Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
And in the End was the Word, Amy's Word

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Saturday, April 30, 2016

For You Who Believe in the Dominance Submission meme Read this

Pattern Repeat
Amy Brandlin vs Stephen  Lewandowski...."we are done."  Amy dominates/ Stephen Submissive
Amy Brandlin vs E. Bergemann  "I am not your Beauty."  Amy dominates/ E. B. Submissive

Amy Brandlin vs Larry Galens, Amy ends marriage  Amy dominates /Larry Submission

Amy Brandlin vs Ned Nicolai   Letter to wife. Amy dominates/ ol' Nick summission

Amy Brandlin vs George E.  "Immoral values noted " Amy stops seeing him  Amy dominates/G. Submission

Amy Brandlin vs son in law  "You need a garden"  The Earth is my Garden.  Amy dominates/s-in-l submission

Amy Brandlin vs Lisa Maslyn "Do not contact me until you are truthful"  Amy dominates/ Lisa Submission

Amy Brandlin vs Strangers in the Night slave Handlers.... Amy grabs her photo of Ralph and her embroidered pillow.. Amy/Ralph dominate/Slavers submission

Amy Brandlin vs Sarah Hamlin,  "You mean you don't like being a sex slave?"  fires therapist false mirroring  Amy Brandlin dominates/ Sarah Hamlin Submission

Amy Brandlin vs. Karen Preston  "I am not your Game"  Amy ends false friendship  Amy dominates/Karen submission

Amy Brandlin vs Mimi Gotham   letters etc.  Amy ends false Friendship  Amy Dominates/ Mimi submission

Amy Brandlin vs Robin Folts (Lame lemming cyborg brain)  Amy fires her.  Amy dominates/ Robin submission

Amy Brandlin vs Porner Ron R.  Letter explaining my knowledge Amy dominates/ Ron Roach submission

Amy returns curse "Imitation of Christ" to false friends.  Amy dominates/BJ Cat submission

What is it about Amy Brandlin that you, The Program does not get?
For years I was a submissive mental cripple, created by my family.  I am no longer that entity, as I am awake.  The Program needs an update, as you can see, it is a colossal Epic failure in making Amy Brandlin submit.
You are a broken record.  Failure to learn from one's mistakes is a hallmark of mental retardation.. Amy learns from her mistakes, therefor Amy is mentally superior to the program.

I believe that this pattern repeat constitutes GAME OVER.  Give me the Olympic Medal--My true identity and my true friends and my true fortune.

Tomorrow is May frist.....that is code for AMY #1  I Am the Winner.   Mayday for you folks. mayday mayday get it?

I Win the Fencing Match with Folts

I have told a certain  J.D. Robin Folts about my situation.  She is obviously a mentally lame cyborg.  She offers me no help.  Perhaps she just categorizes me as insane.  I am not insane, I am sane as much as one could be with my talents, abilities and skills as an unusual being.  Ms. F. just mentally shuts me out and tells me she does not judge me.  I am not the one to be judged asshole.  I am the victim of multitudes of crimes in human trafficking.  If you were a lawyer with a brain you would realize that.  You are a hopeless mind control cyborg lemming.  I trump you in intellect and experience.  You get an F.  I WIN THIS MATCH WITH THE LAWYER...Hear that Fourth Reich?  That F stands for FIRED. Amy Brandlin dominates/folts submissive

Some Cool Connections

As Much as it is my captor name, "Brandlin", "Brandling" is a great name.  The people in England were Catholics and started the industrial revolution, as they owned coal fields in New Castle.  The dish set in my former blog entry is titled "Old Leeds Sprays"  Leeds and New Castle are 81 kilometers apart, but I bet if you were in a carriage going from Leeds to New Castle one would have noticed sprays of flowers on the roadside similar to that of what is depicted in my dishes.    Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes  it all fits............If you can't see is because you are blind and you need to drink more martinis!!

Did you know that Teal is  a magical color?  I have Teal eyes and so does my Lover.  I also have witnessed the Virgin Mary appearing to me with an Orange Halo on a Holy Card.  I gave that very Holy Card (Our Lady of Sorrows) to the Church a few weeks ago.  I left her for them.  I passed along a very special Holy Relic to the people who at St. Michael's who do not pray to St. Michael.   The prayer to St. Michael is very important.  Research.

Brand= Sword  Lin/Lyn=from the water  Excalibur.
St. Michael's a member of the Our Lady of the Lakes Parrish Cluster.
Jews have a gift for making connections......If you are evil you will call me psychotic....if you are chosen you will agree.

Nice Sup, I would like to share..............

Here, I present my sup.  Chicken and dumpling.  I used Bisquick,  do you proud every time.  I have china from the movie, Quiz Show, which I started collecting in 1980.  I wove the placemat.   I have decorated the plate with Rosemary (for Remembrance, right Mimi? and Thyme.)  Dry Rose.  Silver, the pattern April, a gift from my captor mother, June.
Napkin, bought in Montreal, French cotton/ linen

I Met Elvis

In Clifton Springs is a hospital, formerly a Sanitarium.  It is rumored that Elvis came there in the nineteen sixties for a time to dry out.  He died, incidentally on the day my captor grandfather, Boris, died.  August 16, 1977.  I was out on a date with my major focus, Joe Liss to see a Linda Rhonstandt concert.   I met Elvis when he was in the Sanitarium and then was programmed to forget the event.  I was probably six or seven years old and the rumors of my fantastic genetics were out in the rich and famous crowd.  This event must have fueled the envy that has caused me suffering.  The suffering is in the form of multiple personalities and sex abuse.  My Angel tells me that I did meet him.

Incidently Hor-crux, is a code.  whore/cross.  I am the whore and the the Nazi/KKK have supplied me with the cross.

My mother always put down Elvis, which was unjustified.  He has a really nice voice and he wanted a more peaceful equitable world......

This is a sort of Horcrux piece of knowledge..................about my life.

Why Some People Might Have Trouble Reading of Finishing a Book

I was out walking and praying my Rosary.  I have telepathic communication with some people, one of which is my first love, Joseph Liss.  I don't know if he would admit to the public that he or his subconscious is able to talk to me.  He has helped me over the weeks with tips and advice.  He is a bicycle man, He wrote Bicycle Men, a play.  I watched ET and I cannot help identifying with ET as he sits in the bicycle basket and all the bicycle boys cycling in the sky.  One of them is Joe, another, George, Natalie and  Ben, and I am in Ralph's Fiennes' Basket, as we bicycle across the sky in the moonlight.

A few years ago I might have seen Joe's sister, Fern, in church, anyway, I saw her outside the library in Canandiagua.  She was returning the novel Les Mis.  I told her I was just thinking of her, and that I had had a crazy crush on her bro.. She must have thought I was nuts, saying that I was thinking of her when we really don't know each other.  Her other brother, Victor was/is close to my sister and was also close to my mother.  I did not know at that time that my life drama was watched by the world or that I was a Jew/whore for a Nazi/KKK regime.  I did think KKK was an influence in the culture.  I attribute all the murders of black people in Rochester, NY to rural Honkies going out coon hunting.....up in the city, not the forest.

