Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Friday, April 15, 2016

Competition and Cooperation

I studied at Hobart William Smith College in the early to mid-nineteen eighties.  One of my professors was a man named Prof. Patrick M. Collins.  I was trying to discern whether I wanted to study to become a teacher.  I did find the courses that I took with him very valuable.  One meme was that I absorbed was that humanity fared better under conditions of cooperation than that of the posture of competition.  Competition was deemed detrimental to human interactions.  Captialism pits people against each other and makes the entities selfish, self absorbed and GREEDY.

Mr. President Obama announced to today that the consumer benefits from competition in the market place.  This is a Meme of Capitalism.  Humanity is the recipient of methods of thought persuasion which is at such a level that even the youngest children are its (thought persuasion's) victims.  I read the headline of an article on Yahoo wherein Mr. President is trying to persuade the thoughts of people.  He is trying to communicate that being a victim of thought persuasion is a good thing.  Companies use methods of thought persuasion to sell their products.  A very common marketing tool is veiled deception.

Personally, I don't get any satisfaction from companies trying to order me around.  I see examples of this constantly.   My Lowes/Plenti points/topsbonuscardcoupons/ .  Most every company wants your email, they want you to open their JUNK mail on the computer, as well as the mailbox as well as the newspapers, as well as the internet, billboards, signs, too.  These companies think that they can tell me what to buy and what to think. They want to take up your time forcing you to read their messages, too. These companies are attempting to enslave my mind so that I dance their jig.  They expect me to be their JIGABOO.  I ain't no company Jigaboo, nor am I Capitalism's Jigaboo like a certain most powerful man in the world.  (He announced that the USA was the most powerful nation on Earth, he leads it, he must think he is the must powerful man on Earth)

Don't get me wrong, I like a good product like anyone else.  I will even promote one, because it is a simple product, still packaged in paper board.  Bartender's Friend.  It is an abrasive cleaner that does a wonderful job and as far as I know it is safe for the environment.

The angle for the product is that this substance is a friend to a bartender, like you and I when we visit a bar we like to talk to the bartender.  In fact bartenders are a form of unrecognized health professional.  We don't need Commet, or 409 spray or 409 spray plastic containers, we don't need Resolve or the myriad of options we have.  One good useful product and No attempts at persuading my mind is all I ask!  Does a good friend boss you around, order you to do this or that?  No, and neither does Bartender's Friend.  I have never seen a billboard promoting Bartender's Friend.  But, it is there when you need it/him.

My mind is MY MIND and it is nobody's slave except God almighty and he does not take the form of a product, excepting my Rosary beads.  My rosary beads are there when I need them, like my Lord.  Bossiness is an attribute of the competitive stance.  God is not bossy, just gently nudging people in the right direction, looking for cooperation.

Cooperation, Professor Collins, is the right approach to life, you are and were correct. (I recall my studies with Professor Charlie Temple confirmed your sociological assessment) I will not cooperate in the ruse to be some capitalist's slave.  I am more than a monkey in the store following the commands of some entrepreneur looking to make a buck.  I believe competition is a sign of a sick society and a bossy sick mind.

To the uneducated thought progression is sometimes interpreted as "Flight of Ideas" they lack sufficient data to form a frame of reference.

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