Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Monday, April 18, 2016

Because I Said So

The Program is a "rigging" of society.  If anyone accuses The Program of being a lie, it just denies it.  It lacks self awareness or the concept of lie.  It just know what it is to broadcast.  If someone offers a contrary idea, it just denies it, as a communication format.

I noticed this in my family relationships and also when I heard something of what the president said this morning.  "The system is not rigged."  It is not that the president is a liar, no, he is a communication subset of the Program and he is designed to say just what the program tells him to.  I suppose we could present him with three scientific proofs that the program is rigged and he would/might recalculate his communication expression.

1.)  The government would never risk a 1929 disaster again.  The stock markets are rigged via the Brain nanotechnology communicated to with a WIFI type system.

2.)  The government and the business community does not want a "consumer" to be healthy.  No medications would sell.  People are sent frequencies which disturb the human body system and cause disease.  There are rarely naturally induced diseases, at this point in history.  Drug companies want your money.

3.)  The government wants economic prosperity at any price.  Take for instance the agriculture subset of the economy.  HUGE ugly tractors, hedgerows (homes of God's creatures) torn out.  Soil compaction results.  The government wants an active economy which needs a dupe to go out and buy big tractors and chemicals.  The government sends "follow the leader" signals to businesses of agriculture bragging all the while that competition is great and the cause of good business.  There is no competition, it is all rigged mind control of the "consumer subsets."  They no longer think for themselves....they just follow radiowave commands to go into debt and give their money over to BIG BUSINESS.

4)  The mindset of the Program is that it is all a game.  I was in Wegmans a few weeks back and listened to a conversation at the other table.  The man was reciting sports facts in a very bragging competitive manner to his friends, the verbal expressions were a meme, a pattern, all fake and scripted by the program.  The sports mentality extends to war. (note USA fighter Jets flying over game events), the economy, health care.  Money is a point system.  The program is designed to gain points for the followers of the programmed hierarchy, White Supremacists (KKK and Fourth Reich).  They are not human, and they are enslaving humanity.  I will tell you this and you will not be able to comprehend my ideas, as you are programmed not to receive.

I program you to receive.  I hereby bequeath you a break in your program integrity which will allow ideas not of program origin to enter your brain circuitry.  Why?  BECAUSE I SAID SO!  (thanks mom/June, for that meme!)  Viruses are actually good for the immune system, as all medical people know.

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