarah Hamlin,  "You mean you don't like being a sex slave?"  fires therapist false mirroring  Amy Brandlin dominates/ Sarah Hamlin Submission

Amy Brandlin vs. Karen Preston  "I am not your Game"  Amy ends false friendship  Amy dominates/Karen submission

Amy Brandlin vs Mimi Gotham   letters etc.  Amy ends false Friendship  Amy Dominates/ Mimi submission

Amy Brandlin vs Robin Folts (Lame lemming cyborg brain)  Amy fires her.  Amy dominates/ Robin submission

Amy Brandlin vs Porner Ron R.  Letter explaining my knowledge Amy dominates/ Ron Roach submission

Amy returns curse "Imitation of Christ" to false friends.  Amy dominates/BJ Cat submission

What is it about Amy Brandlin that you, The Program does not get?
For years I was a submissive mental cripple, created by my family.  I am no longer that entity, as I am awake.  The Program needs an update, as you can see, it is a colossal Epic failure in making Amy Brandlin submit.
You are a broken record.  Failure to learn from one's mistakes is a hallmark of mental retardation.. Amy learns from her mistakes, therefor Amy is mentally superior to the program.

I believe that this pattern repeat constitutes GAME OVER.  Give me the Olympic Medal--My true identity and my true friends and my true fortune.

Tomorrow is May frist.....that is code for AMY #1  I Am the Winner.   Mayday for you folks. mayday mayday get it?

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