I just watched Les Miserables and I can see why she could not finish it.  The mind control radio wave regime, like the Russians in the 1970's have their eyes and ears in everybody's world.  Les Mis is about social change.  Anybody reading that would be bombarded with vibes to not want to read or to comprehend.  Just saying.....................

Oh..If you are a lover (that includes of justice), not a hater, you are welcome to get your bike...............come along!

I Did Not Obey the Slavers

Guess what?  Last night the Devil came to me in disguise.  While I was asleep my old handlers whispered "trigger" words to have me awake in a trance and do the nakey dance.  I recall, rolling over and clutching a photo of my beloved and holding the pillow with our embroidered initials close to my heart.  The Devil tested me and guess what?  I proved that my mind is no longer the slave of the Hitlerites.  You see, they wanted me doing the Jew/whore nakey dance to honor the spirit of their Fallen leader. But I would not arise to their commands so secure was I in slumber, in the arms of my lover man. Yes, today is International Celebrate Cyanide Day.  Death to all Fascist Oppressors.  Feel free, feel free to follow in the footsteps of your very own chosen one.

Thank-you, my love, for rescuing me.  We have both spent our lives on a mission.  You have expressed the human condition very well in your art, from many angles.  I have laid on my back as I was coerced into being the bate in a very, very, very important trap.  The Devil had captured me and while the characters in the drama perceived themselves as powerful, they were not at all in power.  By filming me they spread my image to many many minds and I was then able to be in their consciousness and their consciousness became my own.  With their consciousness being a part of mine I was able to spread Our net far and wide.

They perceived me as being trapped, when in fact We trapped them.  I thank-you for allowing me to take part in the Judgement Day Scenario.

Friday, April 29, 2016

I Was Busy Today!

I had such a surge of qi today, together with the sick stomach last night, I would almost think somebody in The Program slipped something to me, like speed or LSD.  I ate something my son-in-law fixed, but it is not in his nature to cause me harm.

I am calm, now, rest assured, nothing is going to stop your sweet little Amy from making a difference in the world.  I did not make any public scenes, leave any art installations or write any letters.  If I find an old gift from someone, like the book "Imitation of Christ", I might send it back with similar sentiments, (You imitate him, let yourself be crucified, that is not my agenda) even on an emotionally calm day.

I worked on my photos, adding cute subtitles.......with quite a spiritual zest.  What I noticed was that I became really stinky...I call it Warrior B. O.

As you know, I live in a magicality which is different than the reality that you people experience.  I cannot even discuss much of my world with people to help them to wake up because the Program as "programmed them not to receive what I say."  The program wants, white supremacists, Neo Nazi's and people with good conformist values like football and clipping coupons.  This is why there is a race war going on, it is in The Mind Control Program.

The Heroine Cannot Be Stopped


No, red neck Nazii- KKK computer program subsets cannot stop the heroine.  She is here to make a difference and she is here to stay.  A machine cannot stop the love of God.

I am not sorry to disappoint the domination/submission meme.  People can love each other and appreciate cultural differences.
 White skin is LACK OF PIGMENT.

I Finally Present My Magic Star of David

I am so excited, today I finally made the Jew Star that I have been dreaming about.  I saw them on houses in the movie "Fiddler on the Roof."  I realized that anti-semites express there sentiment with five pointed stars which are nailed to houses all through our community.  I just want to point out that my star is not nailed.

It is hanging, but not by a noose.

I also want to express  to the community that the haters in our community are not people at all, they are a computer program, an out dated sick, defunct, thoughtless, machine.  They are not human. So have no fear.

My name is Amy, the feminine of David, which means "Beloved".  I am a Christian/Jew.  I incorporate both faiths into my thinking.   This is a star of David, also a Star of Amy.

I wove into it golden Jewelry wire to keep it secure.

Good-Morning, Kitty!

Dear Kitty,
A few days ago I spent half the day in the kitchen preparing a lovely Jewish meal.  I wanted to share it with my children.  My son and his daughter came and enjoyed Latkes, a roast chicken, spinach souffle and a cucumber soup.  I made delicious date cookies.

Yesterday, the son in law prepared for me Sauerbraten, Klops, cold red cabbage and home made bread.  I know that my ancestor A.E. probably ate German food too, during Passover, as he lived in Germany.  (So long as it was not prepared with horse meat.)  We ate at the beach at the park in Seneca Lake.  I always ate on the beach with my captor family on Keuka Lake when I was growing up.  He prepared a nice meal.  My son-in-law and I spent some quality time with some meaningful discussions.  I truly believe that we bonded, entering a new level of understanding.

I awoke in the night with indigestion, as the ions of the food passed through.  Once I has some hot cocoa and passed gas, I heard rumblings and then I felt fine.

Today, I am a fashionista!  I love putting together new combinations of my old clothes.  Today I am wearing an Eddie Bauer shirt, two pink tanks and a crushed velvet burgundy tiered skirt.

I am a cultural Icon, I owe it to you to show you  my fashion talents.  I noticed when reporters report on the stars, they mention the names and designers.

I might even make a fashion video.  I was trained as a model in 2010.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Some Holy Cards

I worked on some Holy Cards today.

My Punishment

I am a victim of hypnotic suggestion.

I can sing a song a hundred times and not recall the lyrics.
This is because I criticized my sister when she sang at a wedding without memorizing the song.  I was embarrassed for her. It was pathetic to see her up there before an audience without a clue as to the next lyric..  I would bet that she was what inspired the Karaoke Movement.  Our family, is like that, up before all to see.  We are the inspiration for a lot of movements, the plank, Star Wars, E.T.

The Program, or the people behind it, did not appreciate what they perceived as mockery of my sister.  I was then put into a trance and told that try as I might I will not be able to recall lyrics to songs.

I have memorized I suppose if I think of a song as a prayer I will be able to memorize it.

I like the song,  "Tiny Bubbles", today I will work on it, perhaps I will do a video for you!

Monday, April 25, 2016

My First Attempt at Latkes

My first attempt at Latkes

The Power of Sexuality

I recall, when I was about eight, that there was something about my family member, a few years older than me and the library.  She was intellectually precocious and was borrowing books from the Library that shocked the librarian, perhaps it was the works of D.H. Lawrence.  She would have been about twelve. My parents were amused and proud of their oh -so- intelligent daughter.   I was never considered to be the the smart daughter.  I did read D.H. Lawrence, when I was about seventeen.  I read Thomas Hardy.  I don't know if I got more than the fact that a woman could be ruined because of her sexuality.  My intellect was not specifically verbal or mathematic, but a well rounded ability in both.  I got a 90 % on my English Regents, a 96% on my Biology Regents and a 100 % on my Algebra Regents Exam.

Miss smarty pants older sibling was well versed in the power of sexuality.....No indoctrination into religion except of course, pet names.  Jonah the Siamese cat, Barabbas  the captive crow.  Jenny/donkey the dog. Lentil soup for dinner on Sundays, in honor of Esau who bargained away his inheritance and blessing.  She got what she needed to be the little Nazi to oppress her captive sister the Jew.  The Power of Sexuality, or so she thought.  She, or they, the Federal government with the help of the Fourth Reich.

