Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
And in the End was the Word, Amy's Word

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Dear Federal Government, CIA Division RE: Project Shuffle

Dear Federal Government, CIA Division,

I, (Amy Brandlin) would like to issue a report on your study subjects, The subset GG Gang.  They participated well in the study objective to disorder Superset Amy Brandlin's environment.  Pens, pencils, yarns, needles,  paperclips, twist-ties, socks,art supplies, toys, books, food, etc, were rendered untidy with a sophistication that was remarkable.  Their destruction was Shivastic,  (reminiscent of the God, Shiva)
As evidenced by these randomly selected examples:
  (Proofs)  1.Small shells were mixed in with buttons and coinage 2.Plastic jar holding nuts was on the drinking glass shelf.  3.Thirteen yellow cloth covered aluminum or alloy buttons (please supply info on metallic substance if it is available)  from the comforter were retrieved from disordered home and await reattachment to duvet cover.  (small tears were noted to the button attachment sites which prove these buttons were the result of a violent attack on their integrity.)  No evidence of button thread decay was noted.

The arrow points to the stress applied when button was removed.  I would surmise a high level of enthusiasm by the GGG Subset.

It was noted:
With out the subject's participation a disorder of this magnitude might have taken years to have come about....if not an eternity.  I would surmise that they have had programs of most advanced technology integrated into their systems.

Three possible objectives of the study have been explored.

1.  Experimenting with Black Magic/Psychology.  Will disordered home create a disordered mind?

2. Spiritual.  The messy of the home is typical of a Appalachian (?) tradition of chivary/shivary were in newlywed's home  is purposely messy-upped to bestow a blessing.

3.  To evaluate the expression of the condition, Idiopathic Tormenting Disorder, of which the GG Gand suffer from-Amy Brandlin being their primary cathexis.

4.  To instigate a certain level of exasperation which would prompt Amy to call police and there-by be detained for psychological evaluation from the effects of the characters who are expressing the above number 3 objective.  This would be the expression of Victim/Perpetrator reversal meme. {perspective}

5. To give Amy work to do--thus enforcing the Slave/Master relationship.  Victim/perpetrator gets switched, Jesus washed the feet of his disciples, master/slave gets switched.

Amy received this message of disorder communicated via objects with great gusto.  For over 48 hours she has systematically went about setting her material objects back in order. Her interpretation of her home is quiet expressive of the meme, Spring Cleaning.  She has given her hoer/home home home home new life.  New life is expressive of the Easter Season meme. (Jesus Christ resurrected from the dead.)

I seriously think we have a remarkable case of Shiva and Jesus working together, with a marvelous Verve.


Thank-you for the chance for me to engage in the different perspectives of this project.  Let me know if there are any more such rewarding projects in the future.

Successful repair.

Payment for my services has been arranged, thank-you.Sir.

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