Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Who is Tripping Who?

Welcome to a Truly Surreal blog.  For those who want to lock me up in an asylum, Surrealism is a literary genre.......Not punishable with the label of insanity.

It goes like this:  God, family, country.

That means that if your country wants you to betray your family, you don't.  God- Family then country.

If you have betrayed your family in the name of your country it is wrong.

If you listen to your God and He tells you that your family has betrayed you and you are to keep that in mind for your protection...that is good, as God comes before family.

God is number one so you must listen.  He told his mystic Moses these ten commandments-- they are a cool way to conduct yourself.  They are tricky, to literal and you  might be to lenient on yourself, to all encompassing you might worked up about never doing any thing right.  There is not a specific commandment about putting spells on in hypnotizing them, or creating alter personalities.  I will have to draft a thirteenth commandment.

If you consider your God, Satan, well, then you  might betray your family for him, and you might let your government tell you to betray your family.  Satan is all about betraying and lying.

If you are mystic, like myself, you might have had encounters with all kinds of spirits including Satan and you might be under the impression that Satan answers to God.  He is a trickster.  I guess, I did work closely with him for forty years when he guided people to put  me in alter personalities and to rape me.  So he and I were a team to trip you up!

Many of you people chose lust and money over the disposition of your soul.  That was your choice.  It is the Lenten season.......Are you familiar with the idea behind Lent?

I am hesitant to Angel friend dictates to me a "damned" list.  That is why I have urged people to write to me an apology if they raped me(or assisted in the sex slavery operation).  I do not relish putting people on the list and if I can help people to come clean I will.

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