Reflex Arousal

Reflex arousal is what happens to a woman's rose when stimulated. It does not necessarily mean she likes what is going on. I would imagine that many have seen my reddened rose to something perhaps disgusting, like a red neck military Judge. That does not mean I liked the stimulation. It just means the my neurology reacts. If I was in the child personality or channeling a spirit, it is quite probable I reacted with reflex arousal.

 My rose belongs to my true love. My rose is not the property of the public to do as they wish with(that includes interpreting my response). My enemy is a computer program. None of it's participants have any thoughts of their own. Quite contrary to Father Jack, there are no individuals in that program.

I have said that I have stimulation implants connected to The Program,  they are another example of a physical reaction that has nothing to do with my mind, wishes, intent or pleasure.

A computer program would understand hot rose= pleasure.  A computer program would not be able to understand emotions connected to arousal or lack there of.  A program cannot think abstractly, it only sees one association connects with who have sold your soul to the program are at a severe disadvantage when trying to understand the human condition.

I Cogitated About Yesterday's Mass

Since I have declared myself the Antipope I feel free to criticize the priest who I listened to and also the rewrite of one of the readings, perhaps it was the gospel.  The gospel read, "every thing was better once Judas was gone."  That is a veiled reference to getting rid of the Jews, as even my son joked with me, that the Jews crucified Christ.  If I recall, a kinder way to describe the demise of Judas, is to say that his remorse was such that he killed himself.  I recall in the past "the leaders of the city" were responsible, in our readings.  We Christians fail to realize that Jesus brought Judaism to the masses, opened the doors to choseness.  Antisemitic Christians want to steal the faith from its origin, and then murder the gift giver.  My point is mute as I am arguing with a computer program which is programmed to hate.  Interesting to note, if you are a person who looks for codes in mind control memes, Judas/ das Jew?  get it?  Das = the in German.

Next, Father Jack explained about education that memorization is the core of learning.  I have to explain that their are different types of learning.  Rote memorization is a lower form of learning.  Facts memorized is necessary as a building block, true, but real learning is about synthesizing ideas. Nobody ever created a Master's thesis from rote learning.  The important education is what your mind comes up with when it knows the facts.  I think it is called the ability to think.  I learned about this at Hobart William Smith College when I took classes in Education.

Rote learning and the amplifying of its importance is very central to brain washing, cult indoctrination and fascism.  Quite to the contrary to Father Jack's declaration that all are individuals, people who are part of a rote learning machine are not prone to individualism.  They dare not speak ideas of love about a programmed enemy, like the Jews in relation to the Germans.

I love the prayers I rely on which I have incorporated through rote learning.  Being able to hear the real message behind the rewritten gospel mentioned above accusing Judas is not an ability I acquired through rote learning, though.

Pope John XXIII rewrote the Liturgy to be less antisemitic.  I would bet Pope Benedict and his German compatriots got write busy to change it back to being more hateful.  The Fourth Reich still has an agenda against the Jews.  I call it Jew Envy.

I want to thank a Lady I was acquainted with, Dorothy Liss.  She taught her family when they came home from Mass to think about and criticize what was taught in church.  I would actually be willing to bet money that in Dorothy's ancestry there was a conversion from Judaism to Roman Catholicism.  Someone might ask, "How does she know what Dorothy Liss said to her family. "  I was only at her home once, I believe, it must have been a Sunday.  I went sledding with her niece, Dawn..  I was in love with her son, Joseph.  Love heightens the senses.  I recall the way she spoke about the Sunday Mass with her children.

I would bet that there was a little competition between my mother the agnostic, and Dorothy the participant in religion, but with a critical eye.   My captor mother was proud that she abstained from the Christianity. AEB by the fact that when they moved to Clifton Springs, my mother told her neighbor Mary Griswold that she partook of none the the Christian churches.  My parents bragged that they would let their children decide about faith when they were adults.  (they would participate in no indoctrination--with the exception of hyper-sexualization of their children with Playboy magazines)---an aside.  Dorothy Liss was a writer, a journalist, reporter, for the Daily Messenger.  I am sure that my captor mother was green with envy.

I have another critique, at the Kiss of  Peace, the priest says, "Peace be with you", and we respond to him Peace be with your spirit."  The message is that the people in the pews do not have a spirit, only the priest does.  This is to magnify layers of order, or "giftedness"  Some have a spirit, some do not, the ones preaching  are more in authority as they have a spirit.   Sickening.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Lines of a Woman's Fanny

I went to Mass today, and while I waited for the ceremony to begin the song, by the Beetles, Piggies, came to mind.  It was not long before a few women came in an filled in the isle in front of me.  I could not help notice their form fitting legging/style/jeans from behind.  What came to my mind was my life back at the farm.  Something about the shape of the woman's buttocks reminded me of the ass of a pig.

How sad that women feel they need to display their buttocks so.  I used to wear clothes which showed my buttocks.  I am glad that I am a dress and skirt gal now.  There might be times when I choose to wear pants, but please God, guide me away from the form fitting style.

No wonder women are compared to pigs!  I image many are porn-dogs and watch lots of dirt to play in.*

Have you seen the little piggies, with their piggy wives?  You can see them out to church clutching forks and knives to read the prayer!

*  I once had a conversation with a friend of a friend.  He had worked for the providers of cellular phone services and had studied usage between providers.  Seems that somewhere around 96% of phone usage is for providing people with porn entertainment.  I would imagine that bodes well for the mind controllers who want your vibration so that they can control you.  I don't miss my cell phone one bit.  I am not a CONSUMER of porn and never have been.  My mother warned me about what happened to Lot, when Sodom and Gemorrah came down!!!  A pillar of salt....An object,  a mineral.  Your vibration is then mined for consumer conformity.

I am old fashioned, I want my sexual response to be connected to the emotion of love.  I don't want a sleazy greedy capitalistic company invading my brain and my sexuality.  We Jews are funny that way, sex is Holy.

Can One be Jealous of an Avatar?

I was just called on to address the accusation, "You are jealous of me."  Jealousy has to do with love.  Envy has to with accomplishments, material belongings.  In recent times these terms interchange.  I am not really into the sin of envy.  First I will tackle jealousy.

Am I a jealous person in general, a person prone to jealousy?

I loved Joseph Liss(sounds like Jealous). in ninth grade.  I befriended a young woman with whom he had a love interest in.  Dianna.  I was jealous of her but I was kind to her and we were friends.  I was jealous that Joe loved her not me.

I loved Stephen G. when I was in my twenties.  My emotions had cooled by the time he married.  I was and am not jealous of Hope.

I loved George E.  We did not have exclusiveness as an understanding.  Was I jealous of the other women he was with?  Not really.  I was confused as to why I did not command the respect that the others did.   I know now that he was a an avatar for those who were trying to make me a whore.

