Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Can One be Jealous of an Avatar?

I was just called on to address the accusation, "You are jealous of me."  Jealousy has to do with love.  Envy has to with accomplishments, material belongings.  In recent times these terms interchange.  I am not really into the sin of envy.  First I will tackle jealousy.

Am I a jealous person in general, a person prone to jealousy?

I loved Joseph Liss(sounds like Jealous). in ninth grade.  I befriended a young woman with whom he had a love interest in.  Dianna.  I was jealous of her but I was kind to her and we were friends.  I was jealous that Joe loved her not me.

I loved Stephen G. when I was in my twenties.  My emotions had cooled by the time he married.  I was and am not jealous of Hope.

I loved George E.  We did not have exclusiveness as an understanding.  Was I jealous of the other women he was with?  Not really.  I was confused as to why I did not command the respect that the others did.   I know now that he was a an avatar for those who were trying to make me a whore.

Whose love is it that I am supposed to be jealous of in the accusator's world?  Many years ago I had mentioned my admiration for Haflinger horses.  She went out and bought a bunch of them, perhaps in competition with me.  Am I jealous that she has horses loving her and I do not?  No.

Do my children love, admire, respect her more than me?  Am I to be jealous of my children's attachment to her?  No.  the only way that she knows how to secure someones loyalty is through mind control and sneaky manipulation.  I could never be jealous of that kind of emotional construct.

At the time of the accusation, she appeared to "have her shit together."  A job, hobbies, etc.  I appeared to be a "mental case".  I have never been a mental case.  The mental case scenario is/was/always has been a construct of my opposition, the domination/submission meme.  I have always been a religious mystic.  Religious mystics don't compare themselves with others, as we are "rare birds" .  Comparisons with those in our social sets are meaningless.  I never perceived my self a mental case.  Others desired that I saw myself as such, but it never stuck in my idea of self actualization.

Am I jealous of her following in the world?  She was part of a plan to mentally enslave me, with the help of my parents, the US government, Fourth Reich, KKK.  The plan was not a permanent situation.  I am aware of how she and The Program works, knowledge is power.  I do not believe The Program controls me.  I am not jealous of any devotion people have to a computer program.  I believe in freedom for people in the world.  I do not believe in enslavement.  I believe in love, not domination.  I am not jealous if she has followers who subscribe to the domination meme.  She is not a person, she is an avatar.  I am certainly not jealous of anything about a computer program avatar.

I know that I am well loved.  I feel love from My Lord, my children and grandchildren, the Spirits, the Saints, Angels, and God's Creatures.  I wait and I know that good things, people, times, on its way.

I do not envy anybody who sold their soul to a computer program in the quest for unnatural control over humanity.  I am happy that I still have my soul.  I dedicated my soul to God long ago and He has not forgotten me.

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