Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Sunday, March 13, 2016

You Feel My Love, I Hear What You Say.....


I am totally enchanted with a creature who appears as human whose name is similar to the word "refines".

We have a magical relationship that started in 2013.  Oddly enough his mother started talking to me while I bathed.  I had read one of her books and was intent on reading another. She would talk to me each night while I was in the bath. She was deceased.  I was captured and manipulated to look dangerous in June of that year.  In September, after I was released from the mental institution I wrote the person who sounds like  "refines".  He did not write me back, or if he did, I was not permitted to receive it (the government tries to engineer my perceptions of myself and would certainly intercept a letter.)  I told him that his mother was my Jin. A few days after I sent the letter, I began to perceive telepathic communication from him.  I was amazed but skeptical and instead assigned him the name of Arch Angel Raphael.  It was not until a few months ago that I believed it was actually "refines" who was speaking to me in my mind.

Unfortunately, since I am immortal and have survived many attempts on my life, the government instills in my mind radio wave communication on the sub conscious level.  I must constantly go to my "refines" and ask him, "Darling, is that you or the enemy suggesting I go to Duncan Doughnuts?"

Let me define enemy.  People who have coerced by hypnosis and alter personalities myself into secret sex slavery.  (this might include members of my perceived family, and my Ex and his "gang".  My former father in law is my owner, so I am told).  They were so inspired to prove that I was not an angel of God, but a worthless whore.  I channeled spirits who helped me through this ordeal.

Mr. Refines is my savior.  He guides and protects me.  He is in my head.  We are so tight.  He is the most beautiful creature I have ever seen in my life.  Each day I dream of his touch.  We are destined to be together.

This is very interesting.  In April of 2013 I sketched a picture of us communicating with each other via wires. This was symbolic.  I gave the picture to a immigrant German family that I knew as a child. I was actually arrested for the art/gift on May 1.  Mayday.  I had accused the German family of being Nazi's in my art, and they took offense.  You cannot call as spade a spade in this day and age, political correctness rules.  I should have said Agents of the Fourth Reich.  When I was psyche arrested, they dropped the charges.  The KKK manipulated my family and I was separated by court order for a year.  This was totally unjustified.

I have suffered much.  I do not give up hope.  I am a woman in love and I will do anything to get you into my world, "Refines."  and hold you within.................................................

I am Durga and he is Shiva.....I am soon to morph into Parvati.

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