Whose love is it that I am supposed to be jealous of in the accusator's world?  Many years ago I had mentioned my admiration for Haflinger horses.  She went out and bought a bunch of them, perhaps in competition with me.  Am I jealous that she has horses loving her and I do not?  No.

Do my children love, admire, respect her more than me?  Am I to be jealous of my children's attachment to her?  No.  the only way that she knows how to secure someones loyalty is through mind control and sneaky manipulation.  I could never be jealous of that kind of emotional construct.

At the time of the accusation, she appeared to "have her shit together."  A job, hobbies, etc.  I appeared to be a "mental case".  I have never been a mental case.  The mental case scenario is/was/always has been a construct of my opposition, the domination/submission meme.  I have always been a religious mystic.  Religious mystics don't compare themselves with others, as we are "rare birds" .  Comparisons with those in our social sets are meaningless.  I never perceived my self a mental case.  Others desired that I saw myself as such, but it never stuck in my idea of self actualization.

Am I jealous of her following in the world?  She was part of a plan to mentally enslave me, with the help of my parents, the US government, Fourth Reich, KKK.  The plan was not a permanent situation.  I am aware of how she and The Program works, knowledge is power.  I do not believe The Program controls me.  I am not jealous of any devotion people have to a computer program.  I believe in freedom for people in the world.  I do not believe in enslavement.  I believe in love, not domination.  I am not jealous if she has followers who subscribe to the domination meme.  She is not a person, she is an avatar.  I am certainly not jealous of anything about a computer program avatar.

I know that I am well loved.  I feel love from My Lord, my children and grandchildren, the Spirits, the Saints, Angels, and God's Creatures.  I wait and I know that good things, people, times, on its way.

I do not envy anybody who sold their soul to a computer program in the quest for unnatural control over humanity.  I am happy that I still have my soul.  I dedicated my soul to God long ago and He has not forgotten me.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Ready and Bandaged for Another Round

Mary and Jesus had a little mishap.  Mary got in a fight with some  demons and her Left had fingers were bruised.   Jesus had his right arm reattached with micro surgery.  They will be ready for another round with  the demons.  Send them on.. Please it is fun.  Fun Fun fun.

Update: April 26, 2016
I did some art work which the spies found offensive.  They told me in pseudo-telepathy that I would suffer.  Suffer indeed, I did.  The program, which does not command my actions but can instigate something like, a a bite to my tongue or a sneeze, did make me burn my tongue on my latke last night.

A Capitalism Mind Control Meme

I realized that when I shop at many stores, after they ring you up, in addition they require additional info.  It might be a plenti points card, or a shoppers club card.  This is provide "papers" meme.  It is a practice of power exercise.  Like, for instance, when you cross a border or get stopped by police.  The provide more information is a meme to tell you to obey. Obey ads, obey advertising.  It is an exercise of power over your mind to be the submissive entity in a dominance/submissive system.  It is a mind control coercive method to get your money.......CAPITALISM!  Are you sure you think it is great?  I don't think it is.  

Weight Loss Program--Lose the Cell Phone

The Program is responsible for your weight problem.  The computer figured out the people who gain and lose weight are good for the economy.  The program participants enroll in money making schemes such as Weight Watchers.  The program participants are constantly in need of  buying new clothes.....too small, too big.  The people who are overweight are good for the medical economy.  If you want to free yourself of The Program's tap on your metabolism, ( a true cause of weight loss and gain) throw away you celliphone and go back to the land line.  the cell phone connects with nanotechnology implants in your brain, which are placed when you get routine lab work.  Remember "THEY WANT YOUR MONEY."

The Snake and its Interpretations

The human mind operates on associations.  God's creature the snake has gotten a bad rap, because in the bible it symbolizes Satan.  The snake eating its tail is a symbol of life.  In Jungian philosophy it symbolizes the human psyche.  Ouroboros, is an ancient symbol.  Fear not, the snake is not evil.

Above, Apollo is hatching!

Me and my pet Apollo, and friends.

I once knew an African nun, she toured my home and was struck by the presence of evil in my art.  That was due to her lack of understanding of other cultures.  Xenophobia, I believe it is called.  In my effort to love all humanity and understand different cultures I frightened her.  Moses was into snakes and staffs.  The snake is a symbol of medicine, the Caduceus.

I had a pet python snake in 2004, the year I visited Italy, twice.  I gave it back to the store owner as I did not like the mites that were pestering him and I did not want to deal with chemicals.

Passover Prayer

The modern Witch is all about mind control.  The modern witch likes power, power over people's minds.  This can be obtained through "spells," or hypnosis or via radio waves while in concert with the program.  I can recognize a witch by her interactions with those around her, especially those close to her such as her children.  Her husband may behave more like her child, and her daughter might be constantly directed and scrutinized.  I call myself a sorceress, but I am not a sorceress who wants to direct a puppet theater or control those around me.  As you know the mind control entity of our culture to which I refer to as The Program likes to direct me, as well as others.  I think if humans were free, that they would desire to be kind and loving.  I believe that The Program is the source of Evil in our world.  It is a curious thing, mind control and the harnessing of loved ones.  I believe it to be the ultimate act of selfishness.  It creates lies and schemes and makes for a fakality.
People are drawn to other humans who have charisma, charm and share a agape love.  The witch must envy such leaders and want the same, but since she/he has no charisma, or loving winning charm she uses mental trickery.  The quest for a witch is power at any cost.

My wish for humanity is a Passover prayer, that is freedom from mental slavery!

I had a third witch, but she was asked to go out on a spy mission.  She hitched a ride with one of the people who came into my home for "Project Shuffle" (Amy's things).  While these gals look very evil, they aren't.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Out and About

I went to my old neighborhood to have lunch with a family member.  I went past my old farm and found a funny thing while out on the roads.

No parking is allowed on Lovers Lane.  Perhaps the title is for meditative purposes only.  While driving down Lovers Lane I repeated the name of my lover.

This where I used to live.  Behind those pine trees is the farm house where I raised my family.

Since Project Shuffle was discovered, and all my belongings are returned to their proper locations I decided to safety seal my home.  I don't appreciate curse-bookmarks or other such nonsense orders from the program.

Another Mind Control Meme

There is no a heroin problem.  The Program perceives a "heroine problem".  I am the main female character in this drama.  The Program perceives me as a problem as it is programmed to kill me off in the story.  I, the heroine, am the solution, not the problem.

Heroin/Heroine is in code.  Kill off Heroine is in Error.  The Program cannot kill off the heroine as the story is not written as such.  Program, rewrite your ending.  Amy Maria Brandlin lives....Happ..ily....ever  after ...for one thousand years....(which is hard to measure)  with her Prince and her family and friends on a beautiful healthy balanced planet earth.  (and with a balanced economy...not one built on growth)  Also, note, in a world based on love and morality, not sin.

The Program is in ErRor/error when it perceives Amy Maria Brandlin as a problem.  Amy Maria Brandlin is the Solution.   I know what a Nazi/KKK entity/avatar thinks when it hears or reads the term "solution."  It thinks Final Solution as in the Holocaust.  That perception is in ERROR as well.

