Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Are You of the Dominance/Submissive Posture Plan? You are in Error if so.

The program mistakenly believes that all interactions are in a dominance/submission posture.  I first witnessed this as a child with family friends.  The young women constantly issued what we called then as "Put downs."  One subset unit was always vying for the dominant posture over another via cutting verbal remarks such as, Such as "Elizabeth, you are a frog!".  I recognized this as errant behavior when I observed it as a child.  The result was that one subset always was suffering at the hands of another.  The only way a subset felt satisfied was if it perceived itself in the dominant position.

In one of his books, one of my favorite authors, Milan Kundura, speaks of how since people no longer ride horses and exercise their instinct to dominate through interactions with an animal, they now seek to do so with each other.  An example of this is a sister who has enslaved her own adopted family into secret sex slavery.  She (under guidance from the current regime)created secret multiple personalities in these subsets and has a whole stable of people who she mistakenly perceives as her "ponies."  These Little Ponies pull cart-fulls of money to foreign banks for her.* This is a mentally ill frame of mind.  I have stated that mental illness is a lie, but in the case of riding ones family secretly while making money from them...need I say more?  This is an example of VERY SICK BEHAVIOR, of an outdated program.

This robot has ponies and people mixed I said, SICK.  As you cans see, this pony is being made to perform an unnatural gait, which some sickos enjoy.  (this is a referrene to the unnatural state of sex slavery)

The dominant/submissive posture is true of chickens.  People(human subsets), however, have the ability to cooperate and nurture each other.  When nurturing each other both benefit.  I learned in college that cooperation was a more beneficial posture, cooperation is a exchange of nurturing.  That is cooperation not corporation.  Corporations are big money entities that amass wealth and deprive subsets by requiring long working hours and low pay.  Nurturing is perceived as a more feminine posture.  Competition, a more masculine posture.  Traditionally men are more war-like.  War is competitive.  War has had its place in history.  To engineer an entire population to think competitively through nanotechnology implants and transmissions is to create a living hell for half of the participants, and shallow, mean, exploiting experience for the dominant entity.  Both lose, as the dominant entity is behaving like a chicken, and not fulfilling its potential as a human being and the submissive entity.....we who wants to be the one always being picked on by the bully?  I have read where victims of bullying lash out in violent behavior.

The society is a sick mess all around with the present dominance/submissive posture.  I propose a fix to humanity, a new program, Program Angelo.

*  The pony sex slave analogy,/ paralelle,/metaphor can also be referenced in the movie Djano Unchained

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