Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
And in the End was the Word, Amy's Word

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Friday, March 18, 2016


Amy had a friend.  His main message to her was "You are whore."  G-man saw Amy off and on for several years.  He went by the moniker UU, perhaps for U-boat.  Amy thought perhaps UU was the Arch angel Uriel.  She was wrong. (Angels are like that, looking around for angel pals....which I now have found several)

The first date. Amy and UU walked atop Ganondagan Hill, a favorite park of Amy's for its feminist overtones.  UU discussed poisonous mushrooms.  It was mentioned how they appear like their non-poisonous counterparts and often confuse immigrants.  Amy was on heavy doses of neuroleptics as she was a secret mind controlled sex slave.  She did not understand that UU was telling her that he was a poisonous mushroom.  He had a big magic wand so Amy was distracted about his true character.  Over time, though his message of "You are whore." became clear.  He visited for sex but never took her out very much.

What UU did not know was that there is something special about Amy.  She has been poisoned many times and rather than being vanquished, she actually grows stronger with poison.  She even has a mantra.  "Poison Makes Me Stronger."

UU would bring a submarine sandwich anytime he visited, symbolizing his enemy status.  He told Amy she was a French princess. (actually she was born in France of Royal Russian blood).  UU was patriotic to America as his parents were Ukranian immigrants.  Some Ukranians have a distaste for Russian people.  Amy was unaware.  She like to cook him a nice dinner on a Saturday night, when she was allotted the Saturday night spot.  She lost that place to another woman.....

UU said that he loved Amy in French and then made mockery of it, as Amy is really French and and that was the most amusing.  Amy equated love and sex so she said she loved him, but she actually was innocent of real love and knew not was she was talking about.

Tonight Amy was instructed by her true love, her knight, to cook stuffed mushrooms for her dinner.  The message is WE EAT YOU!

Many people listened to the way UU treated Amy, (She has body bugs).  In fact many Americans were impressed with UU's ability to do the poop-dance all over Amy.   Many Americans tend to be sadistic because they have been molested as children.

"We Eat You" is wartime imagery, in case you did not know.  It is imagery of total obliteration of the enemy.
It is similar to "skoll!" salute of the Vikings which comes from drinking out of the enemies skull.

It is interesting that warriors would get such satisfaction from attempting to wound an enemy who was crippled by psych medicine...not a fair fight for sure.....but oh they enjoyed it so!

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