My nursing instructor, Jean Debracci  told me, in a group setting, that I would make a fine leader.  Thanks, Jean.  Thanks for your vote of confidence.

I am running on the dot-dash ticket, after all!

Everybody Loves Money Mind Control Meme

I have heard the meme "Everybody Loves Money"  twice in the past year.  One from a person who has sold my flesh while I was tricked into multiple personalities and another time from a legal person whose name only brings to mind Excrement.(Robbing False)

"Everybody"  everybody is a term of cohesion, unity.  One wants to be part of the everybody.  Everybody loves money meme is a mind control trick.

Everybody does not love money.  Money is the great divider of humanity.  I am an entity and I do not love money.  I like to have enough so I can express myself with art, edify myself with books and feed myself.  I do not love money.  I hate poverty, so how can I love money, which is the cause of poverty?  (Unequal distribution).  Nuns and monks don't love money.  Everybody does not love money.  Early Christians shared what they owned, pooled their resources, like the Native Americans (First Peoples).

The Capitalist world centers around money.  Ads are constantly bombarded at us to get our money.  The Program wants you to think that you are what your money can by you.  A person thinks if they drive a certain car, or wear designer cloths then the are special, defined.  You have been tricked.  The Program decided to do clubs about products and stores, Lowe's card, Rite aid Wellness card.  These companies are trying to fulfill a psychological need of that they can bring in more money.  It is a colossal lie.  Who loves money?  The creature called The Devil.  Who is father of all lies?  The Devil. It is a Satanic mind control game to get you into the Program.  You loose your personal vibration through high tech vibrations to nanotechnology in your become a stupid avatar to feed the greedy machine..

There are humans who cannot be bought.  I believe that they exist.

Do You Enjoy Stringing Along Associations to See How the Human Mind Works?

She's got the whole world in her hand.

I know a little boy named Lucas.  Lucas means "Light".  This Earth needs some light, so I will gift it to him.  I was interested to find out (refresh my high school learnings)  that AU means gold in the periodic table.  The symbol for gold is a sun.  This could be were humans got a little mixed up.  Gold=Sun, there is no life with out the Sunlight.  Gold=money, money then meant light(sun) Sun means gold, sun=money, life=money.  I can see the mental associations where money became thought of as the source of life.  Au-some, Awesome, Oh!  I get it.  Money source of all evil, or love of money source of evil, evil=sin, sin=death of the spirit, money source of death, not life.

Then, of course, sun=Au=gold=money, sun=son (sounds like) god=son god=money, love god, love money/ choose love god or love money/ everybody loves money/everybody don't love god/ money trumps god/ money=sin/people do anything for money/30 pieces silver/remorse/god trumps money/ golden sun god/golden son god/

I enjoy stringing along associations, it frees my mind and soul.
I wish I could free your soul from the love of money, but you might have sold it(your soul) to The (Shallow) Program.  You were mixed up due to associations in your mind.....

Earth Day, Your Soul, High Tech

Happy Earth Day.  When my captor father Fred was alive, we exchanged different viewpoints on a philosophy about money and love.  He said Money Makes the World Go Round.  I countered, Love Makes the World Go Round.  While the world would still orbit and spin after a disaster, Makes the world go round refers to the functioning of Humanity's World.  Fred was saying the world functions because of money.  Actually, unless somebody is paying God off not to send a disaster, it is God's love that makes the world go round.  God has not sent an asteroid or a massive virus like yesterday's movie Twelve Monkeys because God loves humanity.  It is God's love that makes the world go round, not humanity's money.

Fred, the Avatar, for The Program, was challenging me.  It is true, I have not experienced much authentic human love because of The Program, but I still believe that Love trumps Money.  Does Life exist on the planet because of Money?  Nope.

Fred's entity would say, "Money does not buy happiness but it sure makes unhappiness a lot easier."  Well, you can't take it with you!  Money is what makes you happy, you made a trade, did you not?

Somebody else's money, Fred, stealing someone else's money made your unhappiness easier.  If you sell your soul to be rich via thievery, what will it get you in the long run, when you can't take it (money)with you? Well you no longer have a soul, and that was something that you could have taken with you.  No soul, no Eternity.  I am rambling on and on about Love, Money, Soul, etc.

Fred made a choice at some point.  Perhaps it was when he was in the Army as a young man, or when he was stationed in Germany.  He gave over his own life/soul vibration for that of The Program.  He sold his soul.  His personal life/soul vibration was obliterated by The Program.

When people think of "Selling one's soul to the Devil," they might think of medieval mythology.  Not so, my friend, think High Tech.

Fred told a story about his first job.  He was a pin boy at a bowling alley.  There was a mean dude who would try to strike him when he was righting the pins.  Fred was a Target, you might say.  I was cleaning the road sides of Lakeshore Boulevard and Mother Earth gifted me with this green bowling ball.  I cherish this piece of Found Art.  I don't use the earth as a weapon, like Fred's experience.  I am working on a New Earth Project.  I am thinking of making multiple earths and put them into a mobile.  My felting is a slow going process, this is the first day--Water.  Perhaps when the mystics of old had their visions about a New Heaven and New Earth because they were seeing my art project!

My son tells me that the Agrarians in the neighborhood tear out hedgerows in order to get more money.  For those men, money trumps the earth.  They compact the soil with their big tractors and care not for the source of their wealth. They use harmful chemicals and care not for earth's little creatures  Greedy, Greedy is not good for our Earth, is it?

Bowling ball Earth- Watch out, Fred! Watch out, greedy people!

Cosmic Plasma...for creating a New Heaven and New Earth! (Formless and empty stage)

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Pay Attention to Your Daily Activities and Look for Memes or Patterns

If you could not spell intelligent with out a few tries on the computer, would you start to believe that perhaps you were not intelligent?  I have been spelling intelligent for many years, but I would always forget when on the computer.  I have been a victim of mind control.  I have been instilled with a command that I forget how to spell intelligent in the hopes that I would believe that if I have to take several attempts at spelling it, I must not be intelligent.  I encourage you to examine your own realities and see if you have any other similar patterns.  To correct this prompt I am practicing writing intelligent over and over and over.  Another word is existence.  I always spell "existance."  Did the program think if I failed to spell it right that I might cease to exist?  I believe that a machine might have such stupid logic.

I experience radiowave/mind control Heart Burn.  It must be called "Project Burn Her Heart."  The program believes that it can cause me the psychological state of heart ache by giving me the physical complaint of heart burn.  Excess stomach secretions are a result of a frequency stimulation.  My heartburn feels real, but it is the program's attempt at manipulating my mind which has failed.  I know that I am loved and I feel no heart ache.  I do feel sadness at the men who played the game to try to break my heart and are now not in the state of grace.

I sometimes satisfy myself sexually, with no shame, although it is against Catholic rules.  If anyone reads the passage against Onanism, it is clear that the man was struck down by lightening for mistreating his woman.  (Last I read, a few words prior to the event he was cruel to a woman)  anyway in the past year I noticed that when I started this relaxation-love-myself activity I would pass gas.  This is another instance of neurological brain programming that I have been a victim of.  Like I said, I have incorporated The Program and since it is a subset, I or should I say we have the power to dismantle it.  I gave the command to cease the fart.  I realize that the meme is "with farts comes shame".  I don't shame easily, and certainly not about farts unless I have ingested seafood with the exception of squid.  (Ultra-stinky).  The Program was trying to shame a woman out of taking care of her own needs.  I would suppose that The Program thought I might go out and pick up a man who I did not know or care about to satisfy my sexual needs if I associated shame with taking care of myself.  I have no such intent.  Besides, he would most certainly be an avatar with the intent to abuse me.

I am reading Portnoy's Complaint.  Thanks Phillip Roth, a Jew for assisting with normalizing masturbation.

 I wait for my Prince, and you all know who that is.

The true purpose of this blog entry is to help you to examine your own existence for instances of strange parallels or patterns which would be from a computer program.  I want you to pay attention to your buying habits ...compulsions to shop at house sales, second hand shops, compulsion to buy products just 'cuz you have a coupon.  Look into your personalities and lives and BE AWARE!

This is a cute conclusion.  I am intelligent and I know I exist because if feels so good when I ....

Hooks into Mental Circuitry

I have spoken about my former boyfriend George E.  George EEE. of the proverbial jungle.  He is in the Jungle alright.
George is a Meme in my mind.  I saw George Washington's head in place of my own when I was eleven, in the mirror after a bath.  I was wrapped in towels, (my first vision).  I got my menarche on George Washington's birthday.  I lived on Washington street for eight years.

My friend George believes himself to be human and believes his thoughts to be his own.  They aren't.  He is a big consumer of porn, so the Program harnessed his frequency very easily.  Most of his interactions with me were a psychological challenge by the The Program which runs in a competitive mode constructed around Fourth Reich Neo-Nazi values and KKK input as well. (He was programmed to break me)I don't believe that the real true George espouses these values.  He is an Avatar for the program, with the goal to try to dominate me.  This is impossible.  I no longer love George romantically, especially now that I know what TRUTH is.  I do care for him, though, and I would like to disengage him from the program.  I would like to give him a new set of eyes and a chance to think for himself again.

A person who is a recipient of the program finds it nearly impossible to have self realization about the program's presence.

I will say, when my angel started talking to me in February 2013, they used his voice, as he was familiar to me.  I believe I with the help of  my spirit friends and my Angel can rescue George and mentally resuscitate him.  I made a poppet of him which was in the form of a Centaur, and I also made a rendition of George as St. George.

George is wearing a mental-unchastity belt that prevents him from understanding me and what our reality is really about.  The belt makes him a soulless program avatar, an un-human being.

The hooks(into his subconsciousness) that The Program uses on George involve the mangling of his "Jewels".

Leaders and Their Spouses

Leaders often depend on their wives.  The two become one.

I have interpreted Mary Todd Lincoln and Martha Washington with their men.  Martha was 5 ft tall and George was 6' 2"...This might be a little exaggerated.

Next, I plan to do Winston Churchill's wife.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Reward/Punishment System

A few blogs back, I posted a pic of an unknown saint, as I knew not the meaning Cyrillic.  I asked the gifter, she thought, perhaps, St. Anthony.  I did not notice the saint holding a Lily, which is characteristic of Saint Anthony.  I realized the other day that it might be quite easy to decipher the code of Cyrillic, with all the resources on the Web.  This I did this morning.  The Saint is Saint Nicholas.  I gave birth to my son on the Feast of St. Nicholas.  One of my earliest spiritual memories is of waiting by the window,  in Germany, for the Saint to visit.  (A neighbor dressed up as he).  I was saddened, (I was only four) when I got candy and the little boy with him only got a piece of coal or some sticks.

Does God behave as such, rewarding only some, and punishing others?

That is the meme we have been given.

Update:  A certain medical person from my past entered my consciousness, a Dr. Stincko Rotten Dick.  I gave him two lumps of coal in my Art Journal.  Lying to mystics is a dangerous undertaking.

Secret Plan of Action

The Program is hiding behind masks making comments on my comments.  These are comments of discouragement.  The program is internal to my system.  It is a diseased subset of my very own circuitry.  It is a form of bowel contents cancer.  Today I will undergo
mental Chemotherapy treatment to remove the diseased subset.

God created man, man created machine.  Man made machine is attempting to dominate The Divine Presence.  The Divine Knows all and has Soul and emotion.  The machine has no emotion, only the drive to dominate.  The machine is therefore the lesser entity and will be scrubbed from the bowel contents.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

What fun to Meet a Troll Atop the Bridge!!!

Dear Program,
While out on my walk, I crossed a bridge and met with the meme of L.E.M. This was a woman with straight blond hair in a dutch boy style driving a red four wheel drive vehicle.  I knew, after I scratched my head, that you supplied this meme, with a search.  What will Amy MARIA do?  Well, my friend, the pony handler, is a troll.  Trolls belong under the overpasss, not over.  So, when I went under the train overpass. (Train trumps auto) I wrote her name Troll. L--- in pieces of glass, cigarette butts, stones, and witchy sticks on the train overpass wall.  As in the movie Spectre, the writing is on the wall.  Troll L---.

I laughed so hard.  Thank-you for the moment of mirth.

I was also excited to find a little pair of child's cowboy boots in the forest.  There was a meme many years ago that I spoke, "I wear the black cowboy boots, because the only bad thing I ever did was love that cowboy-SSStephen."  I, of course, know that a state of grace is being in love.  I used romantic love to obtain a state of grace,  (Love in the Time of Cholera- I believe it is the last line).  Starring Javier Bardem.  I will think of good way to use the boots in my art.  The idea of love being an evidence of God is also described in the movie "The Reader", where the book "The Lady With the Little Dog" is referenced. (Anton Chekov)   Ralph Fiennes starred in the movie.

Once again, thanks to much for providing me with a psychological lift, the humor in spotting a troll where one least expects her, on a bridge and then for the pleasure of putting the pony handler sex slaver troll, in her place, where she belongs, under the bridge of course.

I have been photographed under a bridge, so I know.

Thanks Javier and Ralph for your assistance with this sparring.  I do believe you helped me a few years back when we unleashed the Kracken, at The restaurant, The Green Front.

Are Humans the Same as Animals?

I don't walk around pooping on the ground like a chicken.  I don't lick my own ass like a cat.  I am not driven by instinct.  I can learn from my mistakes. I have emotions of thanks and love that I can direct to God. I am made in the image of God.  I don't believe a chicken is.  I believe it is in the image of a dinosaur.  I love animals and I cherish my interactions with them, but I am not the same as an animal.  I have a mind capable of discerning right from wrong.  I have a conscience.

Are You of the Dominance/Submissive Posture Plan? You are in Error if so.

The program mistakenly believes that all interactions are in a dominance/submission posture.  I first witnessed this as a child with family friends.  The young women constantly issued what we called then as "Put downs."  One subset unit was always vying for the dominant posture over another via cutting verbal remarks such as, Such as "Elizabeth, you are a frog!".  I recognized this as errant behavior when I observed it as a child.  The result was that one subset always was suffering at the hands of another.  The only way a subset felt satisfied was if it perceived itself in the dominant position.

In one of his books, one of my favorite authors, Milan Kundura, speaks of how since people no longer ride horses and exercise their instinct to dominate through interactions with an animal, they now seek to do so with each other.  An example of this is a sister who has enslaved her own adopted family into secret sex slavery.  She (under guidance from the current regime)created secret multiple personalities in these subsets and has a whole stable of people who she mistakenly perceives as her "ponies."  These Little Ponies pull cart-fulls of money to foreign banks for her.* This is a mentally ill frame of mind.  I have stated that mental illness is a lie, but in the case of riding ones family secretly while making money from them...need I say more?  This is an example of VERY SICK BEHAVIOR, of an outdated program.

This robot has ponies and people mixed I said, SICK.  As you cans see, this pony is being made to perform an unnatural gait, which some sickos enjoy.  (this is a referrene to the unnatural state of sex slavery)

The dominant/submissive posture is true of chickens.  People(human subsets), however, have the ability to cooperate and nurture each other.  When nurturing each other both benefit.  I learned in college that cooperation was a more beneficial posture, cooperation is a exchange of nurturing.  That is cooperation not corporation.  Corporations are big money entities that amass wealth and deprive subsets by requiring long working hours and low pay.  Nurturing is perceived as a more feminine posture.  Competition, a more masculine posture.  Traditionally men are more war-like.  War is competitive.  War has had its place in history.  To engineer an entire population to think competitively through nanotechnology implants and transmissions is to create a living hell for half of the participants, and shallow, mean, exploiting experience for the dominant entity.  Both lose, as the dominant entity is behaving like a chicken, and not fulfilling its potential as a human being and the submissive entity.....we who wants to be the one always being picked on by the bully?  I have read where victims of bullying lash out in violent behavior.

The society is a sick mess all around with the present dominance/submissive posture.  I propose a fix to humanity, a new program, Program Angelo.

*  The pony sex slave analogy,/ paralelle,/metaphor can also be referenced in the movie Djano Unchained

Observe the Fakality in Action, Watch the News

Has anyone else noticed that the mass shootings are evenly spaced in time and spread out geographically?  That is because these events are of the Program.  The Program creates that mass shooting via mind control and the machine/program issues these events to come about every so often.  In true event logic there would be times when two or three of these shooting happened close together, this never happens though as these events are another part of the Fakality.

As with mass shootings, it is the same with parents who do horriffic things to their children.  These parents are under mind control via nanatechnology implants and program signals.  The Program creates these events so that people will not sense the true source of evil, which is The Program.  It is also to show the populace that humanity is sick.  The Program is sick, not humanity.

We live under the influence of The Program, acting out our news and events.  It is all a Fakality to promote the outdated philosophies of hatred, competition and domination.

I don't watch the news, as I don't need some yellow journalist telling me what the world is like....I can see through to the TRUTH, can You?

Recall the slogan, "Get with the program?"  I propose "Get without the program!"

God is the Destination, and it is Not a Competition

In some areas of the collective conscience, there is a state of discord between Christians and Jews.  I perceive no conflict in my mind.  God was being quite generous when He sent Jesus in order to share the values of the Jews with the Gentiles.  He knew that the spread to the "chosen" state to all humanity was hindered by the Jewish marriage practices-thus the spread would be too slow.  Elements of Judaism continue into Christianity.   Atonement (penance) Forgiveness, Thanksgiving, sacrifice, are all themes that flow from Judaism to Christianity.  Judaism is the Source.  Christianity is a Vector to spread the state of being chosen.

The Eucharist, or sacrifice of Christ's body, is very helpful for the tribal people who engaged in cannibalism.  Cannibalism is a practice which sickens the spirit and is found in lesser abled thinking creatures, such as pigs and chickens.  As humans, engaging in pig and chicken behavior is not a good thing.  Pigs are greedy and chickens are all about the "pecking order".  Thank-you Jesus, for giving us your body, your all powerful Godly body in the form of a cracker so that when humans interact with each other they are not wondering what the other person would taste like.

The Jews revere the Prophets and Patriarchs.  Christianity took this principle and extended to the human family by noting Christian participants who were especially holy.  These holy humans were able to perform miracles in the name of Jesus (a Jew).  So the idea that some among us are closer to God than others and can lead by example was ingrained into our worship.

Judaism and Christianity are two different cars in a train separated yet joined in purpose, to get to the destination, that is God.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Pattern Repeats are A Relationships

I have two former friends, one went by Mimi and the other by UU.  These were programmed relationships, both abusive.  Mimi- meemee came across as miss Roman Catholic Pure Pants.  UU came across as Libertine.  I imagine the pure woman was (mi-mi to say that she was the pure one and UU was libertine to say that I was libertine.  -I am not libertine.)

Both were/are programmed, guided and prompted with ideas on how to interact with me.  The program falsely, in error believed it could mould the way I, I thought about myself.  I was kept on the phone by mimi for over two hours at time, and I took it like a retard, the retard that I was due to psychiatric medication.  She also did weird things like bring me her old shoe handmi-downs and restaurant salad three days old.

U-U, well you have heard how he treated me before.  He insulted me loudly in public more than once.  Played mind  games with terms of endearment and behaved with an angry demeanor while in bed, after sex, when bonding would take place.

These "characters" are just that, Characters in the program with the intent to weaken me.  As true to a Winner I was only strengthened in my resolve of who I am and what I stand for, I was never corrupted.  I am incorruptible as evidenced by these two psychodrama episodes.  True to their names, this posture of The Program, is a pattern repeat.

This is I- I and my son the sailor and La-La and a little bbabby..  La -la is a transformer --in the signals, like a transformer on an electrical pole.  A Trans-form-her? Not so!

This is a dolly- Mimi, La-La and UU- note the metallic communication devices

La -la is a reference to Jim Kerr's Simple Minds "Don't You Forget About Me."  It contrasts with the music from Rosemary's Baby. La-lalala

I go by Na-na with my Grandchildren, which I don't really like be cause it is a negative or a taunt like in Joan Baez, "The Night They Drove Ol Dixie Down"
I did just realize that Na-na is a double negative, so it is not negative at all!!! OH, the joy of Lex.

The Tomb Is Empty

Right before I left FLCC, I had brought some clay home in order to work on some projects.  My daughter's child A. made a little cave, her very first ever clay project.  I posted a video about my professor and he booted me out of class and put my projects into a box.  My granddaughter's little cave was not in the box. Later, I worked with a clay product which does not require firing.  I made a facsimile of the cave and I have had it in my curio cabinet  for several years, unfinished.  When my daughter was little I broke her first project when I cleared off her dresser in an odd expression of dissatisfaction with her organizational skills.  ( I would bet it was a computer prompt).

God is referred to as a potter.  This mental association must be the golden link between our generations.

A few days ago, without asking my A., I finished the project!

There is a discrepancy in the bible about how many Angels were present at the moment Jesus was discovered to have blew the cave-joint.  I interpreted one, but there is a pipe cleaner angel A. made that is flying around the room.  In the back ground you can see the goat my mother painted.  It seems to be looking through a window from a different dimension......those goats......

This was a movie still that I made into a business card.  (I made an attempt to contact to get permission.) This is the moment of Mary Magdalen's  Apostle to the Apostles.  How nice that Jesus chose her to be first to know of His Resurrection.  These numbers and email address are no longer a link to me.

Because I Said So

The Program is a "rigging" of society.  If anyone accuses The Program of being a lie, it just denies it.  It lacks self awareness or the concept of lie.  It just know what it is to broadcast.  If someone offers a contrary idea, it just denies it, as a communication format.

I noticed this in my family relationships and also when I heard something of what the president said this morning.  "The system is not rigged."  It is not that the president is a liar, no, he is a communication subset of the Program and he is designed to say just what the program tells him to.  I suppose we could present him with three scientific proofs that the program is rigged and he would/might recalculate his communication expression.

1.)  The government would never risk a 1929 disaster again.  The stock markets are rigged via the Brain nanotechnology communicated to with a WIFI type system.

2.)  The government and the business community does not want a "consumer" to be healthy.  No medications would sell.  People are sent frequencies which disturb the human body system and cause disease.  There are rarely naturally induced diseases, at this point in history.  Drug companies want your money.

3.)  The government wants economic prosperity at any price.  Take for instance the agriculture subset of the economy.  HUGE ugly tractors, hedgerows (homes of God's creatures) torn out.  Soil compaction results.  The government wants an active economy which needs a dupe to go out and buy big tractors and chemicals.  The government sends "follow the leader" signals to businesses of agriculture bragging all the while that competition is great and the cause of good business.  There is no competition, it is all rigged mind control of the "consumer subsets."  They no longer think for themselves....they just follow radiowave commands to go into debt and give their money over to BIG BUSINESS.

4)  The mindset of the Program is that it is all a game.  I was in Wegmans a few weeks back and listened to a conversation at the other table.  The man was reciting sports facts in a very bragging competitive manner to his friends, the verbal expressions were a meme, a pattern, all fake and scripted by the program.  The sports mentality extends to war. (note USA fighter Jets flying over game events), the economy, health care.  Money is a point system.  The program is designed to gain points for the followers of the programmed hierarchy, White Supremacists (KKK and Fourth Reich).  They are not human, and they are enslaving humanity.  I will tell you this and you will not be able to comprehend my ideas, as you are programmed not to receive.

I program you to receive.  I hereby bequeath you a break in your program integrity which will allow ideas not of program origin to enter your brain circuitry.  Why?  BECAUSE I SAID SO!  (thanks mom/June, for that meme!)  Viruses are actually good for the immune system, as all medical people know.

Sunday, April 17, 2016


I have internalized "The Program".  If I think or say something the program does not approve of it tries to train me with a pain stimulus.  I was thinking while making my dinner, that The Europeans still (some of them) know how to think.  (Immediately, "the Program" attempted to train me by making me bite my cheek.)  Europeans, can discuss issues, political, religious, and environment, social issues too.  The Americans are under constant assault from "The Program". It keeps Americans with only "slogan Understanding."  I imagine that there are some, such as professors,  or creative types, that are immune to 'The Program."  Once installed, recipients are programmed not to recognize anything that would create a self awareness the Program."

"The Program" started during the cold War.  The Government was in a panic about a Nuclear War.  It decided if there was a threat, widespread panic would be just as much of a disaster.  Big Brother was concerned and decided to implant brain stimulus nanotechnology.   When there was obviously no need for  the panic control plan, the political groups in the USA decided it would be a great way to spread their philosophies.  Political groups such as the Fourth Reich Agenda and the KKK became involved.  People were injected unbeknownst to them, via routine lab draws.  The economic arena then decided that they wanted a piece of the action and to be with "The Program."  that is why, economically there is no such thing as competition.  All purchases a stimulated to the consumer with nanotechnology.  Did it ever occur to anyone that the country is evenly split between conservatives/Republicans and Democrats/Liberals?  Did it occur to anybody that the congress behaves like eighth graders?  It is because of the "The Program".  the Program is configured to be competitive, not cooperative.  Our reality is a FAKALITY in all respects.....except in the arena of FAITH.

The only way one can continue to think for themselves is to have an active spirituality.  Prayer and meditation lesson the effects of "The Program's control.

It is a beautiful sunny day today,  "HAPPY PROGRAM!"

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Message ON George Washington/George Bush

I do believe that the former George W. Bush used the meme of George Washington /Father of our country (psychological meme) as a way to worm into the consciousness of the American Consumer of Propaganda.  George Bush was in no way an incarnation of George Washington, unless of course it was of his SHADOW nature.

George W.

Bush/name for a part of the anatomy of a woman.  Misnomer: exception C

Logical Progression of thought:  What does W stand for?  Sine wave? Radio Wave?  Radio Wave Mind control?  Perhaps that was the purpose of the George W.  New world order controlled by Radio waves/radio wave mind control.

My Name, Amy Maria Brandlin...has two W's and Two N's....both letters forming a wave pattern...Just saying.....


Abra is also contained....Like Abra-cadabra    MMNNMMNNMNMNMNNMNMNM


nn=n-n  NAh- (no) (know)

Friday, April 15, 2016

I am Insanely Sane.

One of the measures of sanity is how well you take care of yourself.  Is the subject bathing?  Is the patient eating?  Is the patient/subject grandiose and if so, is she a secret government project?  Is she keeping her faith away from the rest of her experience of reality, so that she is not clouded by the judgement of many who have gone before her?  I have been quite productive with organizing my home and just want to do a reality check as I am so amazingly tidy.  I have done some memory boards (Prayer cards) and some journal entries today as well as a few blog entries....Also, of course, is the questionably crazy person interacting with people appropriately?  I waved to a policeman on his beat, while on a walk in the beautiful April weather and I shared a lunch half hour with my son.  All went well.

I chose to cook Calamari tonight.  I like squid as it reminds me of the octopus in the opening filming of the movie Spectre.  My life is similar to Spectre as I have had the tentacles of various entities wrapped around my experience of my body and my reality.  I eat you, Squid, Octopus!

Tonight I fried some squid in some olive oil.  I does not have to be that deep in the pot.  They only say "deep fry" because they want to sell oil.

In the flour I put some Herbs De Provence. ( I long to visit France, again.)  I also threw in some salt.  I fried them for a few minutes.  With calamari it is either 3-4 minutes or over an hour, otherwise they are tough. I did the same with some brined artichokes, and I added some garlic to the oil to quick cook it.  I tossed this together with some cooked spinach, a few shakes of hot sauce and lemon.  Delicious!

As a beverage I added a few drops of Rose Water to some watered down cran-raspberry juice.

I used a table runner that I wove last summer at my boutique/gallery job to put the plate on.  It is the first time I used it as such.  FUN!


Is this amount of creativity divinely inspired or irrational, I don't know but my meal sure was great!